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  1. Hey Adamsam, please provde us with a couple of screenshots of what you mean here, or the name of your Alliance and the name of a new Alliance with a higher rank.
  2. Good to hear
  3. @Dejonius we've found the issue, and it seems to be a display error which is only present at the beginning of the War - as soon as you went out of the game for a few minutes, it should have fixed itself. We checked the statistics and it appears you were able to do enough battles with each Hero that your cooldown must have been 2:55 during the War, but was displayed as 3:55 at the beginning. We've checked this here and confirmed that this can happen under certain circumstances, but that it is a display error only. We'll be fixing it as soon as possible. Thanks again for getting the screenshots and bringing it to our attention.
  4. @dumpster if you started the Adventure before the update, your opponents will not change, but the Wisdom costs will reduce. From the next Adventure onwards, all changes will be applied.
  5. @Albertojassj a very good point. We will change this in the near future. Thanks for bringing it to us.
  6. Hey @MoonlightWolf, The way the chests work now is that the stock will refill at a rate of 1 per hour, until there are 10 available. That means that they will usually completely refill overnight. If you consistently buy them after every hour, there will only ever be one available. With regards to using up your Wisdom, Ambrosia and Gold, the Odyssey feature is probably the best way to use these resources as you will gain permanent Enhancements. Higher difficulties give better Enhancements, and cost more resources. You can unlock this feature (if you haven't already) by building the Ithacan Harbor.
  7. @dumpster when this occurs do you see anything on screen before the game closes, or does it simply close immediately?
  8. Hey @Papadiouf this has been suggested before, but it's always good to know if there is wide interest in an idea. We are considering adding this to a future update, but as yet I cannot say when that will be. And I'm fine thanks, a little too warm with the weather, but otherwise good. Yourself?
  9. Hey Dejonius, Sorry this happened to you, thanks for bringing it to our attention, we're looking into it now. If anyone else had this problem, it would be good to know.
  10. Hey Saphyri, try going to the Decorations menu in the Market (big button on the bottom left), and placing the decoration from there, then you should be able to collect the upgrade.
  11. Welcome, Tomaxo. That's exactly right.
  12. Hey Tomaxo, the game should change to French for you. This appears to be a bug and we'll look into fixing it as soon as we can. It will, however, be French French because we don't have a Canadian French localisation.
  13. Don't think about the battles from 19 to 20, think about the battles from 1 to 20. The levels were not individually changed, just the total amount to go from 1 to 20, and the levels are like milestones on that timeline. Let's say you've done 8,500 battles with him in total since level 1, and with the old balancing you need 9.9k battles to reach level 20 from level 1. Old balancing: Level 1 to 2 - 100 battles Level 2 to 3 - 300 battles ...all the levels in between add up to 7k Level 18 to 19 - 1000 battles Level 19 to 20 - 1500 battles (adding up to a total of 9.9k to go from 1 to 20) With 8,500 battles done in total you would be 100 battles into level 19 to 20, and need another 1400 battles to hit 20. We then change the balancing so you only need 9,000 battles to reach level 20 from level 1. New balancing: Level 1 to 2 - 90 battles Level 2 to 3 - 280 battles ... all the levels in between add up to 6.5 k Level 18 to 19 - 830 battles Level 19 to 20 - 1300 battles You have still done 8,500 battles. So you are now 800 battles into level 19 to 20, and only need 500 more to hit level 20. That doesn't mean you only needed 500 to get level 19 to 20, as you already did 800 of them before the rebalance, so you needed 1,300 in total, just like everyone else.
  14. @dumpster it changes from day to day, but today it's Odysseus @Dheth You're right, Athena is more powerful due to her 5 powers, and as such does not have a need to also be better at everything else. The feedback about the Heroes being less fun now is good to have. Part of the intention of the game that players do not rely on a single (or two) Heroes, and never (or rarely) use the others, although those two are still strong, so many people will still do so. The balancing changes we made did not only make Ajax and Athena weaker; we also significantly increased the power of many of the other Heroes. What you say with the XP is totally correct; we reduced Ajax's XP cost with the last update, and it is also still the case that they are stronger.
  15. Hey @HolyWrath, we have identified a potential problem, and will be fixing it as soon as possible. In the mean time, if you try again to start the Odyssey, it should be possible, but may take a couple of tries. Apologies for the difficulties you've had.