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  1. Don't think about the battles from 19 to 20, think about the battles from 1 to 20. The levels were not individually changed, just the total amount to go from 1 to 20, and the levels are like milestones on that timeline. Let's say you've done 8,500 battles with him in total since level 1, and with the old balancing you need 9.9k battles to reach level 20 from level 1. Old balancing: Level 1 to 2 - 100 battles Level 2 to 3 - 300 battles ...all the levels in between add up to 7k Level 18 to 19 - 1000 battles Level 19 to 20 - 1500 battles (adding up to a total of 9.9k to go from 1 to 20) With 8,500 battles done in total you would be 100 battles into level 19 to 20, and need another 1400 battles to hit 20. We then change the balancing so you only need 9,000 battles to reach level 20 from level 1. New balancing: Level 1 to 2 - 90 battles Level 2 to 3 - 280 battles ... all the levels in between add up to 6.5 k Level 18 to 19 - 830 battles Level 19 to 20 - 1300 battles You have still done 8,500 battles. So you are now 800 battles into level 19 to 20, and only need 500 more to hit level 20. That doesn't mean you only needed 500 to get level 19 to 20, as you already did 800 of them before the rebalance, so you needed 1,300 in total, just like everyone else.
  2. @dumpster it changes from day to day, but today it's Odysseus @Dheth You're right, Athena is more powerful due to her 5 powers, and as such does not have a need to also be better at everything else. The feedback about the Heroes being less fun now is good to have. Part of the intention of the game that players do not rely on a single (or two) Heroes, and never (or rarely) use the others, although those two are still strong, so many people will still do so. The balancing changes we made did not only make Ajax and Athena weaker; we also significantly increased the power of many of the other Heroes. What you say with the XP is totally correct; we reduced Ajax's XP cost with the last update, and it is also still the case that they are stronger.
  3. Hey @HolyWrath, we have identified a potential problem, and will be fixing it as soon as possible. In the mean time, if you try again to start the Odyssey, it should be possible, but may take a couple of tries. Apologies for the difficulties you've had.
  4. @Tomaxo if you're online, yes. However, if connection is lost, and you also (for whatever reason or because of a bug) lose the chest you're opening, we attempt to place the items in the chest in your inventory. If there is not enough space, we give you the Gold value instead. This is also the case in the Vault, if you get kicked out of the game, we auto-collect for you.
  5. @Tomaxo That's not quite how it works As Ataide mentioned, people still need over 300 battles to go from 19 to 20. Imagine it used to take 10,000 battles to go from 1 to 20, and you managed 8,000 of them before we changed it. We then make it so you only need 8,019 battles to go from level 1 to level 20, that means you only have 19 battles to go, but it doesn't mean it's been exponentially reduced and he's super easy to level now - people still need 8,019 battles to do it. (numbers are examples only)
  6. Yep, the amount needed to reach 20 was reduced so everyone was technically moved that amount of XP closer to level 20, regardless of level.
  7. Hey Tomaxo, it now takes considerably less XP to reach each level for Ajax. If you had been near the end of level 18, you would likely have levelled up to 19. Players who had over the new level 20 XP will now have a maxed Ajax. Ajax's level has no effect on the Items you find for him.
  8. As @ataide said, with the daily chests, if you get a Resource which is already full, it will be replaced with 1 Gem. This doesn't apply to Item Chests. The idea of a Godlike Gem is somehow nice though.
  9. Plus points for the thread title. I will take this to PM.
  10. Hey @Tomaxo, This is intended. Please check out the Server Update announcement here: In particular this line:
  11. Greetings mortals, Although I prefer the comfort of my cave, I'm under behest from the gods to inform you that we performed another Server Update today: General Zeus has put his thinking cap on and fixed a problem with the display of Victory Points in the post-War Spoils Screen Poseidon has promised that the opponent generation in the Odyssey has now been improved Ares has granted Ajax the power to train even harder, reducing the amount of Experience he needs to level up Alliance Wars The gods have rewritten the rules of War to make Skirmish battles more fun for everyone (this will only take effect after this week's War is over) Ares tells me that a new kind of War is coming: Clash. With only one Strike available, you'd better make it count! And with that I head back to my cave and leave you to continue smashing your enemies into oblivion. - Captain Morgan
  12. @LBH1 The feedback, criticisms and questions are appreciated. The intention with the update was to make the Heroes' strength more even across all Heroes, it was prepared over a long time so that we were sure of the changes being made, and it has accomplished its goal to a certain extent, meaning that the extremes are no longer quite so extreme and players no longer feel that certain bases can only be beaten by Ajax or Athena (or that any base can be beaten without a large amount of effort, by choosing one of these Heroes). As with all changes we make, we are continuing to monitor the changes we made to Athena and Ajax. At the moment the performance of these Heroes in battle has not significantly changed across the user base. Statistically Ajax and Athena both still perform on average 15% better than the next strongest Hero, and up to 25% better when compared with all Heroes, with Ajax performing slightly better than Athena. This also means that the changes we have made still did not bring them anywhere near in-line with other Heroes. This, despite a significant increase in performance for most of the other Heroes. Even taking this into account, we currently have no plans to make them weaker. So to answer your question: we are continuing to monitor these changes and if we see that they need to be made stronger again we will do so, but at the moment there are no plans to change the current balance for these Heroes.
  13. Anything which has an effect on Offensive strength will increase the enhancements of opponents, but if, for example, you get a 1% increase, the opponent will have a 1% increase on a random defensive element, so as you say, it will not be very noticeable. This also adds to the idea that every Odyssey is different, as you could also come across an opponent with very strong Iapetos, but weak barricades, for example. It changes with each opponent.
  14. Hey again, We don't plan to allow Alliances to "opt out" of a War. That said, if you do not wish to partake in a War, it is not mandatory to fight. You will lose nothing by only defending against attacking Alliances, and allowing your players to rest. If you choose not to fight at all, you will lose out on Torches but not receive any other negative effects (except that you cannot use Heroes sent to the War). It's also worth noting that fighting in a War is a good way to farm Gold, experience, etc. without the chance of losing Trophies and without the need to give out Ambrosia. So even if you don't actively try to win the War, it can still be used to gain resources or train Heroes in a safer, (potentially) easier environment, with the added bonus that you gain a few chests. The pressure mainly comes from the Alliance itself to always win the War, but if the Alliance agrees among themselves to relax through the next War, it is possible to do so without large repercussions, and this has been done by many Alliances in the past.
  15. Thanks for the long and detailed description here. Although we have no immediate plans to change the format of Wars, your points and suggestions are well presented and will be discussed here among the team. Some of the ideas you have may be incorporated into new/different War "types".