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  1. Rework the festivals please, really boring that every bases are copy of players, we have to fight the same bases in the event that we face 24/7 outside of the event. Make it more enjoyable,design the festival stages according to the name of the festival. "Viking festival" : currently i find only vl bases with lvl 10 howl in festival... its indeed a viking event ! Most of the players dont mind the difficulty, but then lets call it "usual raids for viking set event", then winter festival--> "usual raids for winter set event"
  2. Fix the base defense algorithm

    Only problem is that every little rebalancing takes decades for flare.
  3. Cannot connect via wi fi

    the problem is still out there, i cant connect through wifi
  4. Video totally broken

    Videos are totally useless most of the time, the game restarts because videos fail loading, unfortunately flare will never care about things we get for free, no use of topics like this.
  5. pro tickets

    dont bother with the stupid pro league, it was only good when it launched, currently its full of multiple account users
  6. Yes Flotha tries to answer and its all cool, i just feel bad for him because many ppl lost interest on him and also lost respect on him due to joining a company like this.
  7. Some big payers have multiple accounts aswell, do you think flare will ever ban those who give money to them? -of course not haha so they dont care about their own rules. The whole pro league content along with the game just a joke now.
  8. Update 3.6 for Windows phone?

    Indeed update is now available at store, but its not working , error when trying to run it.
  9. Update 3.6 for Windows phone?

    Still cant launch the game on wp
  10. Proleague cheaters

    Nice job flare, keep banning all those cheaters perhaps pro league will be in a good shape again in the future
  11. So many bugs after the war

    They dont like to work, only they like is to collecting cash. I am sure they will leave the game like this because weekend coming, perhaps they will fix bugs next week or later, who knows. This game would really deserve a better company.
  12. Boring that aki beast can solo kill the whole army, time has come to do something about it...
  13. A visual bug in the queue for melting

    This bug exists since the beginning, would be really nice to find a way to fix it finally.
  14. Its great update,iam usually a hater but i like this way flare has started working in last period, fresh contents every few weeks. Maybe the game will be fun to play again and wont be boring, Keep going with updates, good job flare !
  15. festival gold

    Yes iam dropping trophies daily to stay under 4200 , over it it gives 2 boosted necros guarantee in every wave , i dont want to suffer with festival... Still usually around 4100, levels are 300-400k gold and 1k medals , never had 50k before.