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  1. Go for the spell slot
  2. Or may be your inventory slots are full and the item was converted to gold..
  3. @CaptainMorgan are there any future plans to implement the forging of items??
  4. I don't know why people are complaining about odyssey.They are awesome and can be completed within in 1d 12h after the odyssey have started and they are challenging too(I like these type of challenges). And more over its just a game. As @Warriornator said U should have played RR2 LOL.
  5. I mean pb takes more time to make full damage. so if possible reduce the time to damage more..
  6. I think 10sec duration is way too long..
  7. @CaptainMorgan I have a small question why hydra spell of Odysseus is more powerful than the pandora box?? It takes more hp from defender even though hydra's poison damage is way too low compared to pandora box.
  8. You are always welcome bro..
  9. U will definitely loose because the moral and leadership for athena are less. Try using low morale combo such as spearman,treb and minos. And one thing I am active too and not even spend 1$ on this game..
  10. U can't finish 10 skull adventure without invocations even athena haven't Nerfed.
  11. But athena can be playable now. Before Nerfing her usually I left with 20-35 sec on max base. Now she can finish base within 10-15 sec its not abig deal..