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  1. Same problem here... Minos stucked again!
  2. Ahchujkak
  3. Hi. I'm experiencing a bug with the third heroe for war. Appears a message saying "to unlock reactivate your celestial boosts" and I'm actually at lvl 19 Prestige I already fought with no problems with 3 heroes last two weeks but this week doesn't let me select the third. I'm also attaching you some pictures for your information. Please help me with my issue. Many thanks in advance Regards, Ahchujkak
  4. Many thanks for the info was my mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience...
  5. Hi I recently received help from friends, completed the needed points and unlocked a new titan chest but when I tried to open it for free the game charged me 500 gems like I haven't had all required points! Please help me with my issue and if you need any extra info please let me know. Thanks in advance ! Regards, In-game name: Ahchujkak
  6. OVBQDVL gamename: Ahchujkak
  7. Troops are getting stucked again during battle... Happened me twice but I believe only Minotaurs have that problem. Please help! I'm on Android based system.
  8. Not for Android players like me! I'm having these issues with ad videos since last two weeks. Please fix!!!
  9. I don't even get any ad videos but last weekend during war I got two but didn't receive rewars chests. It seems the last week problem stills on. I'm on Android system.
  10. i have that problem too ?
  11. Big delay, like 1 or 2 daily max. Last week had like every 8 hrs or less
  12. I'm having the same problem so far... I'm have Android too
  13. Hi I recently reached Hercules to level 20 and I don't know if it's a bug but I attacked a guy in clan wars and won but had 0 xp reward from it. The heroe shows level 20 maxed out. Also have active blessings cause recently raise lvl to 18. Can you help me with my issue? Thanks in advance. Regards,