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  1. Developers Alliance Keen HQ hacked?

    Sold. 1mil. US$
  2. No more Phoebe

    @AwesomestKnightest Flotha and Opelle feed the pal to level 8. Beast power is relevant to pal level and hero level. Even under their hands, the Armageddon looks mediocre. How much HP does a tower in a top base have more than a normal base? Just 20-30% from the forge, and it barely moves. For me, Aska is the king, then Tammy/Kaiser. @Flothaboss, @oPelle please share your thought
  3. No more Phoebe

    After watching @Flothaboss and @oPelle videos, I really doubt Phoebeast strength. The armageddon visual effect can be misleading. Towers, and some troops are intact, survived the blasts with little HP. Correct me if I'm wrong. Surely Flare won't give players the power of Armageddon Scroll in place of a normal spell with much lower cooldown. Phoebeast is not worth all the hype. Kaiser, however, is more effective as a damage-oriented pal.
  4. Woot! We've ascended to level 59!
  5. Update

    You are too hasty Dena. I've just start building only throne room, and still not feeling lagged behind. Last time the same. No need to max everything right away. There's ninja coming, and events they promised in the update note, gold be there. P/S: Luck gear (ft. Farmer) is great in time like this, take Fii's advice.
  6. Update

    Now, who said he regret buying Phoebe? Flares has answered ya
  7. Reduced pearls from uber meltdown as leveling up

    It depends on the gold value of the item. And gold value is kind of randomized. I've seen some items with better stats have less gold value than the same version, same level ones.
  8. We've got them chests and ninjas
  9. Boosted! We've added Range Bomber and Frost Trap to our (potential) perma boosts, making a total of 7 perma boosts: Knight, Wolf, Orge, Cannon, Barricade, Bomb, Trap Join us, donate and maintain more boosts!
  10. We are now level 58 and going strong!
  11. What is the best way to play Royal Revolt 2?

    1-2-3 & 5-6-7 & Q only requires 1 hand. You don't need 2 hands for 7 keys. RTS games come to mind. If you have to use the mouse for spells, you haven't get the most out of PC platform. The mouse should be holding all the time in the middle of the screen for moving the king. That also reduces the likelyhood of missing the cursor.
  12. Windows 10 is on mobile AND PC, on PC it is a much more popular OS. And RR2 is one of the most popular, high rated game on Windows Store. Furthermore, Lumia market share has little to do with RR2 demography. Android and iOS users have tons of good games to choose from, we don't. Let's just assume Windows 10 adds 10% to RR2 player base. That's 7-8% more potential profit, considering the cost to develope on W10 is the same as on droid or ios.
  13. Please bring back the old Scream button. On PC I used to know scream cooldown at the corner of my eye. But not anymore, the screen is too big, can't focus both on the center and the corner, it's too small now. In high lvl raid it is crucial not to waste precious time. Hero HP bar: totally unnecessary, it is easy to see at the center and with red color. A clearer sound notification (instead of the current heart beat) should be more useful. Pal bar: useful, but not in the scream area, place a bar in the middle top or bottom screen would be best Edit: Or change the cooldown bar above the pal to something more remarkable (a big red vertical cooldown bar, for example), so that we know where the pal is and when its ability is ready. Or move the pal cd bar to below hero hp bar, and make the pal shiny.
  14. @Nikko So both Windows 10 PC and Phone will not get the sub options? How disappointed. How about me borrowing my granny Android phone, transfer my account, sub, then go back to PC, can I enjoy the sub on PC then?
  15. @ShiroKo As I stated above I think Flo plays fair. But I was talking about the healthiness of the game. Ok knowing the combo is not an advantage. How about the layout? Number of enemy in each wave? He's a dev, can he touch the code, altering some stats? Anyone confirmed that he can't? I dont have doubt. But what can stop people from wondering? I'm just trying to suggest a better ranking to make all happy.