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  1. ...and look πŸ‘€ I'm moved! It seems that someone is peeping!!! 😜😜😜
  2. Maybe you should try better! More than 2 months have passed since last trivia (12th April 2017). No package-buyers, no talented people in writing stories, and no lucky players who will never win a raffle in their life deserve a chance at getting some gems!
  3. Hajimemashite! Barnotto desu. Yoroshiku πŸ€— Pyromancers wa bakemono de arimasen! Achira no jikatabi wa waga na ni wasureta! 😜
  4. ....the event is over...and a new festival has been kicked off. Hurry up, hurry up, lets unlock Aki!!!!
  5. Do not worry about Nidhog since it will be the next deflated pal !!!
  6. 1 uber pal chest opened, 1 Eldrak. This yields 100% of chances to get Eldrak in the ongoing Pal Collector event.
  7. I'm having a rage attack!!!
  8. this is a topic for complainers...not a topic for complainers of complainers!!!
  9. A scavenger hunt in dungeons could be "a brand new event for all of you to enjoy!". Not the Eldrak Collector event!!!
  10. Whaaaaat!!!! Now i feel not only disappointed but also stupid!!!! I'm fuming
  11. Many players in my ally have found Eldrak in the very first daily pal chest they opened!!!
  12. I spent more than 10k dragon claws in the Dragon Festival to unlock Eldrak and now Flaregames gives it to everybody for free!!!! C'mon...this is totally not fair. I'm really disappointed ...
  13. IGN: Lord Barnot