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  1. Practicing with 3 offensive spells. We need to proceed faster now after the path got longer.
  2. Hmm... If you have ever bought gems and can submit a proof or an invoice, Flares will restore your account. Another option: If you have played using your ex one-drive, maybe you remember his user and PW for microsoft. A bit cheating though...
  3. Left handed... Hmm. Nice work. If you are into graphics and computer animation Then please contact me on the private.
  4. Right decision. Play easy and enjoy the game.
  5. Ну, в одном ты прав. Слезастых ханжей здесь хоть убавляй. А вот попрощатся красиво с человеком все таки следует.
  6. IGN: Edward the 7th Game: RR2 Well, here's some pictures of me and my most favorite troops: 1. Why do i like these troops? Well, isn't it obvious? I mean any man would understand why... 2. The qualities of my troops are clearly seen on the photos. No further explanations needed. 3. Appropriate boost for these troops: Mad Monk... And a poem: Backed up by my mightiest army of beauties i siege at the customer's fort Those girls take no prisoners and fearlessly fight, an avalanche from south to the north Invincible army is ruthless and mean, they conquer with smile in their eyes The doomed from the start, have no chances to win, my customers falling like flies Cheers, Edward All rights reserved to Edward's special sales/marketing methods.
  7. Think it's a very interesting update. All those different paths possibilities and combinations. This game is about strategy. A longer path makes much more combinations.
  8. Be well Warrior. You have contributed a lot to these forums and really have tried to help many players to understand this game better. Your detailed and educating posts here will stay and show that you have tried to make this game a better place. Good luck in everything. The Genie & Master family.
  9. Слушай чувак. Ты что, деревянный? Где твое собственное достоинство? Не можешь пожелать ничего приятного на последок, так хоть бы вообще не писал!
  10. Well, hard to believe. lol, this reminds me of the times, when i have joined the forums. Flares were posting something on the forums, promising a whole world of communication and customer care. Then an absolute silence for a month or two. then a new shining post of promises. Then silence again. Then promises again. Then........... Indeed, a big haha...
  11. Guess the justice is with you. Just need to stick to the greedy "Cash-Milking comes first" theory about Flares and then everything starts to make sense... Well, for us the mortal ones (free players) it's more difficult to follow this line of Flares...
  12. Took your idea of Wednesday as a general Meltday and saved many items for it. Didn't use pearls from the ninja and also saved the last uber unopened. Thanks Mogor. Now will make the maximum of this event. As you have said, unfortunately Flares are as usual so effective on their on-time announcements, that not all will be ready for the event. Many players have already launched all the forges from the ninja pearls. These forges will last 7 days. Way after the event ends. Also, many players have already opened all their chests and have already melted their items. I can understand and more than agree with them on their frustration. This should not be called whining though, but rather anger and frustration at Flares.
  13. Announcing an event on-time is when: 1. You can finish your current upgrades and be ready with your workers before a building event comes (Defense or Castle) - 5-7 days ahead 2. You can finish a current upgrading Wave to be ready for a Defense event - 7-9 days ahead 3. You can keep the uber chests you got from the ninja to melt the items down at the Blacksmith event (before they expire) - 1-2 days ahead 4. You can finish a current upgrading Spell to be ready for an Offense event - 6-9 days ahead 5. You can finish a current upgrading Troop to be ready for a Troop event - 7-9 days ahead 6. Other events like Grannie or Alliance party - Time ahead does not really matter The problem with us is that we got so used to Flares to announce the next event less than 22 hours ahead, that we are all thinking it's absolutely normal and should be so. When Flares announce anything a couple of hours earlier than that, we consider it as a miracle happening in front of our eyes and bless Flares for their kindness... Right? Well, please look again at the 6 paragraphs above and think again. But luckily for us, at least we know why this happens. The scientists have found an explanation to the incredible Flares effectiveness: Wishing a nice and useful event for all. Cheers, Edward
  14. Have to agree you are right. There is no one from Flares who monitors the forums, nor anyone of them really cares. But what about Wikia??? Are you out of there as well? If so, the game is truly dying. Wikia needs constant editing. This is probably the exact explanation of the issue here.
  15. Needed to bump this thread, since Flares are too busy again to announce the next event on-time. Well, who can blame them, they only work with one hand....