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  1. In Germany (Flare's HQ) it's not even 8 'o clock in the morning, patience :-)
  2. Make that 3: Dungeon Keeper
  3. No, I mean I hope to have such loyal members, that they don't leave once they are able to make 500k, 750k, 1000K or 1250k donations. Members that really stick to 1 alliance and shape it as it grows.
  4. I sure hope I have more loyal members in my alliance :-P
  5. Castle gate level 21 used to have 110,000 HP, now it shows 124,740 HP (already updated on the wiki).
  6. The march of the arblasters: Armed with their special crossbows, they keep choke points safe in our long journey towards the enemy castle. Their best armor is to keep out of range. But they must remain wary or the mortar, as it can cut though their ranks with ease. No unit or beast is safe, as they all fall down by the rain of quarrels. United, no castle gate can withstand the true power of the bolt. Even the raging wolves hold their breath as they look down upon an swarm of frenzy frost blasters. IGN: Stay0Puft
  7. I'm level 101. Add me as friend (same name) in game and try my base ;-)
  8. It's Monday today, most events are from Thursday till Friday, announced on Wednesday.
  9. Then wait 10 more level where you'll encounter range boosted skull towers shooting across paths.
  10. Yes, I'm sure you never encountered them wiping out your entire army in just a few seconds.
  11. I have always invested most pearls in defense, I think a skull tower was first forged 17 times. And I don't perk gear, it still feels like a possible waste as you can find the same gear with a higher level as you progress. I don't think I have trouble raiding (with unboosted troops) players are around my level.
  12. Did some quick tests by just letting the waves of necros come near the tent together with monks. I saw a skeleton get healed.
  13. I'll bump it again then. Why didn't you share that info in the first place? But anyway, especially for you, I'll try it myself later today and I'll share my findings here.
  14. Isn't this pretty easy to test yourself?