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  1. Mission Suggestion: Continuing

    The idea of additional quests or repeating rewards is a good one but, as others have mentioned, in this situation it would be very easily exploitable. Thanks for the suggestion, we will think about other ways of achieving a similar goal.
  2. New Flag Not Displaying Properly?

    As @Tomaxo mentioned, the flags are only visible if you update to version 3.7.1.
  3. Server update

    @Tomaxo Most flag implementations were based on requests, and the rest were based on the countries with the most users in-game. So Canada does have a lot of players
  4. Server update

    @Hellslord I can understand the frustration, but it's important to note that this was not a rebalancing of the Perks. We fixed a bug which was making them too powerful. This bug was causing the same problem for all Damage Reflection Perks (regardless of whether or not they were on a unique item) and was causing those particular perks to be unbalanced.
  5. Server update

    @Samir Great to hear that you're pleased with the additional flags, so now you can more properly represent in the Alliance Rankings, good luck climbing the leaderboard!
  6. Server update

    @dumpster You're right, it was not specifically about Perseus, he is simply one of the Heroes with whom it's easiest to get a high physical resistance. The other factor only applies to those players who had his Mirror Shield unique item, which is that Damage Reflection is also affected by the fix, meaning both perks on his unique item were previously overpowered and have now been fixed.
  7. Server update

    @StuartMc1 thanks for pointing this out. This is actually part of the fix for the resistances, as damage reflection was also resisting more damage than it should have for the Hero Statues. I have edited the patch notes with some clarification. This bug (which we now fixed) was also the reason for Perseus being such an overpowered Hero Statue.
  8. Server update

    @Warriornator We're very much aware that there is a French Canada and an English Canada, and also that both French (Canadian) and English (Canadian) are somewhat different to their European equivalents. This is the reason that we considered having two Canadian flags, and also the exact reason that we did not name the language "English", but rather opted for "Canadian", in recognition of the fact that saying "English" would not be correct.
  9. Greetings Mortals! The gods have blessed us with a new version of Olympus Rising (3.7.1), containing a sprinkling of fixes and improvements: We've now added a whole host of new flags to the Alliance Language Selection (please note: the gods are aware that Canadian is not a language, but we didn't want to add the same flag twice). We've made some improvements to the way that units target the Nyx tower. We've fixed an issue which caused Hero Statue Physical Resistance to be too effective (this will have a particularly strong effect on Heroes with shields). Edit: this includes the additional resistance given by Damage Reflection, which was twice as high as it should have been for Hero Statues. Apollo Towers should no longer stop shooting after they have been stunned. Important Note: This version may take some time to release in all countries. If it is not yet available in your store, please try again later. Have fun and crush your enemies. -Captain Morgan
  10. can anyone explain this?πŸ€”

    If the item you have in your last image was never a cursed item, then this is strange behaviour which we should look further into.
  11. can anyone explain this?πŸ€”

    Hey guys, there are many muddled combinations here, but all of them are a result of one of the following things: So any items you updated before the server update yesterday may do this. or, as @PanicMind already mentioned: So old items have a chance to lose Perk strength on upgrade. In all cases it's the Perk which is affected; the Perk is the second stat on most items, but on Trinkets, both stats are Perks.
  12. Pyrphoros still can not reach corner Nyx

    This is by design, the range was increased, but only by enough to reach Nyx in most situations.
  13. Craft new items

    When playing myself I don't notice a difference right now, but I probably play less than you. It would be good to have opinions from other people too.
  14. Craft new items

    Everything that was changed is in the patch notes, if there is something strange it may be a bug, so more info would be welcome.
  15. Craft new items

    Correct, any differences for unique items will come from the item you are upgrading, not the one you are disassembling.
  16. Forging

    There is mainly a difference here because each item has a slight random factor associated with the Perks, just because it is the same item of the same level, does not mean the Perks will always be the exact same.
  17. Unable to collect daily chest

    This issue will only occur if you are in the game when the timer runs out - unfortunately we cannot easily fix this at the moment. To make the chest appear simply leave the game for 5 mins and come back in.
  18. The thing is -

    Thanks for the heads-up, some other users also have this issue in 3.7, we will have to look into it further.
  19. Current State of OR

    Thanks for the insights, we will be discussing the thoughts both in this thread and the other one about gold being too scarce. In a side note, you can expect Prometheus to begin to reclaim his good name fairly soon.
  20. Apollo bug

    This is a confirmed issue which we will fix soon.
  21. Version 3.7 is AWESOMEπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    You can also scare them by chasing them with a floating building, or impress them with your building placement and collecting upgrades. The amount of people increases as you gain Worshippers.
  22. Disappearing trophies

    @Gan1on could you please post your in-game name?
  23. Forging

    Hey @Samir, this has not been dropped, we were simply unable to include it for version 3.7, it will still be done in a near future update. Please also note that not all suggestions are included in the game, so it is best not to expect something which you have suggested to appear. In this instance, however, we still plan to add additional flags in the near future.
  24. Started a battle but not counted?

    Yes, it may happen if you close it so quickly that the game has not yet finished sending the command to the server. Let me know if it happens again, and well done
  25. Forging

    This should only happen with very old items; it is because the calculation for Perks has changed since you got the item. This causes it to decrease when the Rarity changes and the Perk is re-rolled. It should, however, still be possible to raise it above the original value with some more forging.