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  1. New clash new matches same issue, any news? @CaptainMorgan
  2. Last war we won gold and got 3 war blessings, we did all max duration but with no reason we lost 2 of them half hour ago. They all reached max duration and finished before their expire date. They were had 1 d 11 hr left. You might check it and say sorry but its not going to change that we lost 2 good war blessings we gain with our effort. Once again we will pay for your mistakes, ign: JesusChr4st founder of AequitaS @CaptainMorgan
  3. As a addition, it would be great if we filter trophy list. like if wanna see 8k+ trophy and 1k+ odyssey point no alliance people. we could find new members easily.
  4. #2 spot available.
  5. As a founder of AequitaS i need to say, probably lots of alliances has same issue today. We're givin our attention/effort/time to took what we earned but mistakes like this makes everyone mad. Do we need to pay for some others fault? What we need to do ? Talk with other alliances and ask to attack us ? We dont mind took secondary if its fair and equal fight.But not like this. Hope you guys fix it soon. @CaptainMorgan
  6. Our Goals Our vision is none other than to become the first team, but at the same time having fun and keeping a good atmosphere, enjoying the game to the fullest. Our Philosophy Our way of thinking is not very common, right now we are a top 50 team with members that share a passion for the game and for the moment stay neutral. We progress through teamwork We don’t constantly recruit and replace members but we help new and old members through defense testing, advices and sharing our exclusive game guide. That way we focus on loyalty and stability. Also it’s a way to build friendships that last long, even outside the game. What we offer We are currently a Level 36 Alliance [41 members] Ranked 17 on trophies list [about 330k] Ranked 30 on torches list [82] 100% gold bonus/ 13% donation bonus We run all available blessings 24/7 (except artemis / hydra) Members Requirements Extra donation is appreciated but not necessary You need to follow the war plan to the word You need to check line chat at war time You need to interact in line and ingame Must be Active & with good war performance Hall of Uranus must be Level 8 Acceptable Prestige 20+ Minimum Trophies 7000 Minimum Ascension Level 95+ Download Line app & communicate in English Applications on line app Line : JesusChr4st
  7. Actually its not a bug.Skirmish war is kinda shorter version of Campaign. In campaign war you have 72 hr and 20 level hero fury regen 3.55 hr, Skirmish half of it 36hr and 20 level heroes regen 2.55hr. Every 1 level means 15minutes in both wars (19lvl 3.10 hr 18lvl 3.25hr etc for skirmish / 19lvl 4.10hr 18lvl 4.25hr for campaign )
  8. What is your ascension level and war scores?
  9. Push that little guy,click Create Alliance section, Fill all blanks (alliance name-motto(what u write there will be seen by all members,u can change whenever you want), edit emblem and its all done. Language means what languages talk in ur alliance , requirements means 1)open : everyone could join without confirmation apply to join: they need to apply and u will see everyone who could reject or confirm. invite only: they cant apply to you only you can invite players. and little blue thing is ascension level. if you choose 10 that means only 10+ ascension players could apply. hope it helps best of luck
  10. As a general of AequitaS i need to say some of our members didn't get the 100 gems reward. Could it be problem technical problem or they just need to wait while? @CaptainMorgan @flaretara This one our step 1 And this is second as it writes.
  11. AequitaS step 2 Alliance Name: AequitaS General name: JesusChr4st
  12. Alliance Name : AequitaS General : JesusChr4st
  13. I think if someone close their war map just 5 seconds needs to ban immediately.