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  1. contact to support and submit a request about your problem
  2. thanks
  3. IGN :- ïÿ_h__l 1. why you like the troop. i like pyromancer's so much.because i like the dragons and with the war boost "Dracomancer" the dragon is appear which destroy almost the everything which come in front of dragon. 2. which quality sets this troop apart from the rest. pyromancer's have long life then other troops like other dragon troop "froster(dragon froster )",knight...pyromancer can easily burn the firebolt tower and lightning tower as well as they damage the other tower... also they have long range which is also the other quality of the pyromancer. 3. which is your favourite war boost based on this troop and why. i like the dracomancer boost (war boost) the most because of this boost pyromancer gain the their final form and turns into the dragon which destroy the everything come in front of dragon.... its like dragon apocalypse and after dragon gone the fire and dead troops everywhere......... so its the power of my troop "THE POWER OF DRACOMANCER" STORY:- This story begins with Once Upon A Time, because the best stories do, of course......................... so,once upon a time me and my advisor were walking to kingdom from campingin the forest.As we walking in the forest we stopped and froze.Standing in front of us blocking the path was an enormous fierce looking dragon.We stood panic stricken, horrified at the sight of this unusual looking red creature. It stared at us with black eyes,its white fangs ready for dinner and its long black coloured nails gripping the wood log tightly.In a split second the dragon bounded towards us as its great black wings flapped furiously. We screamed inunison and ran as fast as our legs could carry us,and the dragon was following us. I run in to an old cave and the dragon stop in font of that cave. The dragon come to me and spoke "come out, I mean no harm".At the gentle hiss of his voice I froze.I thought to myself, dragons can't speak! "Please speak to me" dragon said.I raised my head cautiously. The dragon nuzzled my arm, raising my confidence. I raised a trembling hand and touched one of his scales.he told his name is "dracomancer".After a while he explained how he was able to talk to me.It turned out that an evil witch had turned him from a human to a dragon and only the friendship of another human would turn him back into his original human form.he looked so sad and lonely that I reached across and patted his bony back once again. I told him that I would try to help him and he was overjoyed and in a few days he is turns in to the his orignal form of human with a red and blue color outfit and a pointed we make a new name for him "pyromancer" for his new human form.Over the next few days, pyromancer became a great friend of mineand we are going in wars togather and after winning the reward in the war my friend "pyromancer" got the availity to turn in to the "dracomancer" again by collecting the dragon power. Form that day me and "pyromancer" winning the every battle.......
  4. its looks very good idea to improve the game and having more fun. i also saw that chest along the path but its just useless.....
  5. IGN :-vinaysir GAME :- royal revolt 2 ANSWERS............ 1.- option A (MH) 2.- option C ( the rate of imported inflation) 3.- option A (cigarettes lack durability) 4.- option B ($30 to $10) 5.- option D (vertical integration forwards) 6.- option A (fixed costs) 7.- option C (The period of training for scientists is longer than that for laboratory technicians) 8.- option C (total fixed cost) 9.- option C (Institutions are established to train flight crew) 10.- option D (structural)
  6. open base ;- vinaysir upto the war start only 1 tower and few troops..............
  7. Looks like this screenshot is too old.......because we already have those 2 features 😕😕😕😕 Attack history And play with Facebook friends These 2 are thier from when i start playing.... 😑😑😑😑😑
  8. most laziest player :- khataronkikhiladi
  9. ROYAL REVOLT 2 IGN-vinaysir 1.-Air New Zealand 2.-Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport 3.-800 km/h 4.-False 5.-OPTION-B (Slowly decrease altitude and glide) 6.-OPTION-D (To increase drag) 7.-OPTION-A (With the help of a pushback tug) 8.-OPTION-D (Tilt towards the right and maintain some speed and altitude) 9.-Inertial navigation system (INS) 10.-green light beacon is situated at the right wing tip of an aircraft.
  10. NEXT :- when you first saw the pal (guardian) in defence at the time of attacking any player.
  11. Next:- when low level player got top 10 alliance invite...
  12. 😍😘 I like it.....
  13. what the f**k..
  14. same thing happen with me, i was in the range of 3500-4000 trophy but i got less reward
  15. I have question is they give the full reward with compensation or only the compensation of the event reward. Because as i see in this pop up their is only a compensation of the reward.