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  1. Top alliances­čśÄ

  2. Top alliances­čśÄ

    for me 35 tries on Omega Ring but no sp. :feelsbadman:
  3. With this change, my interpretation is: 1. Top Alliances with 120 fiefdoms - No major changes, but probably an outside chance for 70-80 fief alliances. 2. Growing Alliances with 70-80 fiefdoms - Affected, they generally won't be able to rule the map against top alliances, because they are top alliances Cut deals and put them lower or just 3rd depending on map placements, and when they face 65-70 teams, they have a hard time to climb fiefdoms unlike earlier. So they're worse off overall. 3. Strong teams with low fiefs 57-63 (in top 10) - Clear Benefit. Enjoy higher LB against lower teams. 4. Weaker teams with more fiefs 66-69 ( in top 30/40) - Worse off, no chance to compete with 0.3x LB. 5. Teams with fiefs similar to strength - Change in strategy, attack more fief teams and get that crucial extra LB, LB more important, which is not healthy system, inital map placements more important than earlier.
  4. Nope, certainly NOT. It's really bad if LB is measured depending on skull gear, can't punish alliances for having more sp, and anyway SP forgings have long cooldowns so freezing doesn't work.
  5. Ares, I agree with you over here, 7.6 will continue to maximise their LB till the end of the war as other teams just won't match that LB, system's failure. Day 1 put champs and score 220k rough 2-3x of the normal LB, and maps are getting decided not by strength instead losing against the right opponent! This system is unfair and needs an immediate change in rules. On my map too, there was a weaker alliance with more fiefdoms, they had been performing well, but this war they had no chances, which they might have had last day IF these unfair rules weren't applied.
  6. I don't think so. Mid alliances can't beat the Big 4 for different reasons as well, their lowest players when at full strength have very strong players, then nobody is flowing with alliance gold at least now and members would have to spend tons of gems, the first normal perception is either skip or try to cut a deal. This won't change anything in fact devalue fiefdoms. In fact top alliances will be used by them, attack top alliance on first 2 days and wreck everyone else for the following days. It will never lead to more alliance with 120 fiefs. Take an example, Viet Nam or Japan team X will have hard time as they'll get crap 0.3% of their usual LB earlier but most competitors with 10 fiefs will almost gain 3x more LB for the same effort, so gaining fiefs is just harder. Also in Top Maps, top teams take the honours so again they lose out. With this system, teams who are growing will not get past 90 fiefs unless they up their SP and spending to almost that of Top alliances or more than that. My 2 cents on this, I do not like this system, flawed.
  7. Update 3.8 Live.

    Increasing friend list to 50 was great! thx!
  8. Experience Bases?

    That video is very old, and partly incorrect, also many levels and towers were added later. Surprise mummy bases & necro bases give highest xp.
  9. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    IGN: KK Star Alliance: MASTER MEME No frost ninjas. Had 5x
  10. well not even considering that, the gap will always widen
  11. btw I honestly don't think low level or mid level alliances will hit pro boost level 3 also and those alliances can get it for free, 1 new boost every week, no need to prolong it, if the need is so strong, consider dropping a war boost. Not bad atm, the pro boosts.
  12. Pal Flute

    My Ceres is level 6, and I'm hero level 106. And the spirit howl morale for the beast is 5 on level 6 itself. I've heard Aska (broadly similar) on level 8 for a level 110 king has 20 summoning morale. So stats are not consistent here. For me even if I get Pal Flute to cast 2 times, it copies 10 knights at max according to stats.
  13. Pal Flute

    FTB, Ceres offense beast's stats seem wrong to me, just 5 spirit morale, is it a bug?
  14. (past) pro players

    For good players, multi account is great, if I know where jesters are placed and I get a feel of the level, there is a good chance I end up at a very good rank, dc bug is also useful but it doesn't work on all devices though. Sharing is another problem. Lot of accounts are shared for PL so few real pros out there :/ DC = disconnect.
  15. Questions about Ceres...

    Spirit Howl Troops are not attacked by LTs ^^. However true, Aska is safer because you need to have an army for Ceres to work lol, Aska will summon irrespective of army, but meh, never ever get new pals fromm chests except collector events.