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  1. @dumpster that can't be true, because they can be stunned when they are on the ground, not doing the special attack. And I remember, that some weeks ago, the stun worked fine on griffins. Pheme or Medusa's Gaze are working, when the griffin is not doing special attack "swoop".
  2. Throphies

    Because, you see them not often. And they change also after a while, when you don't attack them. So if you are looking out all day for a 25 trophies enemy, you will find them sometimes. Ps: I have one atm on my map. He has 17.755 Trophies. I have only 11.500. I attacked him and got 9 trophies. I got his base, but his statue is insane. No way for me, to kill the statue. So next time, I will break the gate without statue, so I will get 23 trophies.
  3. Throphies

    It's allready explained. The attacker has much fewer trophies as you have. Therefore he would get 25 trophies for a 100% win. But he left your statue, so he did 95% and so he got only 23 trophies. It has nothing to do with his hero lvl or his ascended lvl. It's all about the trophies!
  4. Throphies

    As someone said before, it's not fair. And be sure, I have the same thing sometimes. The maximum you can get from an attack is 25 trophies. Nothing more. But the system is far away from fair. I said this before in another thread. The matchmaking is crap and should be refactored.
  5. Throphies

    As you can see, he broke your gate and ignored your statue. He also missed some towers. For breaking the gate, he get's a lot of the 25 max trophies he could have get.
  6. Through the last fight, I saw often, that griffins are ignoring stuns through for example Pheme when they start the special attack "swoop". Even, when they are still on the ground, preparing for the swoop, they are not stunned through Pheme or Medusa's Gaze. This should not happen.
  7. Bronze 3-Star Picture Frame

    I have also over 7k and no silver star unlocked yet.
  8. @Isjerryhuang when reading your posts, I wonder if you are not @Warriornator? Because you are telling the same blabla as he does normaly. The whole way you write is just not to be taken serious. Would be interesting, to know your lvl and rank, to know, on what lvl of experience we are talking.
  9. So much bullshit said from you @Isjerryhuang. The thread is about the fairnes in the alliance war. And you are telling us, teaming up with some alliance to gank others is making friends... The system is not fair. Thats what is written here and i think, that's correct. I'm in a rank 7 alliance and I can see, how we play and how others play. We have sometimes Member from other top 10 alliances joining our alliance, to see how we play and going to war with us. So there is a big exchange of knowledge and of course agreements. The reason for this: Hold the rank in the top 10. But the war is far away from fair and changing it will not prevent you, to make new friends... (your personality will) The war need a fundamental change, to be fair and that the rank is showing the strength of an alliance. The rank is actually a joke, showing nothing about how good you are.
  10. nerf items

    That is only true for some items. I posted one ring before the bug was known with reflection and demolation. This item is rly good, because both perks are cursed. And this item is now on my lvl 121 still the best I have. On my old lvl I had demolation with athena and Jason on over 50% with another cursed item. Now they have on my new lvl 37% and 38% demolation snd it‘s still crazy. With the cursed items, there were much op combination able. Someone with lvl 125 at this time, had the chance, to forge items, that will be the best items in the game until the lvl cap will be rised. I‘m ok with that items. I have some of them, i also use them. And sure, some player have a big provit from them, but normaly I can beat all my opponents on my map. Sometimes, without the defender, but I‘m ok with that. The lvl cap will be rised later for sure and the game will ballance itself. I‘m sorry for the player, that missed that cursed forging thing. But I don‘t see any real problems for the game here.
  11. What do version 3.8.3?

    I have also the 3.8.3. I got 3.8.2 wirh the big update to 3.8. I think this is the iOS app that is on 3.8.3 but is simular to the 3.8.1 on the other plattforms.
  12. Show your Acropolis! - Pictures and Videos

    My ingame name is: 💥Pan⚡cMind💥 My Screenshot: My AR-Video for the bonus:
  13. Ok ,that is the reason, why all of her spells were unlocked for me. I wondered...
  14. Black Weekend Raffle!

  15. Version 3.8

    They should ballance than, instead of offering such function for gems.