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  1. oO Alliance wars aren't over yet and if they end so soon it means the team has been knocked out -.-
  2. Hello, Skull Perk does NOT count in skull bonus. It is added in your main top 3. Since you've got 12.7% SP I believe you'd be getting 1144 skulls per fight. So on later rounds 2% is applied on 1144, thus, amounting to 23 skulls as bonus + from CoF if you open..
  3. Hello! Please share voucher codes in a dedicated topic.
  4. Regarding CR, to reach the helm it is total p2w. In rr2 you can replace money with time.
  5. Trophies lost by defender = Trophies gained by attacker.
  6. Hi everyone! The trivia is rolling again and with some new questions but the same old host. So let's get started again! 10 questions, all you have to do is punch in the right answer! Rewards 10 correct: 500 premium currency 5-9 correct: 250 premium currency 3-4 correct: 100 premium currency Special Reward: 100 extra premium currency (Something which sets your entry apart from the rest ) Deadline 28th June, 2017, Wednesday. 12 Noon GMT. Remember to write your exact IGN and the game you play otherwise rewards shall not be given. Also, no forum user shall post 2 IGNs or make separate entries, rewards shall be given only on the first one. Don't waste our time, neither your time. QUESTIONS 1. Which wind movement causes aircrafts to enter a downward motion? 2. What causes lightning? 3. The Richter scale, developed in the 1930s, is a base-10 logarithmic scale. What is the max value on a Richter scale? 4. What is a cloudburst and how is it different from rain? 5. When does a leap year occur? 6. From the photo given above, ascertain the name and describe what's happening in short. Amazing pic, isn't it! 7. What is the cause of winds? 8. Even though Sun’s light is white, why does it appear to be yellowish when viewed from Earth? 9. Is the Earth’s magnetic north pole and geological north pole at the same location, if not state why it isn’t the same. 10. Earth is Prolate Spheroid in shape. Yes or No? Wish you all good luck. Regards, KK Star
  7. Hello. Top players don't offer tons of trophies because they aren't supposed to be raided by you or me, much weaker than them. Players having 3500 trophies more than yours' you won't get trophies to prevent cheaters from hacking and stripping trophies. Also, kindly used the topic mentioned below to advertise open bases. Cheers! I'll lock this one.
  8. If you value trophies, don't use matchmaker, you can lose upto 72 trophies I think.
  9. Then the trophy system would go haywire. This way everyone's trophy will rise and there will be an imbalance. Thus trophies lost by attacker = trophies gained by defender or vice-versa.
  10. Well defenders need a lucrative reward.
  11. @flaretara Need updates.
  12. It gets bugged sometimes.
  13. It is actually a bit less than 35%, the highest right now is 34.8% iirc. Festival sp was a bit higher. Cape ring belt pretty much depends on hero lvl and luck.
  14. Yep Nidhogg has his damage divided but I'd prefer the bm because many times the fs just goes waste, and you can't hit LTs across the path with Eldrak's FS :/ But yeah if you can routinely get to release the FS at u-turn then handy. Tammy's got blunt and murders spikes and blockades and the heal is great for ninja events, helps to solo bases.