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  1. Luck perk

    Each pro item/pal you equip gives you 1 pro bonus, so the max possible is 10 pro bonuses. Each pro bonus gives you an extra 3% gold, 3% xp, 2% luck, 1% medal boost. It helps in wars with the luck bonus, you open skull chest more often. And pro items have better stats than ubers
  2. Added damage items on spells arent vissible

    It doesnt add damage equal to the perk number. There is an unknown formula to calculate the added damage. Also, a 3000 firestorm perk add more damage to firestorm than the damage a 3000 blizz perk add to blizz. If you want to check the effective damage of the spell with perk boosted, simply tap the battle icon, in the prepare-for-battle screen, tap to choose spells, then check that spell. Same for troop.
  3. Have more rename chance

    Me too. I suggest 1000 gems per change and once a year, to prevent confusion and spamming @flaretara, @FTB
  4. (past) pro players

    Just saying you didnt use bugs, doesnt mean you didnt use it. I dont trust words easily. Anyway it's the past. And it's good they fixed it. I had a good laugh seeing no IMMORTAL MADDNESS, VN - Wind, mil Aly, Jisabee, RevenanT, Độc cô cầu bại, ... in the top anymore. Some of them not even in the top 100. 2 months of monthly rank 1 rewards, 100k gems has been rewarded to the wrong person
  5. Hacker kill stronger bases with spell only

    Flare must be able to capture the main account easily with this type of hack. Lets see what they can do. @FTB
  6. Maybe the CoF farming is nerfed to make people pay more attention to Ninja/Proleague pearl rewards. It’s unfair for people who hasnt done much CoF run (not have a good luck set for example)
  7. 3.8 is fantastic! With the possible exception of...

    The ip thing comes first in my list, because it is the most basic filter when scanning for cheaters, not the most efficient way I know. Thinking about it again, all my points is pointless, as Flares seems to ignore this. If they can count pro ticket received to detect multiple account, then they could do it long time ago with the voucher system. They even ignored obvious proof posted my @Cromka1 of the leader of Apo multi acc.
  8. 3.8 is fantastic! With the possible exception of...

    Proof could be: - The IP address, the proxy server, the device (I think the game can read what model of device you are using?, for example Galaxy S7 Korean Version), the MS account (to counter multi-acct on Windows PC)... are the same for all mini account. - The activity of the mini accounts: for example power leveling to throne 10 then suddenly drop in activity, login once a week only, dont participate in any event - The alliance they are in: the main only visit their alliance shortly to receive the tickets, then back to main alli. They usually stay in a self organized alli, which usually has poor performance compared to a normal alli. - Lastly, it’s clearly multiacct proof when for example 10 players donate their free monthly ticket to ONE players, while maintaining a poor performance themselves. If a player manages to make all his alts works like normal account (ie having a good performance in wars, event, forge, upgrades) then he “deserves” the ticket. He has no life.
  9. 3.8 is fantastic! With the possible exception of...

    It could be a trick to capture people who use multiple accounts. In that case, very nice move.
  10. New Pro-Items and -Pal! :-)

    Ceres first impression, for those on the fence: Ceres copies your own unit (a Black Magic on your own units) and howl, of course. The fear effect is not very clear to see. It's like a combination of Aska (but you need to keep your troops alive to make it useful) and Howl (with smaller howl range). Healing units/spells is a good combination with Ceres. Edit: Oh, I've just checked. FTB already has a video about it. So quick
  11. Uber chest expiry time missing when 1 chest opened

    Yeah, when I first encountered this, I thought I could save the chests long enough for a future BS event lol. A new session of the game reset the timer.
  12. Update 3.8 Live.

    Ok I read the announcement again. No mention for skulls only. But Nikko did edited his second post: Full content of the update will be available when everyone update their game. So let's wait.
  13. Update 3.8 Live.

    The Battle Progress update is still not working. I've just attacked a guy with 2 towers near the gate. The gate is down and I got 65%, which supposed to be 98%. Or do I have to wait for my opponent to update to 3.8 too?
  14. Aki in PL = Disaster

    Better rush ahead and solo Aki
  15. Happy Thanksgiving to All The USA Folks!

    Sorry. I was in a very bad mood because of Flares careless action. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. Eat less turkey and more vegetables 👍