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  1. Odyssey is a enormous grind considering the buffs are permanent its understandable, its design to shut us up and keep us busy, I wonder if anything new will come up after this, the costs are absurd and its another copy paste of the same game play. Get creative and innovate soon before is too late. Where are those programmers that made this, call them to trow at us something good, there are good ideas on forum also. The game has 20.000 active players, I approximate, listen to us before this cash cow will stop spitting out money
  2. It seems there is a bug with select enhancements, and hero for that matter sry my bad, use them wrong
  3. Thank you for understanding and awarding us, it is appreciated.
  4. Affiliated with HeR0eS here to help you ascend and walk between us tall as a solid member, join us. Moto: "From ZeR0eS to HeR0eS we rise united, be strong, stand tall, stay loyal"
  5. limit reached

    Me and Ket888 are over 18k trophy's and nothing absurd happens. I think the penalty comes into effect if you have a huge advantage from the others or even the nr.2 ranked ... like 500 trophy's
  6. HeR0eS General Gammal
  7. limit reached

    Around 100 per/h, it stopped now but as soon as you are over 18k rank the 🔨 🔨 - ing starts. I think that's what happened with Rey del Norte, when he dropped 2k rank in a matter of days after the "favorability bug" was fixed.
  8. I've done it. And now it's like fighting myself. Going against the wind it's pointless. I notice that Dev manage to put up a speed bump when some players like me and others before me go crazy with accumulating rank, all of the sudden alot of players can attack you, so if it is this wall I have to climb and go against the unwritten rules of the game, I respectfully state ... It's enough for me, I leave the top rank for others aspiring players. I salute you Spartans, it can be done, now you try it!!!
  9. rare item revealed

    I wrote it as they did, I don't know if it's right. Ty I will fix it later today
  10. I didn't manage to capture that last screenshot, I failed to wake up in the middle of the night to do it, but my members can testify that we capture the capital, hope this screenshots are enough, I don't wanna make my Alliance members pay for my mistakes. You cannot reach 46k in a skirmish without attacking a capital.
  11. op

    That L type defence with them Nyx towers really slowed down my units, I usually attack and do my business paying no attention to the game, and you my friend made me reconsider that. GG
  12. 2/2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you
  13. Alliance name : HeR0eS. General : ★Gammal★ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1/2