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  1. Proboost Palladin not activated

    Yeah... of course..did not expect much from your side.Can we await that u have prepared some compensation for those who has been hit by this issue?? I have some strange feeling that u do not have any solution this time...I hope i'm wrong here
  2. Proboost Palladin not activated

    @Archimedes @flaretara Almost 6 hours..where is some update here???.. Nice going @Failgames
  3. Pro reward not receieved plus missing ninja

    Confirm.....server maintenance DID NOT FIX THE ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Proboost Palladin not activated

    Hi @flaretara 3 hours passed..No sign of boosted paladin.. Can we get some update here??? When we can expect that this issue is solved..thanks
  5. complane for pro-boost not activate

    Come on...How long are u in this game??.. they are still busy with fixing issues. I have enough of this bugs.So I will write so much post as I want.. and second thing.. people who responding for post are not busy with fixing the issue also. for that they have some "smart" Developers I think..
  6. complane for pro-boost not activate

    U are right @Archimedes.. We are fckn frustrated with @flaregames ..because some alliances already playing with it..This should not happen!!!!!!!!! and boost is active for free for some time..almost 10 days I think..And what compensation are u planing for those alliances who did not get it >?????????????????
  7. Proboost Palladin not activated

    @flaretara..... this copy and paste text that u apologizing is not enough..come on ..Your Developers should be fired!!!!!!!! Please give me some contact to your SV . Maybe they are not aware what mess is here..LOL
  8. Rewards pro league

    By this occasion I want raise some questions..bcoz I.m working also in IT company and such a mess like here I see first time...So @Archimedes@flaretara@Nikko 1. I can understand that sometimes shit happens but why In your company it happen so oft?? 2. Why u do not learn from this mistakes and u still repeat the same Issue ( In our company such a "developers" will be already fired ) 3. Do u have some Supervisors above U ?? Did they know about constantly Bugs what we have almost after every change?? 4. What will u do in future to prevent this problems?? Bcoz frustration here is raising and raising. 5. And what compensation u plan for these Alliance who did not get what they won (Bcoz i just heard from other that some Allis already playing with Palladin). Thanks for Answers.
  9. Hi Failgames. My alliance won Pro Boost Palladin on the max level...but boost was not activated..WTF????? And some Players did not receive also Pro chests... Please check and fix ASAP!!!!!!!!! Alliance: Polish Knigths.
  10. Update 3.8 Live.

    Hi All .. @Nikko @Archimedes Just raid a base with only 2 towers at the gate.. I destroyed 1 tower..however raid was only count for 83 % . New recalculation seems not working .please check . Thanks in Advance
  11. Hacker kill stronger bases with spell only

    NO matter who they attacking..question is why this is possible anyway..and why Flare does not do anything about it .. and we must ask what sense has Pro league anyway when it is so easy to cheat in RR2????
  12. Fix the base defense algorithm is a true fact.. I played before RR2 another game Age of Empires Caste Siege. owners of the game made the same mistake...They never listen what player has to say.. ..Nowadays this game completely dead (pity for players) and a big lost for makers of the game..they do nor earn money any more...BIG MISTAKE..
  13. Fix the base defense algorithm

    Fully do not agree with u ..when they start do what they want they can be veery surprised some morning..bcoz they are not making this game for himself only for us .. Players paying his not forget about this.. Game without players is dead already
  14. Fix the base defense algorithm

    You wrong Cromka..I do not fight against game..I'm fighting against people who destroy (IN MY OPINION) this game what I like very much
  15. Fix the base defense algorithm

    1.. where I wrote that VL got sth from flare?? when u can not read ..shut up?? I meant that VL made a lot of pressure on Flare.Ohh ..we have a lot of money and we are boring here so pleaaase give us another 10 alliance lvl.LOL. It very sad that game is now ruled from top alli and flare only listen to them . 50 % of other alliance will never catch the rabbit here..when they will come to lvl 75 ..flare will add another 10 lvl bcoz your alli made 10 new lvl in 1 week.. Gap between that what u can get for money here is getting bigger and bigger. It is nothing personally against some people from VL more against Flare ..bcoz they do not care about other players who do not spend so much money in this game. 2. Bad joke is your behavior here ..bcoz u think the same as flare that we mean nothing here..when Flare do not care about us game will die ..and on the battle field will stay only couple of alliance here. Without any "pressure" they will not do anything at all ..soo what we have to lose?? tell me @Cromka1?? I have learned in my life to fight when i feel sth is not right..and this is for my not a BAD JOKE.. 3. "too may opposite opinions" WTF?? How long are u on this planet?? people have and will have opposite opinion..what did u expected? that everyone has the same word? NOO. and that for is this forum.. to share our opinion and flare should listen to us bcoz we see problems here and we try to show them to Flare.