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  1. It is not a bug. I believe you are checking at the wizard tower. You can check the spell at the attack screen. The screen where you can change troops and spell before attacking a base. Click on the spell to view the menu with choices of spells. The spell's damage after addition of the perk will be shown there.
  2. Well, a wise man once said " If you can't beat them, join them "
  3. LOL 😂!! Was he in your alliance before?
  4. Maybe you are an easy target for gold, medals or trophy .
  5. Looks like the player is farming for medals. Open up your base and he/she will stop. But permanent solution is to upgrade your defence.
  6. Good to hear that . Enjoy!!
  7. You will find Pals in chest which you can donate. It's greyed out because you have no Pals to donate for now.
  8. You will receive chest during the war itself... Not after. Most probably you didn't realise.
  9. That was the case at one point of time before flare decided to provide vouchers after level 20 . That is my experience. @Alysea please confirm this.
  10. You'll have to wait for them to reach level 20 to start giving you vouchers.
  11. What level are your friends? You will only gain voucher when your friends gain level from level 20 onwards.
  12. activate Firestorm like a boss and burn them all. Next: when you are raiding last ninja base , but suddenly your phone's battery died.
  13. keep it low and spend it Next : when you repeatedly get invitation to an alliance even after you rejected for last 10 times
  14. Goliath Slayer Double damage dealt every 10th hit . Next: Boots
  15. will there be new bugs? Next : when you accidentally clicked on speed up upgrade for 3000 gems