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  1. Hey @Skorpio, We ask the CMs at Flaregames to hold off on posting the patch notes until we verify all changes to the server and make sure we don't need to redeploy, and that there are no sudden issues caused. Once we've verified we give them the ok to post. It should be coming soon.
  2. This can only happen if for some reason the server has counted a different number than the game has, thanks for the heads-up we will look into why this could possibly happen.
  3. This sounds like it is the reason for you receiving them on another account. Thanks for the extra info, we will look into why this happens and perhaps fix it in the future, particularly since sometimes families will share one device. We won't be able to give you any compensation or guarantee that this will be fixed, as it's against the Terms of Service to use multiple accounts.
  4. @Samir The support team have confirmed that your friend's account should now be restored. Please have them check again. If not, they should contact support again.
  5. No plans at the moment, but good to know that people might be interested in new decorations.
  6. @Tomaxo That's more or less correct, with a large amount of effort we could build a custom solution. It is also possible to use the System API to create a custom cursor, which would be the preferred solution, however, when developing for mobile devices this specific part of the API cannot be properly used/accessed on UWP, only Windows Metro. Perhaps at some point we will attempt a custom solution, and try to find a workaround to the MS certification, but this is not something we're going to do any time soon.
  7. @vasudeva1 I'm sorry that this bug is still occurring for you, we have made several fixes to this exact issue in the past, and have not been able to reproduce it since. When did you experience the issue? In the data I can only see that you lost several battles at 50%, but no 99% battle. It would be great to know roughly when this occurred.
  8. To clarify - the people who are most heavily affected are people who already have items which are very strong, i.e. stronger than the best new ones for their level. This means that these people will benefit more from the War Blessings and Enhancements they win in Wars or the Odyssey than they will from the Item Chests they win (which will likely only contain a couple of better items at most). However these players also have a significant advantage in that they have overpowered Heroes at the moment, leading to an advantage in attack. Giving these players even stronger items would not solve the issue, it would make it worse. As such we are not currently in favour of making a temporary "fix" to the problem for the group of users affected, as it will only extend the problem, or it will consist of an alternative which will not be ready in a timescale which makes sense and will delay other game improvements and features significantly. We will not be changing this back, it's unfortunate that it came so late and that it has had a heavy effect on rewards for some players, but it is a necessary evil in order to improve the game into the future, and should be (at least somewhat) offset by the fact that you are currently very overpowered for your level. However, the next major update will ensure that even items which are not better than your currently equipped ones will be useful (the higher the rarity and the better the item, the more useful they will be), so every item you find will be useful and it will no longer be necessary to sell them at all. This also means that if you already have a heavily underpowered Unique Item or Titan item with very good perks, but not good enough numbers, I would recommend holding onto it instead of selling it. It will be possible to make them relevant again. Note: We will be releasing another, smaller version (3.6.1) within the next few days, this is not the one I'm talking about. Version 3.7's release date is as yet undetermined.
  9. @Dheth We would also love to do this, unfortunately the Universal Windows Platform style apps (which is what we use for Olympus Rising) doesn't allow for this. If Microsoft add the potential to do this, we would make a custom cursor.
  10. @Validus1 you say that you received the rewards on your other account. Is it a different device with the same account, or is it another account on the same device?
  11. @Tomaxo somebody mentioned a Goddess?
  12. @ataide sorry for the late response. Is this still happening? Unless the bar completely freezes, this can only be to do with the speed of the download, over which we have little or no control. In this instance deleting the app is not a good ideas as you will then have to download everything all over again. It may have been the case that the download speed from the servers was slow for some reason, in which case it should have fixed itself. If it's still happening I would urge the player to delete the game, play through the Tutorial, and then contact Flaregames support to merge their account onto the new one they've created. Note: in this instance, they should not choose to download their account from iCloud, but must wait for it to be merged. Please let me know if it is still happening.
  13. I'm still waiting for in-game names for the following people: @goddessjodi @Robso @SisiphVs
  14. Greetings Mortals, Version 3.6 is almost upon us! The version will bring with it a few game-changing features, among them a new Tower and a new Power. I'm feeling unusually generous, so here's the game: I want you guys to guess which gods the Tower and Power are based on. Prizes: There will be a 500 Gem prize for 3 of you who manage to get both of the gods correct. This will be broken down into: 500 Gems for the first person to get it right. 500 Gems for two other randomly picked players who get both names correct. The closing time for answers will be when we hit the release button for the new version, so you have an unknown time to get your answers in (though we hope its short!). Clues: Tower: I had an ancient monument built for me to celebrate victory over the attacking forces of Cyprus. Power: I will declare your fame far and wide! I WILL DECLARE YOUR FAME FAR AND WIDE! Rules: Remember to include your in-game name in any responses. I will not accept any edited answers, so please be careful when submitting - if you need something changed, contact me directly. I will only accept your first post, later posts will be ignored! Answers will be hidden until the game is over. Edit: I'm looking for exactly 2 answers (one Tower, one Power) no more, no less. Now get going before I change my mind. Grumble grumble, - Captain Morgan
  15. It's a pretty unfortunate side effect, you're right. Players who were at the level cap will be more affected because they've had time to farm the strongest items in the game, other players will continue to find better items as normal (my account is only level 109, and I still find new better items, because I wasn't at the item cap). Other solutions would have resulted in a much worse situation for players, such as items you already had being suddenly weaker, or a lower, artificial hard cap for items, rendering certain items less useful. This way the hit for current players is not so high, and you can still strive to get high-value perks, especially when you combine the items with well chosen Masteries. Although you are less likely to find stronger items for a while, since the items you have equipped are inherently stronger, you will also be able to remain competitive against higher level opponents, while you're busy upgrading, instead of being confronted with an unbeatable wall of level 120 players on your islands who have rushed their upgrades. This is a much more long-term solution, and although it may take some time, the "problem" will disappear by itself, instead of being a constant limit or permanent change. Newer players won't even notice a difference. We're convinced that, although it is a big change, this was the best way to go forward with the game, and bring the high-level defense-offence play back in balance, without nerfing the accounts and Heroes of existing players.
  16. Hi all, Sorry for the delay in clearing this up. With the advent of the new Masteries and the addition of a huge number of new Ascension Levels, during our testing we noticed that at Ascension Level 130 it was not difficult to come across items which made Heroes incredibly overpowered, and rendered the new, powerful defenses meaningless. Because of this, we reduced the strength of items at level 130, in order to prevent the same problem we had at Ascension Level 115 occurring again, where it was near impossible to build a defense which was not beaten easily by players with good items. We believe that this will lead to a much more interesting and balanced game at top-level, which was a big part of the reason we wanted to add the new upgrades (otherwise you would upgrade your defenses for no real advantage). This has had a knock-on effect throughout the game, which, because of the large increase in Ascension Levels is quite noticeable at level 115. Unfortunately, we neglected to include this in the patch notes. As you already noticed, any items you already had in your inventory will not be made weaker by the change, but new Godlike or Titan items will be weaker by comparison (if you were already completely maxed out item-wise). What you may also not have noticed is that Blessed, Epic, Legendary and Eternal items you find are now stronger than they were before. On average you will need to gain around 5 levels for this to return to normal, though you may find that you get better items before then. Again, we apologise for this not being in the patch notes for this version, and for the inevitable confusion/frustration this caused when you opened your War Chests. If you bought a Titan Chest with Gems over the weekend (or the Titan Chest deal), and feel you were affected by this change, please get in touch with customer support ( They will look into it and get back to you as soon as possible.
  17. @Hellslord This should change now that new Ascension Levels have been added. In general this problem in getting your power level Trophies over 9000 changes over time, depending on the amount of Trophies that the majority of players have at your level. The more people at your level increase in Trophies, the higher you can go before you are more valuable to attack, and therefore the less people attack you.
  18. @vasudeva1 absolutely, we will indeed try to make sure the new Hero is as balanced as Athena.
  19. Before The new Goddess Heroine is quite a large chunk of work to get into the game, so there is still quite some time to go until she can be used.
  20. @MarcusozInception, it was unfortunate that we had to make the change so soon after revealing the Power, however (as Skorpio mentioned) it was a little too overpowered even if players didn't yet have a good amount of Trophies. However, we are still working on the balance of this Power and it is likely that it will become more useful again in the near future.
  21. @doomlord786 @Dheth The quality of a Mastery is based on how close the perk is to the maximum shown (so if you have Cooldown +3-5%, 5% would be Titan quality, 3% would be Blessed). This means that by rerolling with Wisdom, you can get a new Mastery which is Titan, and by rerolling with Gold you can make the Mastery you are rerolling a Titan quality Mastery. So both work.
  22. @MarcusozInception Good to hear We also plan more improvements in this area in the future.
  23. @doomlord786 No, the item is determined when you receive it.
  24. The Masteries will stack for as long as you don't use them. So if you decide not to replace yet, you will not lose any Masteries, however there is no advantage in waiting - it will not increase the quality of the Mastery. The only real reason to do this would be because you don't have the resources to reroll. If you skip a Mastery, the Mastery is gone, and you need to get enough Fame to get another one (this could be more than 20). No Fame is "lost", but you will need to reach the next amount needed before you get another choice. In that sense, the Fame is wasted.
  25. Anyone can get it, and rerolling the quality has a chance to change it to Titan.