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  1. Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

    Grumble that theres no pet trading Next... allow king to kill kaiser pet before he gets to gate
  2. Unwanted benefits from Flothaboss.

    Honestly, Staying in the top few who always fight each other i dont see a issue. As long as he rotates thru them.
  3. Make Ninja Event Fun!

    Me either i translated the quote and ‎Mouse but continued davilas is Cactus‎ Lol
  4. Make Ninja Event Fun!

    Yeah i get your position , approach to the game but i do understand the other side to If you dont care you probably wont bother looking for the notifications so then you will be surprised anyway? Its a strategy game so people wishing to strategize more seems preety reasonable to me regardless of what i do.
  5. Make Ninja Event Fun!

    You sound like you're ready to quit....
  6. Injustice

    You all may be right the wait is unfair...... But as usual there are people in this world who would move players from alliance to alliance winning both wars. So...... it there to still allow adds in war but there is a price you pay so its not worth cheating. So.. add players only before war ..... plus you dont get cheaters join you alliance during war from the other teams. Plan ahead and you dont have issues.
  7. Way too many blacksmith events lately!

    This year its been about one bs event a month not so bad i think. ( thats comm and bs together) We have had almost as many uber granny. I would be asking for less of the silly events and more boost castle and boost defense/offense as they are very rarer. But i would guess that will continue too so the subscription is the only choice there? @Imanoob31 Just forge stuff it takes forever to get stuff forged well so eventhough it appears not as good as a tower upgrading event. when you are done upgrading a item it will be well On its way with its forging. Do you troops and spells and start on some key towers etc.
  8. Update

    Adding a level to existing troops towers or spells is equally stupid and will drive players to quit. Everything gets balanced so all they are doing is downgrading everyones base. If they were car salesmen they would be sneaking around replacing everyones 2l engine with a 1.5l engine and then saying Oh? it sucks? you can upgrade it you know...
  9. I had suggested a long time ago to have a flying start to war. basically in the first hour of first declare you can attack any tile. after that as normal. Then there is one chance to get out of a bad spot ... choose well
  10. If you dont get daily gems then buy them and buy 3 extra tickets a month.
  11. I think opening up old leagues say for the week after would be a nice option. as suggested above. Much of the game is about running bases of freinds or others to learn from repeated experience. Its really a integral part of the game. Pro league should probably offer the same as it is somewhat unique and unlike your king and level. I think the practice mode offers a way for Pro league to be a community discussion as compete or train theres a opportunity for all to engage and discuss it. Right now its a mixed bag of people competing and is a disjointed discussion in alliances more about whether you should bother competing and very little about mastering the event. A practice mode after allows for everyone to try and discuss.... at the very least makes it a worthwhile community discussion.
  12. War with only one player

    Locking in the 8 would work... and fix the issue. Or under 8 players allow multi attacks to count for twice. first 3 100% and extras ie. champing or extra 3 fights. They could also take the last player in list and pad out to 8 players So in essence the single player appears 8 times or the 7th player twice.
  13. Forging Strategies

    Forget doing gear other than skull perks. Do your spells and troops. Gear gets replaced often from ubers and all that forging goes to waste. If you have extra pearls then look to your base and work on it.
  14. I dont really think it matters if people do have multiple accounts..... Really its about abuse of the game... and that can happen with a group with single accounts.... so if you think there is something shonky report it. I honestly dont think this will change things as cheaters cheat they get reported and if its bad enough they get booted. one account or two
  15. So now they are all using their one free name change..... Sigh.