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  1. I think this offer is useless for free players)
  2. Yes . No need be strong to be top1 fora while. Its not hard
  3. Be in top is not be strong. Its just have a lot of pushes
  4. U can be 1 place in RR2 in 2 years here. What a problem?
  5. You mean get top is be top 10 in some minutes?)
  6. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚in COC u dnt need money to get top?)) do u want i will tell u 10 players from top alliances which are free players?)
  7. He will return for sure( devs said) in few months!
  8. Agree with subscriptions price i think price like 10.20.50 usd would be better
  9. They dnt want ur low cash " some years ago" they know there are many players who can donate daily. Thats their goal and u can make post or not- its a fcking new future
  10. Nothing bad if they will improve this COF system. But only thing u need to understand- they need money. They dnt need hear free players on forum, for aure tbey have a lot of analysts and statictics. Im sure they dnt care about this free players . They need free players only to fill totall xount of players but sorry, i understand ur point, u wanna enjoy RR2 how it was before. I think its over. No they need take as many money as thry can. Its 3 years game, how long it will be more? I think not long
  11. check- i like this game and i play it. if i will not like i will stop to play. its my little advice for everyone abd if someone put shit in ur plate- just dnt need eat it, like u all do. I dnt understand all those topics. Seems like u eating shit and making posts( its about ur example). Very strange mostly Phone games are same as RR2 now☺️ All free for download and a lot of payings inside. and truth is RR2 is VERY cheap game, others game is much costly
  12. What way do you see for flare to earn money? no new levels- its making gap between low and rich alliances no cof- its unfair no new updates- its making gap between top players and others no many gems for PRO- its unfair no no no i m champ every war. Yes COF is annoying. i hate it too! but really- everyone need money. What way for earn money do you see for flare? For sure, your idea to minimize donation will not make money for flare. i think idea about to be free player is not very good idea. I dnt have idea be free clubber, free Friday bar mover( i dnt know how to said). You dnt ask in shop about FREE bread. Why? Why ypu dnt want pay for fun?