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  1. You're very welcome, you guys are also a great help to us.
  2. Not yet.
  3. In this particular case, it's not related to the timeout limit. This is because the app is minimised behind the phone call, in this case it can take less than 1 minute to be disconnected. We will look into the options, but this is most likely down to the operating system. On Olympus Rising the timeout in battle is still necessary for several important game factors including detecting cheats in-game.
  4. @Hellslord There is no new server, but version 3.6.1 of the game is coming soon. The server has been prepared for the new game version.
  5. Hey @Skorpio, We ask the CMs at Flaregames to hold off on posting the patch notes until we verify all changes to the server and make sure we don't need to redeploy, and that there are no sudden issues caused. Once we've verified we give them the ok to post. It should be coming soon.
  6. This can only happen if for some reason the server has counted a different number than the game has, thanks for the heads-up we will look into why this could possibly happen.
  7. This sounds like it is the reason for you receiving them on another account. Thanks for the extra info, we will look into why this happens and perhaps fix it in the future, particularly since sometimes families will share one device. We won't be able to give you any compensation or guarantee that this will be fixed, as it's against the Terms of Service to use multiple accounts.
  8. @Samir The support team have confirmed that your friend's account should now be restored. Please have them check again. If not, they should contact support again.
  9. No plans at the moment, but good to know that people might be interested in new decorations.
  10. @Tomaxo That's more or less correct, with a large amount of effort we could build a custom solution. It is also possible to use the System API to create a custom cursor, which would be the preferred solution, however, when developing for mobile devices this specific part of the API cannot be properly used/accessed on UWP, only Windows Metro. Perhaps at some point we will attempt a custom solution, and try to find a workaround to the MS certification, but this is not something we're going to do any time soon.
  11. @vasudeva1 I'm sorry that this bug is still occurring for you, we have made several fixes to this exact issue in the past, and have not been able to reproduce it since. When did you experience the issue? In the data I can only see that you lost several battles at 50%, but no 99% battle. It would be great to know roughly when this occurred.
  12. To clarify - the people who are most heavily affected are people who already have items which are very strong, i.e. stronger than the best new ones for their level. This means that these people will benefit more from the War Blessings and Enhancements they win in Wars or the Odyssey than they will from the Item Chests they win (which will likely only contain a couple of better items at most). However these players also have a significant advantage in that they have overpowered Heroes at the moment, leading to an advantage in attack. Giving these players even stronger items would not solve the issue, it would make it worse. As such we are not currently in favour of making a temporary "fix" to the problem for the group of users affected, as it will only extend the problem, or it will consist of an alternative which will not be ready in a timescale which makes sense and will delay other game improvements and features significantly. We will not be changing this back, it's unfortunate that it came so late and that it has had a heavy effect on rewards for some players, but it is a necessary evil in order to improve the game into the future, and should be (at least somewhat) offset by the fact that you are currently very overpowered for your level. However, the next major update will ensure that even items which are not better than your currently equipped ones will be useful (the higher the rarity and the better the item, the more useful they will be), so every item you find will be useful and it will no longer be necessary to sell them at all. This also means that if you already have a heavily underpowered Unique Item or Titan item with very good perks, but not good enough numbers, I would recommend holding onto it instead of selling it. It will be possible to make them relevant again. Note: We will be releasing another, smaller version (3.6.1) within the next few days, this is not the one I'm talking about. Version 3.7's release date is as yet undetermined.
  13. @Dheth We would also love to do this, unfortunately the Universal Windows Platform style apps (which is what we use for Olympus Rising) doesn't allow for this. If Microsoft add the potential to do this, we would make a custom cursor.
  14. @Validus1 you say that you received the rewards on your other account. Is it a different device with the same account, or is it another account on the same device?
  15. @Tomaxo somebody mentioned a Goddess?