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  1. Subscription

    HI @flaretara Another member in my alliance has the same problem as me.. So it seems to be biggest issue..please check. Thanks
  2. Subscription

    HI All. I have bought pro-league subscription on 11.09.2017. I decided that I do not want this anymore on 09.10.2017. I canceled My Subscription properly . ( Got also email that it has been canceled) but i was charged again with 10.99 euro at 11.10.2017 ..WTF?? Can someone explain me this? Thanks in Advance.
  3. Event not started

    HI . I got the pop-up that event started but I do not see any difference on cost for Pals Chest. Still 7.5 k . Did this event started properly?? I already re-connect the game several times. Can someone check? @Archimedes@Nikko Thanks in Advance?
  4. New event announcement

    Or maybe they are simply not there? Making party in some nice island for money what VL paid for 10 alli levels in few days
  5. New event announcement

    Why not today? Holding everything ..waiting not know what to do..send workers to work ... or not . waiting..waiting.waiting
  6. New event announcement

    HI All Flaregemes team !! Again .maybe we get at lest some info about shortcoming event??? Every time waiting so long with announcement is totally unacceptable. TREAT US BETTER AT LEAST @Nikko @Flothaboss Can someone respond please
  7. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Veeerry Good said William..Totally Agree with U !!!!!
  8. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    OK I understand ..and that is why I will never play in top5 ..this game is fun for me . good reset after hard Day in real lfe.. I will never give someone my gems for nothing . NO WAY. I will rather invest it in my own character progress
  9. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Come on Nikki..good raider do not need to scroll .. When u are able to win with 100 % without scrolling why to use ?? Nice excuse
  10. Flare hurting alliances

    of course Cromka..u stil talking from VL perspective... people has right.. changes are good but this is happening too fast. alliances with less "rich people" ( NOT like in VL ) will never catch the rabbit😓
  11. Flare hurting alliances

    WTF . How can u say this ?? . Everyone has right to play this game.. not only spending tons of real money Alliances like VL . U should shame yourself.
  12. Alliance hack? lever 80?

  13. Alliance hack? lever 80?

    @Nikko. Can U confirm pls that we have 10 additional alli lvls??
  14. Alliance hack? lever 80?

    Yep.. It is Flare alli. Ken Flare owner.. so KEEN HQ and everything clear
  15. My armor disappeared

    A witam kolege :). Jaki nick w rr2 ?