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  1. Nvm, the celestial boost expired 😁
  2. Yes, for the normal battles i still have 4, but for the adventure battles, i only have 3 keys to open chests. Will take a screenshot when i do next adventure
  3. Maybe replacing +5 dominance boost by 30% off Odyssey adventure cost!? Also, there is a bug with celestial boost that gives +1 key to open chests after battles, there are only 3 keys given to open chests in this adventure. It was 4 keys last adventure. Have FG changed this?
  4. i'm not sure if this is a bug after the update 'cause i noticed before the update i could get over the limit of ambrossia which an island can produce (20% of 300 is 60, this means an island can produce 360 ambrossia at max when celestial boost is active). In the photo the islands can't produce more than the limit.
  5. Yeah thats exactly what i did but then i got lower percentage of enhancements. But i see your points, i need better luck next time
  6. @CaptainMorgan why i got all weak featured heroes? Perseus (okay but cant beat high skull adventure), Ariadne, Prometheseus, Odysseus and Prometheseus again. isn't it more fair if everyone gets the same featured heroes?
  7. It is not fair everyone gets different featured heroes. I got Perseus, Ariande and now Prometheus, its impossible to beat islands in high skull adventures. While my friend got Cadmus, Athena and Ajax.
  8. Congrats, Ajax shield and Apple of something i cant remember are all i need
  9. Just got my first two unique items from titan chests last war. One of them was crap though, the other one is okay but im still happy
  10. Please bring back prestige award in Godlike chests or other types of chests. I've always got few gems opening godlike chests. Plus, i upgraded most of decorations that give the most prestige but i still need nearly 37k prestige to go from level 29 to 30. So please do something about this!
  11. Give me any of the unique items, opened so many so far but havent got a single one . You are lucky getting those items!
  12. I dont need to spend gems to unclock chests.
  13. I try to stay in top 50 to get +3 titan points or +5 if being in top 10 everyday, thats the only motivation
  14. Try upgrading your towers and barricades to max, some towers can't bear 4 hits from my Ajax. Im not suprised you have lost this much trophy, but i'm suprised how could u reach 10k+. Again, upgrade your towers to max and u'll see the difference.