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  1. ares shop products

    Time for an update on those items.
  2. Is Eris worth buying?

    Hope they change pro shop soon. Eris looks so good. But waiting for pro Bucky 😂
  3. Pal Flute - Forum Contest!

    IGN: Parasite2689 Me and my Bucky, At first not that Lucky, Than came the flute to ear, The opponent ran out in fear, Ooh my cute fluffy Bunny, Rubbing your vicious tummy, With your shield we go to war, Together we will get far.
  4. Is Eris worth buying?

    Was waiting for a pro Bucky 😂
  5. Luck system flawed of changed?

    I love my luck gear. Do a lot of runs and Will hit 100% on gear soon. But since a few days something is wrong. Most of the time I open 0-1 chest. Was talking to some friends and they noticed the same. Maybe something changed?
  6. Many reporting video rewards not given

    Not working...
  7. Connection to facebook lost and can't connect anymore.

    Fixed. Now I can connect again.
  8. Title says it all. Today when the event started. My Facebook connection was lost. Can't connect anymore. Have to wait 12 hours per chest...
  9. Monk range bugged after update

    The range you see is attack range. The heal range is just not displayed anymore. And that may ben reported as a bug I guess.
  10. Update

    Guess 75?
  11. Wednesday and the question arises again

    Update deployment tomorrow combined with community week. That would be a surprise 😌
  12. Monthly pro leader board

    Monthly Pro league counts starting from this one. New one wil start in October In guess
  13. Pro-League -- No troops?

    No troops only Insta monks.
  14. Kaiser Pal Gameplay

    I confirm that Is find the behavior of Kaiser odd. I love the pet in general. But his stating behind makes your gameplay slow. Not sure how you calculate his behavior and manipulate it in my advantage yet. (Like I do with Bucky)
  15. Thank you flaregame for the kaiser

    I got enough to buy Kaiser and that is about it. Not much leftovers. Kaiser is quite slow in gameplay. Does not seem tot follow his king. So he slacks behind when using his Sonic Blast.