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  1. Server update

    I did ask for this ... so thank you. R.I.P. OP Perseus defender To bad I just got the shield
  2. HeR0eS TrainingCamp is looking for a player who wants to be General to kick start this alliance, join and help me with this and do good and you have a Officer spot assured on my main Alliance. Thanks
  3. Warning

    It is true you don't lose allot if you attack a high rank player you gain 25 instead of 26 trophy's, but in my case I gain only 2 instead of 3 and that's a huge difference, if you put that in "%". Allot of players have amazing Perseus defenders and some lucky ones have the Shield too, there are some ways to bring him down ofcorse, I failed untill not to take down mine.
  4. Warning

    Only players with insane Perseus defenders will dominate the top rank if things stay the same. Alot of pressure if put on the hero defender with the 3.7 update and in my many battles I encountered many Perseus that remained strong in front of a whole army while the gate was destroyed behind him by the catapults. I will demonstrate this on YouTube with my new OP(Oh Please) Perseus defender, and I will ignore all the hate this will generate ... Because I know a majority hide behind that Mirror Shield of his. I have a Perseus, just got him a new toy and I am so glad, facings for so long others like him..... with a heavy Hart I say... Devs!!πŸ˜₯πŸ˜­πŸ˜– PUT A LEASH ON HIM!!
  5. Congratulations for this awesome update!! Gold you can hoard thru battles, and Titan items I discarded to many times, this is a nice balance. As everyone else stated before, the trinkets are a great change. So.... I will forge away, tinkering and testing the limits of this... lost in imagination and driven by curiosity. Thank you.
  6. Version 3.7

    May be in May
  7. Come and join, grow, and you are eligible to be in HeR0eS main Alliance
  8. Which hero is the worst? πŸ€”

    Prometheus, ofcorse gear matters so mabye mine is not that well fitted, but you can't ignore that slow speed and the 2 slot spell... And for sure because you can't use as invocations Pyphoros in case of panic.
  9. Thank you flare for your implication and dedication, but please don't over react, the Nyx is not the problem, a lack in Offensive strategy is, and it's on our part. U know me loving a challenge, the Nyx as it use to be was not, nerfing it by 25% damage resistance it's not gonna help, players who love this game can testify. We only have the Helios Monolith and the Nyx at higher levels to truly really on, and this are the last unlockable towers, if you got this far in game you need to be prepared for a change in gameplay to innovate and rethinking your strategy. Thank you.
  10. Hello everyone. Out of my passion and love for TD(tower defense) games I manage to stumble upon this beautiful and wonderful game, for me its so satisfying to create a base that can withstand any attacker, and since when it was released Olympus Rising I never stopped searching for that PERFECT layout. Below I will post some of my early layouts as well as the latest one and I will continue to add as the game changes, I have 2 layouts that are great for players below level 70 when the Helios monolith is unlocked, and one with the "Nyx in Helios light" As the game evolves and I upgrade my defense I am sure I will create more, come and learn and lets debate, please activate subtitles. Thank you and enjoy. Please SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel >>GAMMAL<< like and comment
  11. Very few attack???

    Top players like myself that used to grind alot are recently hammered hard due to a recent change in the match making and we lost our desire to push on, if you noticed all top 10 players lost a lot generally, 300more trophy's per day and it's overwhelming, so if this goes on the top ranks will lose alot of momentum trophy wise.
  12. Matchmaking is really painfull

    Thanks @ataide Orso thank you to for giving us a glimpse of what is to come and how hard it might be to take on maxed players. I do have one question, from 124 to 129 you upgraded spells? Or are you done with them to?
  13. Matchmaking is really painfull

    Dont feel bad, I never seen Alysea on my map yet. PS: Orsvs XXL got those 3 points I got from you now... go get it from him, if you can pass thru his fully ungraded defense... I almost didn't.