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  1. Yes Flotha tries to answer and its all cool, i just feel bad for him because many ppl lost interest on him and also lost respect on him due to joining a company like this.
  2. Some big payers have multiple accounts aswell, do you think flare will ever ban those who give money to them? -of course not haha so they dont care about their own rules. The whole pro league content along with the game just a joke now.
  3. Update 3.6 for Windows phone?

    Indeed update is now available at store, but its not working , error when trying to run it.
  4. Update 3.6 for Windows phone?

    Still cant launch the game on wp
  5. Proleague cheaters

    Nice job flare, keep banning all those cheaters perhaps pro league will be in a good shape again in the future
  6. So many bugs after the war

    They dont like to work, only they like is to collecting cash. I am sure they will leave the game like this because weekend coming, perhaps they will fix bugs next week or later, who knows. This game would really deserve a better company.
  7. Boring that aki beast can solo kill the whole army, time has come to do something about it...
  8. A visual bug in the queue for melting

    This bug exists since the beginning, would be really nice to find a way to fix it finally.
  9. Its great update,iam usually a hater but i like this way flare has started working in last period, fresh contents every few weeks. Maybe the game will be fun to play again and wont be boring, Keep going with updates, good job flare !
  10. festival gold

    Yes iam dropping trophies daily to stay under 4200 , over it it gives 2 boosted necros guarantee in every wave , i dont want to suffer with festival... Still usually around 4100, levels are 300-400k gold and 1k medals , never had 50k before.
  11. festival gold

    Did any one else experience op gold reward like this? first time having this low amount
  12. Pals on/ff

    Exactly, its so difficult at the moment to test spells/units/towers because as you get close to the target the pet will start attack it and the test is ruined before it would begin.
  13. Pals on/ff

    Make it possible to turn off pets/beasts please,would be much appreciated.
  14. Problem is that the top players are stubborn ,it does not matter what flare do to them they will always invest lot of money just to stay high. Their mentality must be something like when new update comes or nerfs "damn you flare, but eh iam playing for 2 years spent tons of money already and iam rank 30 so i buy gems for the new content to stay good instead of dropping back". It can be understood though because the game is addictive. We can cry here but flare will never care about what we say and it works because top players pay, the game goes further. But what iam afraid that since the company became extremely money oriented in last monthes, people who not belong to top tier and this is a game only to them and not their goal in life, will consider leaving. Perhaps after a year rr2 player base will be a familiar top 500.