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  1. You kinda brought this up before. It was stated that canons target monks, mortars & skeletons and it was confirmed by PaSte this behavior is on purpose for "balancing" reasons.
  2. No, he said this: "Results will be announced on August 21st, 2017." Depending on the timezone you're in, he still has a few hours time ;-)
  3. Necromancer: This evil witch can cast a powerful lightning bolt, but its true power lies in ability to summon a horde of skeletons by her side. Pyro ninja: These ninja's have embraced the element of fire, capable of torching enemies from afar. IGN: Stay0Puft
  4. You can somewhat open your base by drawing a path that doesn't cross towers and traps. Towers that are placed invalid as a result, won't show up on attacking the base. There is no trick for the troops though...
  5. It is way more efficient to perk slowdown 20 times and then cooldown 20 times rather than focus everything on slowdown first.
  6. I got 3 pals so far, but no Bucky. So to me it seems it is working.
  7. It all depends on the opponent. Higher level alliances have higher level boosts, that give more HP to units, like Werewolves. And next to that, if the player has perked HP 20 times, the wolves will have even more health. For me, having about 4 -5 items with blizzard perks, it kills most canons instantly.
  8. For the record, 5 forges (+7.5%) triggers the healing on the skull tower.
  9. Ok nevermind, didn't realize it was normally 500 gems for a pal chest. Been waiting to collect the free chest for when the event has started.
  10. Is the event active? When I look at the price of a pal chest, it is 300 gems (there should be a 40% discount active during the event)
  11. That wasn't fun, as players could raid double the amount, there wasn't much gold to be found. It had the opposite effect imo.
  12. I think he means the mafia
  13. Haven't noticed anything odd lately. Be aware when you cast sonic blast right after a werewolf howled, it might seem you didn't do much damage to towers. Also heal towers are more common in bases.
  14. As far as I know, you only need to have the double amount of pearls for items, because when you fail there and log off, your first attempt is forgotten. For spells, units & towers and traps you'll always successfully forge on the 2nd try (if the first attempt failed).