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  1. Was the cost of tokens raised lately?

    Yeah I sent them a message and never heard back. Hope they make the necessary changes. I like this game.
  2. Was the cost of tokens raised lately?

    I have been playing this game since came out. It's been fun, but I finally uninstalled it after playing for over a year. Makes me sad because it was fun.
  3. Was the cost of tokens raised lately?

    It went up.
  4. Gold booster

    What the heck does this even do? I have been playing this game since it first came out. This is the first update I have actually had a problem with. Some updates were annoying, but I get it's trial and error and updates are going to frustrate some people. I don't understand the benefit of gold booster as opposed to getting massive bonus coins with pets that are maxed out. It takes so long to get further in the game now. I don't enjoy playing it.
  5. Next update

    Anything chance we can start getting coins again for our pets that are max level instead of pets shards? It takes so long to get to higher levels anymore.
  6. Skip bounties?

    Munch the beaver has slammed attack so he will get some for you. I also keep several weapons and cloaks at level 1 for upgrades, but if you have a low weapon it should not kill your enemies and makes it easier to get smashables.
  7. Weekend Raffle

  8. Mystery Box Rewards After 1.9.0 Update

    I sent in a ticket. Was getting jjj coins before update, now getting LL. No point in playing till it gets resolved in my opinion.
  9. Bought coins, ascended and all gone

    You lose everything when you ascend except for upgrades to your knight which are permanent.
  10. Alysea.... new skills?

    When I started playing this game the only pet you could get was from the dragon bundle. Now, there in my opinion, too many. As for skills though, the only addition I can think of since I started, or rather a change, was 10 slash to 5 with a chance of critical hit. These all stopped at level 50. I have no clue what level my character would even be at now as it caps off at 50. Just wandering if we will see any additions involving this in a future update? Thanks and have a good one ☺
  11. Today's Boss Hunt. January 21

    Yeah I gave up on these. Honestly 24 hours is a long time for one as well. I wish they were shorter duration. Between work and sleep I cannot contribute the way I would like to.

    Eh... I am at level 20 and toput of kill list, do you all have easier skill sets or something 😟
  13. New Year Raffle

    Lil gut
  14. Not a hunt, a masacre ^~^"

    That sounds really high...hmm...
  15. Christmas raffle!