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  1. Weekly Trivia Contest!

  2. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    whats trothy?
  3. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    My ninjas are back. Thanx. Not the trophies I've lost from friday until now cuz of the lack of ninjas, or other compensation.
  4. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    No ninjas here IGN: Lord Barnot Ally: sleeping lion
  5. Pal Flute - Forum Contest!

    IGN: Lord Barnot One month flew by since the Granny passed away. The people sang again in the old taverns of Sleeping Lion kingdom, but they all still were wondering what had become of Kaiser, the granny's fierce pal. Some told that it had returned on the Green Mountains, while others swore that it was taken away by a brutal horde of adventurers who gave it to the Lady of Zombies for her marriage with Morfoz, the silver eagle king. A gentle autumn breeze was moving the white pony tail of Lord Barnot while he was seating on the pebbly bank of the Blue River. He picked a blade of grass, pressed it on his lips and started to play a merry tune. Suddenly two little yellow eyes popped out from the near rushes. Lord Barnot, intrigued by that, stood up and moved closer to the rushes. But when he reached the place, the little yellow eyes had gone. The day after, Lord Barnot went back where he caught the glimpse of the two little yellow eyes. He was determined to find who was hiding in the rushes. He placed two of the biscuits with which Lady Alysea rewarded him during the last cavalry tournament and sat down on hold under the near great willow. Leaves were peacefully floating down the Blue River. "I will give you my most precious magic item" said the Granny to Lord Barnot. "Play it and you will unveil my secret". The sun was sliding towards the horizon when Lord Barnot woke up but the air was still warm. A pan flute was standing where the biscuits were. Crumbs all around. Lord Barnot stood up and grasped the flute. He started to play the same merry tune he played the day before. And as the day before he soon got aware that two little yellow eyes was staring at him from the rushes. The two little yellow eyes got bigger and bigger until the rushes could no more conceal the hidden creature. It was Kaiser, the Granny's fierce pal. It jumped out, dancing and singing around Lord Barnot. They played and sang and danced until the last sunbeam faded away. Then Lord Barnot put the flute into his bag and told Kaiser: "Let's go home my friend". They turned back and started walking together.
  6. Copied necros & skeletons

    Holy cow! Until now I've flushed many spells trying to kill my skeletons thinking they were not mine! Bwahajajahajajaja 😊
  7. Copied necros & skeletons

    Finally I've seen copied skeletons from copied necros...but they are not green! Zombification is not complete if copied skeletons are not green but blue... I want green skeletons! And I want trivia!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. Copied necros & skeletons

    Can copied necros produce skeletons? I attentively followed many copied necros but I've never seen copied skeletons πŸ€” The yellow bar charges but no skeletons appear when the bar reaches the max. I want copied skeletons!!! ☺️
  9. Weekly Trivia Contest!

  10. No coins in CoF - defensive ninjas

    From 12M to 10M here!!! Flaregames had mercy on us Thanks
  11. No coins in CoF - defensive ninjas

    Goodbye defense ninjas! It was nice to host you in my base but now it is no more possible. Removing coins from CoF without increasing coins every island will cost my ally about 1.5-2M coins. I should remove all the players who are in tier 7 and 8 but it is more than 30 loyal and good friends. Then I prefer to save gems and leave defense ninjas to top allies. Thanks Flare! I will upgrade my ally to lvl 67 with no more worries about 13M coins target. 😝😝😝
  12. Looking for Alliance

    I hope you are feeling good among lions
  13. Special Wikia Forum Contest

    Necromancer - Quite useless if not boosted and forged, necromancer is a lethal defensive unit for elite players in top allies and nice buttocks for the rest of the world. Pyro ninja - Pyro ninja was capable of generating dazzling balls of fire. Once a deadly unit, pyro ninja is totally useless now as Flaregames removed the visual effects of his fire skills, nerfing his power. IGN: Lord Barnot πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘