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  1. How to start an Alliance war

    He doesn't see the war map, just the conditions. That means he wasn't qualified to join the war which happens automatically when having 8 active members at the start of the season.
  2. How to start an Alliance war

    You need to have at least 8 active players at the start of war season.
  3. Not receiving ad-for-free-bonuses anymore

    You have to enable the view of hidden folders. But you can also just copy the whole path and paste it in your Windows Explorer.
  4. No Christmas, daily chest

    Yes, I had the same feeling, but was doubting myself. Came looking on the forum for confirmation, but in the mean time found something out. When I open my game on Windows 10, the chest is indeed marked as collected. But then I opened the game on my Android device and there the chest was still available.
  5. Bela collector cheat

    Depending on your time zone, the event never spanned over 3 days.
  6. Bela collector cheat

    This was posted on Wednesday noon, you do the math: Starting today and lasting for three days, join the Bela Collector event and get ready for these awesome bonuses:
  7. Bela collector cheat

    Yep, first the event started unannounced & now it ends a day earlier...
  8. Cheaters in pro

    It is also lower because they have made the last levels harder, this was done due to last pro league where too many players finished 1st place.
  9. Are you willing to scroll/revive for your victory?
  10. Unholy Paladin (Pro Boost)

    I know it is perfectly possible as you explained, but in general higher level players are more familiar with units & game techniques. It's not impossible, but it remains odd. Did you at level 62 know the true powers and weaknesses of all towers and units already? I know I didn't...
  11. Unholy Paladin (Pro Boost)

    Don't you find his conclusions odd then? To perform so well while still being relative low in level and questional defences?
  12. Maybe it is also a visual bug, as it clearly isn't fixed yet...
  13. Pro shop update!!!!

    If it changes, it will be at the start of a pro league, not at the end of it. Wait till tomorrow...
  14. 12 extra minutes

    And while updating, please add a discount for the Blacksmith slots too!