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  1. HeR0eS

    😊no, he got kicked because he performs bad in wars, but ty for the heads up.
  2. I will stay away from this coward alliances that gang up on lone ones as much as I can, it is hard but it destroys the fun. Everyone must know HeR0eS are standing tall, staying true, if you want a challenge come join our Spartans
  3. Manage by my most trusted General, HeR0eS ♊ is the next step in helping players evolve and learn. The alliance is lvl 39, 37 out of 44 members total rank 157 buffed and ready, come and win wars with us participate and exchange ideas and experience, and if you're passionate and dedicated enough.. we welcome you in our main Alliance with open hands. Come, we await you! Affiliated with HeR0eS TrainingCamp (20+ Ascension accepted) and HeR0eS (100+) Moto: "Be strong, stand tall, stay loyal. From ZeR0eS to HeR0eS we rise united"
  4. nerf items

    No, what ever I discovered will remain mine, for as long as I remember you complain about this, can you pls rank up and be one of us and stop complaining ?
  5. nerf items

    Can`t touch this

    Quess is what all that we have now, as soon as discovered, post here pls
  7. Version 3.8

    What is "Celestial Boost Discount"?
  8. Version 3.8

    Cap is giving away some info just read that post carefully, the dear belongs to someone, its a her a Goddess with many enemy's he adds According to my research the Golden horn dear was a gift from nymph Taygate to goddess Artemis. It was announced a new Hero hope "she" is a good ranger, I heard a ranger might come with some bugs
  9. Hates is way to easy and Athena way to hard, can this 2 have a synergy meeting and balance things out. Thanks
  10. We want free Sundays!

    @Hellslord I did that waking up grind as you do untill I found a reliable member in the other corner of the world (USA, I am Romanian), so now he manages the attack while I sleep
  11. Forging Uniques

    They dont just lose a try