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  1. If we reroll with the gold, Is there a chance for converting the rare mastery to titan mastery?
  2. pheme

    I am not saying about battles against other players. I am particular about odyssey battles.
  3. pheme

    Now the nyx towers are hard to destroy with the heroes having 2-3 spells. It's impossible to beat the nyx towers which were boosted by the helios monolith.
  4. They already nerfed pheme.
  5. Ok thanks for the info @CaptainMorgan
  6. I have a question, Will the quality of cursed item change when we complete the quest instead of just skipping it?
  7. I got two legendary curse items in titan sea chest
  8. Awesome, so we get special unique skills for items other than the unique items. It's good to see that..
  9. After breaking the curse, You may get the stats like cooldown or attack speed or life on hit something which is suspense just like any other items.
  10. Yes pheme is a nice power and the new tower can't be destroyed, I faced it in one of my odyssey. I got one cursed item to remove the curse it needs 5 gems and the item was green one not gold or titan. I think the cursed items exists in every rarity.
  11. Thanks for the enhancements for hero's. I love this feature.
  12. I think in defense, They summon the troops we equipped with.
  13. 1.Colossus of Rhodes 2.Mythman's Psych IGN: doomlord of india