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  1. The busy finger effect may explain the reason...
  2. Dear @Cromka1 and @killerbee. Thank you for your positive contribution for this thread. Now back to the issue of the thread here: The idea was helping CMs to understand the players community better by visiting alliances. Good idea. Understanding anything just from reading the forums here is... ehh... well... not the best way. As can even be seen here on this thread... A person offers a good idea and there will always be some who are only busy to insult him and to try to ruin his thread by diverting it to completely different and irrelevant routes. Surely, there are many alliances out there that will be more than happy to host a CM for a couple of hours / days. This was the idea. If an alliance don't want to contribute for this and to host a CM, no problem. Nobody forces you. There will be hundreds of other alliances who will. P.S. off topic. Killerbee you yellow "Chickin". You promised to raid me a lot. But eventually I had to drop trophies by myself. Come on, no boosted towers, base semi open, 9M unprotected in the chamber. Don't you like me anymore?
  3. Хвастун.
  4. Bump. lol, You ate too much cheese and drank too much wine Micky. How was the festival?
  5. Me, please raid me. Trophies are too high. You'll save me a lot of food for suicide raids. Be my guest, base semi open. Almost no obstacles (only those that upgrade are there). Towers not boosted. Walk in the park.
  6. I love harassers. Especially "hate harassers". They help me to improve my base by revealing the weaker points. Please raid me.
  7. You were raiding and harassing a player just for him being protective of his friends? That I would call getting very low... But it's good to admit your mistakes. Let it get out. That group therapy seems to work. Welcome back. You were missed for a long time on the forums. Come to visit our alliance.
  8. What's the matter darling, did i hurt your feelings? OK, not all the clerks are like this. You are different and better. You have both your hands busy.
  9. Hey Micky, you are back! Cheese and wine... What a dine... Please invite me too.
  10. It's Ok Jack, i love the bee. Miss her already. Have even written a song for her. Please don't be mad at me dear, i promise to behave.
  11. What happened darling? Don't you like me anymore?
  12. I miss you too darling. Why did you leave?
  13. Must admit I like these ideas. Thanks for sharing the information with us Nikko. Hope you will be more frequent visitor to these forums.
  14. Во первых "Он" а не "она". Во вторых, примерно в 3 раза старше тебя. Во третьих, тот факт что ты выливаешь деньги на игру, а мы нет, не релевантен, не делает тебя лучше или умнее и совершенно не определяет твою правоту. В четвертых, ты залез на чужую тему и пореш здесь никому не интересную ерунду про себя. Открой свою тему и хвастайся там.
  15. About 2 years ago, when I was the leader of Marsupia alliance (Now it's called The Ark III), Jimbob has paid us a short visit. We were at top 50 back then. It was a very valuable visit because Jimbob has taught us many things. Before he left he has promised to send us an experienced VL player as a trainer for a week or so to help us with improving our bases and raiding techniques. Jimbob has kept his promise and we got trained and helped by Isa Al. It was great improvement for all our members. But the most important thing was that Jimbob has done this just to help other players and alliances in the game. He has asked for nothing in return. For this I'm grateful to him and to Isa to this day. Also taking this example, as an experienced player now, I am always happy to help other players and teams in this game. So are other members of our alliance Genie & Master. This is the real spirit of VL. Now let's take a look at your deeds for the community Cromka. You care only of yourself. You always brag too much. You don't give a damn about other 250,000 players of RR2 or for other 60,000 alliances beside yours. Moreover, when any community member comes with good ideas for improvements, you only know how to criticize him. Not only you are not helping, but you are preventing others from help... Is this the VL spirit? I doubt it. Should a VL general who respects himself and his clan behave like this? I doubt it. Не желаешь никому помогать? Нет проблем, прекрасно обойдемся без тебя, найдутся и другие. Но ты хоть им в колеса палки не вставляй. На самом деле ты ведешь себя как эгоистичный, избалованный хвастун. Для начала извинился бы ты перед Dena4.