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  1. High Trophies Holders.

    Because he likes his Cadmus
  2. Forging Bug

    It's not a bug: Area dmg is from a cursed item. And there was a bug, that this perk on your item is much higher as it should. So with forging this item again, the area dmg will decrease to it's correct amount.
  3. Potency should work with all Powers

    @Warriornator I completly disagree with your post. Bia is not = 25% Speed. Bia is much more: Bia gives Attack Speed, Movement Speed and Damage Reduction. And Bia has a range and a duration and a cooldown. With Potency, some of this stats could be effected, others should not. But for example: Potency could reduce the cooldown or the dmg reduction of Bia. It's easy to find something, that would make Potency working better with bia. It's not nescessary that potency has to effect all parts of Bia, but some of them would be rly nice and would not overpower bia.
  4. As the Title allready said: I suggest, that Potency should work with ALL powers. For example, it doesn't work with Bia. There is no increased strength with potency on the power Bia. Please do a changeon this, so hat Potency is also working on Bia.
  5. Hero Mastery System

    Apollo tower is a bug. I think, it will be fixed soon.
  6. Hero Mastery System

    I don't know any mastery, that has the name innovation. If you mean Potency, than I can tell you, you can use it on the mastery, where you have speed at the moment. As I said before, some of the masteries can be used on TWO of those categories. So you can have one stat on two different mastery categories on the same time. For example area dmg, speed, potency... I like the system, as it is at the moment, because you have to choose wisely. You can find examples here in this Thread: There are such nice possibilities. The only thing is, to search for the right mastery... You can see my Masteries here:
  7. Hero Mastery System

    Why reset mastery? You can choose a new one, with more fame from odyssey. So old decisions will be overwritten. There is no longterm effect on choosing the wrong stat or amount of stat. So don't worry, do Odyssey every week and overwrite your existing mastery with better ones. If you found the best set of masteries, than overwrite the existing ones with the same mastery stat, but with higher stats. Because with every selection of a new mastery, you can get higher stat amount in %. At the end, you still don't know, how the mastery-stuff works. And that is the reason, why you are complaining...
  8. Hero Mastery System

    This post happend, because you don't know, how the mastery-system works.... There are 5 different classes of masteries. You see at the Icon, that for example the shield mastery is for resistance and other deffensive stuff like life etc. Other Masteries can have other stats. It's like we have it on eqipment. Every Armor part has his own kind of stats So you have to choose you best stat in every categorie. Some stats can be used in more than one category (Cooldown? Reflection, demolation, area dmg...) The amount of % is random, but can be rerolled with a chance, to get it better, than before. The more often you reroll, the higher the chance for Higher stat amount. But there is a maximum for the stat you are choosing. This maximum becomes higher, the more fame you earn in the odyssey. That means, that when you chose the same mastery in one week, as you got in the last week, than your new maximum is higher than last week. So the high of your mastery stat depends on your earned Fame in the odyssey. There is only one thing, that is not well designed: the reroll of the mastery type itself. There is no better chance, to get the one you want (or getting one of the rare ones), when rerolling. But rerolling will cost highly more with every reroll, you do. The rest ist well done and I don't see any issue with the stuff you pointed out.
  9. bug

    Also see no bug in here.
  10. I open ALL titan chests I get. And therefore it‘s really nice to get now more.
  11. Special object: forge or not forge?

    He is not asking for the stat hight, he is asking: is the stat useful... @Warriornator I would say depends on the rest of the equipment. Frostbite deals ice dmg (nice against Phoenix) and slows targets. You can combine it with area dmg, so you have the chance on every target that gets dmg. You can also use it on towers. They get also slown. So if you are focused on cooldown: no it's not that good. If you focused on area dmg with attack speed: yes it's awesome.
  12. can anyone explain this?🤔

    Is allready answered here.
  13. Titan Code Thread for new players

    lvl 117 active player (Place 612; 8973 Trophies) every day online ign: PanicMind Code : RMTDINF
  14. Forging

    why is there a difference @CaptainMorgan?
  15. Can we?

    Here a video of my Jason. He has 2% cooldown: