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  1. Skull Tower update

    yeap... and the ring should not hit 100 ever.... maybe 60% at the max if its a percentage of bombs That and blizzard would be enough of a nerf
  2. Banned from Pro League - No reason

    Lots of people play out of the same home IP address I think it would have to be something more.... Not saying you have or have not I just cannot see it as the issue. I have 4 devices with the same account and they get reinstalled and OS wiped and installed so its hard to see that also? The multi account may be an issue? Dont know if youre not saying as much as they are not saying?
  3. Lol ... i would say they are all watching the update stats.... not much else
  4. Yeap, basically they need to force all games 18 yrs if there is any gambling.... Add in compliance with gambling rules and they will all stop this crap. Basically they are doing what casinos did before regulation and the reason regulations and age restrictions were enforced, they cannot self regulate. Sure with free items you can do luck.... but as we know luck can be nerfed forcing more gem spend. Its sad that many games have dropped to such predatory tactics. And then you have too ask who is playing the real game ????
  5. Its not really about getting it or not getting it. If you have different rules for different competitors theres little point competing when you dont know where you will fall. A big part pf the challenge is doing better at pro league and getting rewards appropriate to your performance. If it was a free event then wonky and free is more tolerable but if you wish to compete on a weekly basis then its not any different than expected COF rewards lol its just luck. This event is really the first head to head event where luck, forging, buying wins wAS NOT POSsible , so it needs to be fixed.
  6. Lol the request for confirmation of no confirmation This has got to a least make flare laugh....
  7. Yeah i thought about those but have seen them only occur at login so if you are already connected then as i have had before i needed to disconnect, wait connect. But i needed to know about it first? The basic messages in mailbox seem to work well connected or not.
  8. Ok... But i am not entirely sure aversion therapy doesnt work. They do respond at times ? They have in the past rectified things so in fairness they do listen somewhat.
  9. I had also requested to the admin team that they create a utility for them to send a system message delivered just like the alliance message. they have very few of these things occur so an additional message once every couple of weeks would be simple and not be excessive in ally mailbox. At least they would hit 99% of players. and with last minute fixes this is a more appropriate notification.
  10. Cromka, Yes its a game and to make that be true a level playing field needs to be maintained. Otherwise things like this create inequities that make competing pointless. they should have just thrown a free ticket to those who participated. But i missed it so ok there are more but in my mind this undermines any reason to compete.
  11. abuse

    Then open a ticket... If it is non offensive as you claim then they should not have a problem...
  12. Forum Game - Reactions to Situations

    Users run out of silly ideas and thread dies?
  13. Melting

    Lol it just reads wrong in game.... It really a bad luck nerfer by the math but displayed as luck?
  14. abuse

    What was your old name? I have seen some really bad names? Honestly if you do something stupid with your name then yes they will change it? So you honestly think giving people who create offensive names and know it, deserve another chance? No... then everyone will ask what youre asking for, as they have a easy way out with extra name changes at the expense of everyone else....
  15. Dragon transform duration

    Lol you dont know anything, and dont understand so therefore not important? He would have been better off just saying it doesnt bother me so i dont care..... Lol ignore him he is cofused about his intent with this issue.