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  1. A big part of the problem is the fixed windows for participation. Ninja is the best event as you can finish in a day if you like and that's any day of 3 days. The festivals should just pile up if you don't do a day. Basically, the biggest problem is theres no kudos things its all about revenue. simple things like when your king hits one of many levels he can fight one dungeon like fight to earn an aura , sure it could have a minor health bump but really just a cool thing to have. Really the game needs some just fun to do items that are not grind things. Safari road... a endless path of weird things to kill ... yes make it free. a bunch of things not resource dependant that if you like you can do. Sometimes I wish I could just play for a while and not have the experience ruined with resource issues. Theres the tournaments thou that's really a free player slug fest so the stars are mining stars and not much else. Wars ... well they are a third of your time... every two weeks. Plus the time differences for many make it a frustrating and tiresome experience... maybe a war that is fought over 3 days ? heres you fights you have 3 days.... then once in a war players are chased to finish up not 5 or more times a war. its supposed to be fun! oh get rid of food cost in war its a stupid thing to have anyway as its a limited play so no advantage or so low 10 food it doesn't matter. Really they need to open up the windows of opportunity to participate. Only then will players be able to fit their play time around their lives and not have the experience tainted by a begrudging participation. ( this untenable rigidity is why people leave .... I would guess half or more would not leave with a more flexible schedule)
  2. The only thing with a league is there needs to be in war alliance perks that can be activated once in a matchup set to add some strategy. For example. Pal level + 1 and a 5 % skull perk Beast boost +1 Time warp start or start morale +100% So on 3 of the 5 days you could select one or all three if you want on one day. Basically adds some options that allow teams to strategize and also make close fights not a known outcome as a good use of perks could make a win. I like the league concept but also needs things that introduce strategy and team involvement not just grinding out the fights.
  3. Yes ... I just wish they would acknowledge or comment on these topics. its obviously important to nearly all people on forum as they do comment about this stuff and the silence from flare is troubling at best. Flare CM ... we need more engagement, if you are wondering why the forum is quiet .... well its the black hole you substituted for engagement. We need a more engaged and at least a showing of concern.
  4. Lol how about a war where you can attack any tile? But you're right they need to do something to mixed it up .... and that's not more grind. Really 3 days would be fine for war.
  5. Yeah... though I think 2 ninjas then you could alternate ninja yeti ninja zombie and if they want change the damage type in the ninja ones. This game is so heavily structured and scheduled. so they really need to think about fun ways so make the repetitive events not so boring. And no that's not changing the number of fights in war lol... or other stupid bits. Actually where the hell is that war update ? they said in a couple of updates'? A status would be nice. Maerique sorry if I am hijacking the topic....
  6. That's why I have always said rotate the ninja events They have 3 different types ... ninja, zombie and yeti, by doing absolutely nothing they could rotate those three. Four in total if you have regular and ice ninja. Sure its the same format but at least the base themes are different. adding ice and poison themed defense.
  7. don't stress ... just open a ticket and send them the pics.
  8. Generally I pnly see that after days of my pc being on and using lots of programs and apps. My guess is it is a memory fragmentation issue or low memory. Try having less things running and reboot if you get it or before important fights.
  9. It is about revenue which is ok but they need to have a more balanced approach. There are many things in game that need to be addressed for paying and free players. The festivals have helped dramatically though the second they are gone the problems are back. So they are a Band aid to underlying issues with the opportunities to earn gold. War gold could be easily fixed with a king level ,000 as the minimum. Ie. a level 100 attacked king has 100k minimum.... if you up raid then they can have a 10x bonus for each additional king level higher than you. So if you are 90 and attack a 100 level king its a 200k minimum. Really they need a permanent mini event. like haunted forest. Like a forest path and themed attacks say ogre and archer. no troops just king and pet. it would have to account for troops killed and maybe a time bonus? You could do one type a day get and each success on a a level that day gets the harder next level ( like ninja ) You could then easily come up with 14 themes and just rotate through and then add new ones later. throw gold like in festival. Once every one, two weeks Wednesday?.. have a pet reward yes you may need to scroll that. ( and no you don't need to do every day to participate... its about maxing participation opportunities not servitude) The economy of this game is what's broken as it does not offer opportunities to play and earn gold in regular fights without other gold events injecting gold. players spend their gold as fast as they get it so its really not feasible as a sustainable system for player engagement. with festivals yes but only because of the festival keeping gold available and then available more in raids. Either raise the minimums for raids or do permanent events .... only then will jumping online and doing some raids... will seem rewarding and fun. Make the fight the challenge not scrounging in the muck for left overs.... we are kings after all?
  10. As said its not a big thing..... 15 to 20 players in that range will beat them .... and they probably will have next to no boosts as they cannot have many donations Basically they cannot beat a team of 20 players in the 3k to 2k range.
  11. Darren, many things need to be fixed or tweaked. its just part of the process. Things change .... so change is just a part of it.
  12. Yes I have w10 too and since 3.x I have not had to reinstall the app. Note you need to cloud backup your account to do this or you could lose it.
  13. Yeah though I could see a huge abuse of the system for medal mining. They would have to give you 3 skips max to stop that. And that should be enough for most. Problem is some high coin and medal fights are winnable others not... so you can miss out on a easy good win. I think its best if you just drop a few trophies if its to hard... and that doesn't mean you can win all... just 3 out of 4 you get the gate. Its meant to be challenging but drop lower if you don't care