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  1. I am pretty sure that is already in game with odd behaviour (bugs) in current troops
  2. Pls fix Even adding to bs hangs connection Cof giving empty chests.... game slow Etcetera etcetera...
  3. The truth of it is in flares ambivalence to the community. I know they have a no asshole hiring policy.... maybe they need to extent that to no asshole like behaviour in customer relations. Ignoring people is a classic asshole behaviour.
  4. If you miss one chest then on day 26 you are getting chest 25 so you miss out on 26
  5. I think a first declare anywhere on map would fix a few of the issues. If you are weak then no change, but it would stop bad placement or getting locked out determining your fate. Many teams lose the opportunity to compete and earn their place. purely because of initial placement. The first declare gives you one chance
  6. Is this finishing in 2 hrs or 26hrs?
  7. I have had it on my i7 with 16 gig so its not the setup always. My play pc is i5 4gig
  8. Maybe with the events and pro league gear increases theres an argument for increasing slot cost at a slower rate... 100 gems to 40 slots then increasing incrementally after that? I would like everything cheaper too, but i also get their thing so if its too cheap its never going to be considered if read.
  9. Tap on a item ina spot ,,, select new item and equip. Each slot and gear spot is unique
  10. Maybe as a pack offer of 10 slots 1k gems. The stuff in game is geared to not be easily reached with free gems so you will buy some. So i guess reasonable and fair from a free perspective really wont make any money. 250 in event is ok... plus dungeons can get you a lot. But i get the annoyance... between that, bs and ally tower theres a lot to pay for.
  11. I think you all spent too much time in the bs ... sniffing those fumes. Yall gone a bit soft in the head...lol Ok.... i like the melt button on opening a chest.... they really dont need the extra slot hard sell as all the gear you get now in festivals and elsewhere pretty much forces you to buy extra slots.
  12. Then have a granny chest for coin .... it could have nonstandard items like 3hr gold sheild free forge any item, and the usual others Yeah the really odd things could be in a gem chest like sheild perks for 2 hrs speed, fire, lightening poison etcetera. You could save the chest and open when needed you wont know till then but it should always be a help but not overly advantageous.
  13. Its not as simple as that some are jumping on collecting chests making donate during the day ... so most people have busy lives. A good member may never chat so are you going to kick them? the main language may be very hard for them.... Theres lots of reasons.... and its not that simplistic.
  14. I guess you can just save your crystals till you get what you want.
  15. Yes thats a IF...