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  1. Gear Confusion

    Before new upgrade it was only shows non-equipped gears but now it shows all rings&brooch and bracelets at same screen so its a big mess.Theres equipped ones, non equipped ones and all other we hold for forge or anything else is in same pic. What im offering is it needs to write what hero equipped that item so we could know which one we can use and which ones already equipped by another hero. Edit:I didnt know until now, maybe some of you dont know either. Same ring-brooch could equipped with all your heroes. I mean 1 ring could use with all your heroes without unequip and equip again. So problem solved.
  2. As all you know its really hard to find player, when you need to find players who doesnt have any alliance you need to scroll all hall of gods to find them, and when you click them to invite you might see theres no invite button, and you need to go back and continiue to searching and its really hard. What im suggesting is filter options to find players. Which we might choose our requirements and find players for us to invite. As a example; Lets say im searching 7k+ trophy 100k+ donation and 2k+ oddyssey point players without alliance and invite buttons already active ones. with filter section i can find players easily. And maybe that filter section could be useful for alliance hall too to players find best alliances for them. And as a extra suggestion alliance mottos or some extra specialities needs to be seen from everyone so we can write our requirements and no waste of time for alliance and player. People needs to join an alliance to see their requirements and first they needs to join. And we need to tell all rules to all new ones either they'll stay or not. its hard work for us too.Why dont we make easy for everyone? also it could be useful for alliances communicate eachother with writing their communication address. Its just a suggestion and open for development but it'll be win&win situation for alliances and players both. With new ideas based on this we might find a perfect solution for everyone.
  3. AequitaS

    #7 spots available, enough to took all your crew. let me know at line or pm if u interested.
  4. Clash War - Feedback

    Thanks for your answer @CaptainMorgan, with "the number of members counted for the Alliance's Total VP will be 100%" clash war will be fair. Also Bon Apettit.
  5. Clash War - Feedback

    Spaghetti with broccoli & anchovies Make spaghetti more exciting with the addition of nuggets of anchovy and chilli Ingredients 350g dried spaghetti 350g broccoli 6 anchovies, chopped 2 fresh red chillies, seeded and finely chopped 100g white breadcrumbs, made with stale bread Method Cook the spaghetti in a large pan of boiling salted water, according to packet instructions. Cut the broccoli into small florets, thinly slice the thick stalks and throw into the pan of pasta for the last 3 minutes of cooking time. Meanwhile, heat 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan, add the anchovies and chillies and fry briefly. Add the breadcrumbs and cook, stirring, for about 5 minutes until the crumbs are crunchy and golden. Drain the spaghetti and return to the pan. Toss with three quarters of the crumb mixture, some salt and pepper and another 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Serve each portion sprinkled with the remaining crumbs.
  6. Clash War - Feedback

    probably no one checks this topic, we might write food recipes, song lyrics or riddles.
  7. AequitaS

    #2 spots available.
  8. Clash War - Feedback

    New clash new matches same issue, any news? @CaptainMorgan
  9. War Blessings bug

    Last war we won gold and got 3 war blessings, we did all max duration but with no reason we lost 2 of them half hour ago. They all reached max duration and finished before their expire date. They were had 1 d 11 hr left. You might check it and say sorry but its not going to change that we lost 2 good war blessings we gain with our effort. Once again we will pay for your mistakes, ign: JesusChr4st founder of AequitaS @CaptainMorgan
  10. Easier Team Management

    As a addition, it would be great if we filter trophy list. like if wanna see 8k+ trophy and 1k+ odyssey point no alliance people. we could find new members easily.
  11. AequitaS

    #2 spot available.
  12. Clash War - Feedback

    As a founder of AequitaS i need to say, probably lots of alliances has same issue today. We're givin our attention/effort/time to took what we earned but mistakes like this makes everyone mad. Do we need to pay for some others fault? What we need to do ? Talk with other alliances and ask to attack us ? We dont mind took secondary if its fair and equal fight.But not like this. Hope you guys fix it soon. @CaptainMorgan
  13. AequitaS

    Our Goals Our vision is none other than to become the first team, but at the same time having fun and keeping a good atmosphere, enjoying the game to the fullest. Our Philosophy Our way of thinking is not very common, right now we are a top 30 team with members that share a passion for the game and for the moment stay neutral. We progress through teamwork We don’t constantly recruit and replace members but we help new and old members through defense testing, advices and sharing our exclusive game guide. That way we focus on loyalty and stability. Also it’s a way to build friendships that last long, even outside the game. What we offer We are currently a Level 39 Alliance [44 members] Ranked 17 on trophies list [about 370k] Ranked 19 on torches list [95] 100% gold bonus/ 14% donation bonus We run all available blessings 24/7 (except artemis / hydra) Members Requirements Extra donation is appreciated but not necessary You need to follow the war plan to the word You need to check line chat at war time You need to interact in line and ingame Must be Active & with good war performance Hall of Uranus must be Level 9 Acceptable Prestige 20+ Minimum Trophies 7000 Minimum Ascension Level 95+ Download Line app & communicate in English Applications on line app Line : JesusChr4st
  14. help

    Actually its not a bug.Skirmish war is kinda shorter version of Campaign. In campaign war you have 72 hr and 20 level hero fury regen 3.55 hr, Skirmish half of it 36hr and 20 level heroes regen 2.55hr. Every 1 level means 15minutes in both wars (19lvl 3.10 hr 18lvl 3.25hr etc for skirmish / 19lvl 4.10hr 18lvl 4.25hr for campaign )
  15. I need an alliance

    What is your ascension level and war scores?