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  1. Rr2 is data thrifty because its not pvp everything is on your device.. 99.9% People play this on phones that sold for 60$ us. The issues that arise with pvp is latency based. When you think about pvp you need to think about it outside you country and its services. RR is a global game so latency issues are worse the further you are from US servers. Then add the communications available in the area you live. Yes you can have lots of money but only get satellite coverage... A lot of console gamers don't do the pvp games for this issue ... I like the idea ... but if its a core component for the game then it will break the game for many, I am fine with my connection but I have seen the issues and problems for other games ... basically don't bother unless you have very high speed or fibre. PVE you could do on a old dial up connection you just wait for the download then play, it plays the same irregardless of connection speed though it may take a moment longer to fetch before playing. Pvp is interactive so its a completely different beast and very different issues.
  2. Pvp can be tough ... its good fun for those with the best connection and geographically close. Right now they can cover slow connections high latency connections and satellite woeful connections as speed is not an issue. It would be nice though I think you would lose as many as you gain if its a core component for advancing in game.
  3. Ok so what do you all think of them do the help? Most should have a before and after result?
  4. Yeah it drives some nuts.... a couple of my ally members to so I told them to get daily as its a cup of coffee a month for them. The disparity will drive you nuts otherwise.
  5. Meh you all look like oompaloopahs to me
  6. Gem or pearls? For individual.... ok then that's pearls really. it needs to scale the rewards and chests already do that. Lower players have little use for pearls. The problem with automatic boosts is it will be abused . I like most of you idea though if you don't set s benchmark for participation per alliance then its going to be abused. Ie fights per declare that way you waste gold to not fight so you may as well fight or get no boost. Also if tiers are the measure then fiefs are just fiefs. A measure of war success. Its no longer a metric. And now is a reward % for ally donate. As you say if you eliminate fiefs then its not a measure anymore so ok ... so don't use that metric and leave it there as purely a counting tool.
  7. Yeah I don't know who visits the forum so posting this may or may not get a answer. But soon I would say it will ... someone's bound to leave those Allis and talk so You can only ask..... You never know who visits here....
  8. Warrior I meant someone on forum... its one thing to attack a base ... but the more interesting thing is how having one changes your defense results.
  9. Just curious if anyone has a beast yet? And how they think it works for their defense.
  10. Maybe just set the play time to be at start of fight when at tent .... that's a simpler fix and calling up troops should still work. Its probably a designer more impressed with himself than gameplay.. lol
  11. Maybe just set the play time to be at start of fight when at tent .... that's a simpler fix and calling up troops should still work. Its probably a designer more impressed with himself than gameplay.. lol
  12. Though I do think 5 different styles of bases and 5 different troop rewards would make it fun. Zombies to yetis to ninjas all are very different. So any base is different even unchanged by owner. I'm not saying its perfect but it would offer some variety and with 5 you would only see one every 2 months
  13. Firstly thanks for the feedback Lisa Question 20 Concerning videos... The full question was whether we could have a skip option maxed at 4 to 6 times a day for when videos are unavailable. This would allow for video chests to be collected and maintain a more level playing field for players. There is a huge disparity in ad networks and their targeted audiences. I think a minimum service level needs to be defined for players. Great to hear about better rewards coming for war.
  14. Yep, That's why I keep saying its not a war ... it a boost event gone wrong. You dont earn them on any real merit basis as the war system locks you out or alliances working the system do. And in fairness all this screwing with stats by players doesn't help the matchmaking process. Wars can be great fun but it will not change as long as boosts are direct rewards. Its broken because the rewards are great and shuffling around stuff will not change that in my opinion. Players just want a opportunity to win boosts and that's never going to happen with a system manipulated by other players. Sad but true.
  15. Dena I like it in principal... but the opening there for abuse is just mind blowing. Lol just swapped fief dropping for division dropping. Anything that players can manipulate they will because boosts rewards are great ... you cannot buy them so ? I don't think they really can fix this ... I think the best outcome is winning rewards for performance then regardless of place you get a proportional reward. Which at least is something other than the all or nothing outcomes we see today. and run the boost separate until that is hived off all the bs that occurs will continue and people frustrated teams cheating etc etc etc. Remove the direct boost reward and now you focus is war participation to get your access to boost event. Then wars can be wars win or lose... a bad match meh we still qualified for boost event. Theres just too much at stake in wars for it not to be abused and silly little shit blows up into major problems.