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  1. I usually accept the call but before answering I enter the game put it on auto then answer, making sure I do not touch my face against the device, takes me like 1 - 2 sec to do that but in my(or some) particular case all my pvp and trophy grind is done on auto, anyway that is my solution.
  2. This is the general feeling @shahnawaz , and saying against my interest like @vasudeva1 will never believe, the Nyx is a serious menace. I do not have any problem with it, I found ways around it ... but nonetheless my focus is on them not the patters not any other tower formations or hero Defenders.
  3. lol @Wayward didn`t give away his account after all. Sucking dick is all well and good... but nobody forced you to spend so many rubies knowing this game was a work in progress, and in my opinion it still is. And long time before it becomes stable. All Heroes maxed
  4. HeR0eS TrainingCamp is our lower lvl Alliance where you can learn as much as you want, but yes do lvl that hall up first
  5. Alliance lvl 16, 15/21 active members, 50% gold bonus, essential blessings active, war buffs prolong.
  6. Name ~ ★Gammal★ Alliance ~ HeR0eS Status ~ Founder Ascension ~ 115 Dominance ~ 300.000 Hero ~ All unlocked and maxed Fame ~ 2830 Trophy's ~ 21.058 Celestial ~ Always on lvl 28 and 3 heroes in war Ingame time ~ 1 year and 2 months All tower barricades buildings spells(just 2 more to go) and units maxed before the 3.6 update. Hey Tomaxo!... I hope you chose to lose your virginity with us
  7. I am not buying ant Forbitten treasure pack any time soon, Ive just donated all my rubies to lvl up the alliance.
  8. It takes more time to lvl up then it appears. I am a patient guy but just for the Heroes temple you have to wait 10 days to even unlock the other buildings, there is a overall problem with books: you need too much, and there's Odyssey that is sucking up all your resources not to mention the Mastery's on what you have to roll a lot of resources to get something good, So... I did no calculations, but this looks grim, its a hard climb to the top even for us top players. I will like to say: Thank you!!! I like it!! Challenge accepted, BRING IT ON :))
  9. I am taking no sides, it's a ying yang thing like a paradox. All inclusive not exclusive.
  10. Top players do have a advantage because of this nerf on equipment because we farmed so long at cap lvl and are allowed to keep it. You guys are suggesting dev to strip us few naked. But as you.. we get shitty items too, until we reach the cap Ascension lvl again. If gear stayed the same believe me we at the top could farm some OP gear far long before any one of you could catch us, so that will be a disaster for you. This is a well though thru process, they did not do any mistake, it happens in every MMORPG, so the solution is... stop blaming and stat owning your mistake, get the edge out rank and fight to surpass others.. I did it, I am not complaining I just smash on through all the barriers.
  11. I asked to be nerfed Pheme a spell incressenglly powerful with rank, this is a high rank player spell, how can you say untacheble.. when I am thouched, I lose always 25 trophy's, you have no idea how many howers I spend daily getting it back. I gring and adapt to the game no matter the changes they made or the mistakes that are eventually fixed... I push through, that is the mindset of a high ranked player We dont need shortcuts or favors we indure.
  12. Why rush? You don't get them precious trophy's, I understand in Odyssey but still. Herc is a beast and they made him to tank like that I don't think he will be nerfed, but his power.. meh, mabye a little. Mine fights in a constant meteor shower. Wohoo!!!
  13. This is a good time to NOT wish for a rare item.
  14. Pheme got nerfed a little too much, I am still using and I like it but I have 20k rank and insane cooldowns to reap the benefits. And I know this was the intention for it, it's a high rank tactical free spell.