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  1. You can get non-proshop items from pro chests. There are 27 of them ^^.
  2. No shop refresh yet, are we going to have one? since nothing seems useful to me.
  3. We can keep such talks restricted to PM. No hate posts here please. Topic Locked.
  4. I'm forced to lock it due to it getting off-topic.
  5. "It seems Double XP in Battle condition is a bug, there must be lower CD for free pal chests instead" credits: @Areisp
  6. Could we all be clear in explaining our point of view, we surely don't want pointless posts, rather a discussion. Some do communicate in English fluently, whereas some do not.
  7. Tbh, the last event is unlikely to be a blow out one, so I'm glad with BS and will make use of it and try to upgrade those gold-guzzling towers and waves.
  8. Treasure Hunter.
  9. After Alpha Guard, MM for pyro war.
  10. I'm wondering what are your expectations, usually you get 450 pearls during BS event, 750 gems.
  11. You are right, I realised it pretty late that mortars were good against skeletons. So a bad score overall, hammer was also good against skeletons. Well done Fii btw
  12. It honestly depends on the combo, for now probably should take a break, since my last 3 attempts have been rather mediocre and depends what items are offered after the shop refresh
  13. I agree, if you're not ending in top 40, it is a waste of 750 gems, top 100 kind of ok, below that is waste. Event is over for me, 1198. Jester and Frost are OP and insta-destruct the army and hero and the current combo sucks, nothing really to counter frost or skull tower. Necromancers and skeletons murder the ogres.
  14. It is 2:1 during the event, normally 10:3 (Gems:Pearls)
  15. The picture isn't pretty after lvl 120