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  1. Months ago I asked for a stat screen in throne room gear selection that showed all the stuff and the real received perk increases. I thought this would be easier as its just a button and screen with king\troops spells listed with the base value and perk increase amount received for that armour configuration. at least it would be all in one spot and you could juggle things around and see a global view of the effects.
  2. I think a zombied Tammy would work ... or maybe that's a boost for pets a zombie boost?
  3. Then skip could just become extra donate 100~ gems and you donate again.
  4. Good idea .. I think it needs to be simple yet informative. I have seen some very complicated ideas and although good , have some serious dev time involved. I could be as simple as donates in the last 2 weeks ( if the fixed window for donate was used as suggested above) Just a simple count 10/14
  5. That's a great point as there is the constantly increasing time even if only 5 or ten minutes a day. and I don't think many will go nuts for one extra donate a month.
  6. Lol but its so fun open I have one guy now 5 attacks in last 12 hrs 400 to 600k .... but if I had anything to use the gold on I would and he would get nothing ... Its like buying and selling it keeps the economy going...
  7. As said its part of the game... Post up some screenshots both kings and the raids ... and you may get a better tailored answer.
  8. Lol do a demon tower that snatchers up troops and eats them, eat time is based on morale cost of troop so a knight is quick and a ogre takes longer. Doesn't eat king but has a slow aura near him and a life drain effect on king. what kills it?
  9. I have my guess ... so what does everyone think it will be?
  10. Yes so my guess is as you upgrade you could accept multiple one time offers, so then fully upgraded kings may get more than one.... We will see I guess.
  11. I think Lisa said if you had completed tr there still was s chance of earlier ones. those being one time too.
  12. Right, the offer doesn't have a gem price to buy it just a $ amount. So the gems on hand don't factor in.
  13. For the first level beast unlock should be set to ally lvl... max 50. Ie. lvl 30 alliance would require 30 pets donated All other levels could be the same. 50 is a reasonable target for high ally but not really reasonable for lower alliances. meaning the entry point is skewed to favour one end of alliances.
  14. I have not got any from either event .... Lol its wacky ... I think they need to monitor this as many random generators are not very good at being random. But I buy the stuff I want so its not a locked out issue. The 5k gems and pets offer will piss off people if not offered. Its a one time offer that's not offered one time to everyone? lol the lunatics have taken over the asylum.
  15. So I thought a good discussion would be Other pets you have found helpful. Pls include pet lvl your lvl And troops spells you found complemented the pet. And lastly where you felt it was weak... (so its not a complaint thread but a best use case) My other pets are 4 so I will not comment on them.