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  1. Monthly pro leader board

    Monthly Pro league counts starting from this one. New one wil start in October In guess
  2. Pro-League -- No troops?

    No troops only Insta monks.
  3. Kaiser Pal Gameplay

    I confirm that Is find the behavior of Kaiser odd. I love the pet in general. But his stating behind makes your gameplay slow. Not sure how you calculate his behavior and manipulate it in my advantage yet. (Like I do with Bucky)
  4. Thank you flaregame for the kaiser

    I got enough to buy Kaiser and that is about it. Not much leftovers. Kaiser is quite slow in gameplay. Does not seem tot follow his king. So he slacks behind when using his Sonic Blast.
  5. nice maintenance...

    Love the Blackmith comepensation
  6. video issues on android

    Same here. Can watch but no rewards...
  7. Q&A livestream - thoughts

    3.7: New spell and new troop
  8. Change of items for proleague

    There is a list on the Wikia
  9. Sonic blast not working well? Nerfed?

    Hope this is something that gets fixed. Did no try myself but In used SB frequently
  10. Special Wikia Forum Contest

    Parasite2689 Necromancer "supported by his own troops, loaded with strong static charges. Be patient to unluck his full potential."
  11. Pro item aura damage

    Let me know how that works out
  12. Pro item aura damage

    Hope it affects Towers. I really would love this aura then.
  13. Something new added to lightening tower

    It was always there?
  14. Bug on Ninja Level 29 on windows pc

    Guess that is what happend to me. I one hit each tower so If don't always double check them
  15. Bug on Ninja Level 29 on windows pc

    Had the same thing this season. Not sure where I missed a Tower :s but In hot it on lvl 24 of so. Bye bye gems. Study maps better next time maybe?