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  1. IGN :-vinaysir GAME :- royal revolt 2 ANSWERS............ 1.- option A (MH) 2.- option C ( the rate of imported inflation) 3.- option A (cigarettes lack durability) 4.- option B ($30 to $10) 5.- option D (vertical integration forwards) 6.- option A (fixed costs) 7.- option C (The period of training for scientists is longer than that for laboratory technicians) 8.- option C (total fixed cost) 9.- option C (Institutions are established to train flight crew) 10.- option D (structural)
  2. open base ;- vinaysir upto the war start only 1 tower and few troops..............
  3. Looks like this screenshot is too old.......because we already have those 2 features šŸ˜•šŸ˜•šŸ˜•šŸ˜• Attack history And play with Facebook friends These 2 are thier from when i start playing.... šŸ˜‘šŸ˜‘šŸ˜‘šŸ˜‘šŸ˜‘
  4. most laziest player :- khataronkikhiladi
  5. ROYAL REVOLT 2 IGN-vinaysir 1.-Air New Zealand 2.-Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport 3.-800 km/h 4.-False 5.-OPTION-B (Slowly decrease altitude and glide) 6.-OPTION-D (To increase drag) 7.-OPTION-A (With the help of a pushback tug) 8.-OPTION-D (Tilt towards the right and maintain some speed and altitude) 9.-Inertial navigation system (INS) 10.-green light beacon is situated at the right wing tip of an aircraft.
  6. NEXT :- when you first saw the pal (guardian) in defence at the time of attacking any player.
  7. Next:- when low level player got top 10 alliance invite...
  8. šŸ˜šŸ˜˜ I like it.....
  9. what the f**k..
  10. same thing happen with me, i was in the range of 3500-4000 trophy but i got less reward
  11. I have question is they give the full reward with compensation or only the compensation of the event reward. Because as i see in this pop up their is only a compensation of the reward.
  12. ING :- vinaysir my queen with barmanou (shoes) merry christmas
  13. hey i want to join your alliance IGN :- vinaysir very active in war
  14. hey buddy we have all boost which you want alliance name:- royal kingdom if you want want to join us then contact me hope i will see you soon in royal kingdom
  15. hey buddy its happen with me to. when i was win the 1000 gems, game get crash and no 1000 gems but after some time gems will automatically add in my total gems............................................... so wait for some time and then see what happen , otherwise you can file a ticket about your problem they will help you..................