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  1. That is exactly what I just said hours before the clarification. They made a blanket statement to not allow it, but will only exercise such powers arbitrarily on people they don't like. The game has become an even more realistic reflection of the real world -- a reflection of the powers of an Attorney General in many countries. Cheers =D
  2. This thread was created to prove a point actually. Guess I got to make it more explicit. The point is to evince that people DO use multiple accounts in pro league. So why not change the terms of services, and more importantly, allow everyone, including single account users, to redo pro league by spending another ticket? Having terms of services that disallow usage of multiple accounts, with arbitrary enforcement thereof on players that you do not like and/ or arbitrary pardon on players that you do...... is just..... bad faith....
  3. Why is medal boost for pro bonus only 1% per item? Even luck has 2% per item. Perhaps it should be increased to 2% per item?
  4. First and foremost, it is already an advantage that those who do not follow the rules have. Secondly, you still need skills. Otherwise, those with multiple accounts would have easily gotten number 1 after trying it with their secondary accounts and doing it with their main account.
  5. There's more than one way to ensure fair play. If multiple account users have an added advantage over those who abide by the rules, either take away that advantage (in which case as you said is impossible) or give the same advantage to the latter, i.e allow players to redo pro league by spending another ticket. Multiple account users need to buy tickets for separate accounts to get the advantage. Would have cost single account user the same in the above scenario.
  6. Subscription pricing

    Daily gem chest gives enough gems for Pro League. Pro Subscription is at least 5-6 times more expensive than daily gem subscription. Waiting for a discount to get 20,000 gems is cheaper and way more guaranteed than hoping for the entire alliance to subscribe for the alliance subscription. Kingdom subscription... all the boosts can be obtained freely by watching ads. As for the forge cooldown, would be cheaper buying the biggest gem package at a discount, and skip cool down during blacksmith event.
  7. Another player, HNK, with multiple accounts. Not even sure how he got the exact same score for both accounts. @flaretara Appreciate if flare could ensure fair play, or pro subscription will lose its value if pro league is infected by players who do not abide by the rules.
  8. I wonder if this will change the dynamics of top Alliances. Let's see how things will change in a few months =D
  9. New subscriptions

    The Pro Subscription gives weekly pro tickets, and understandable that if you stop the subscription, then you will stop getting them. But what about the +3 item preset slots and the vanity slot? If you subscribe for one month and stop, what will happen to your items that has been altered for vanity's sake, and what will happen to the preset slots? From a different angle, if the tickets are the only feature that is not permanent, then buying 4 tickets using the daily chest subscription would be much cheaper. Thoughts?
  10. First and foremost, like you said, it is Flare's own rules:- "The following restrictions apply to the use of the Service: You shall not have more than one Account at any given time, sell or give away your Account, create an Account using a false identity or information, or on behalf of someone other than yourself; You shall not use the Service if you have previously been removed by Flaregames, or previously been banned from playing any Flaregames game;." Secondly, if this is not stopped, one can then create 4 accounts, level the throne level to level 10, and have 4 free Pro ticket a month. This way, the player can try out the Pro league before he starts with his main account for every season. If a player disregarding the ToS has more advantage than one that abides by it, then it IS a problem.
  11. If Flare is having difficulty tracking players with multiple accounts, then just add a feature in pro league to allow players to redo the entire season by spending another ticket. Otherwise, players with multiple accounts can do the league more than once to practise. Adding this feature will be fairer to players with only one account.
  12. Currently, there is player by the name of To Mi who occupies the no. 1 spot in the current pro league season. Another player by the name of To Mi. is at number 6. Same guy? Or a coincidence to have the same name? Please investigate @Nikko Thank you.
  13. Which one is better, Phoebe or Tammy at Max lvl ?

    Luck is reduced during COF for Phoebe beast? Discourages players from raiding your base consecutively? haha
  14. Which one is better, Phoebe or Tammy at Max lvl ?

    Yeah, I meant in addition to the pro bonus, like a major luck perk. The equivalent of what Kaiser has for Gold perk.
  15. No coins in CoF - defensive ninjas

    Nay, wasn't saying that you were ranting. This is a discussion thread after all =) I am just merely pointing out that there is a simple solution for most alliances, which is to get its members to be cooperative. After all, as the calculation I've shown above, one will be spending less gems in the new system, with more rewards. If one is already scrolling, then just add 2 more scrolls to what you usually spend on scrolls, for the 3 difficult levels. I'm in a level 58 alliance, so I know for sure it is doable if communication with members is done properly. However, not sure if this solution is applicable to higher level alliances, as Hulk pointed out.