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  1. I think Aki is in short as in Akita . Akita is a type of dog breed from Japan.
  2. Hi . Please contact support by clicking the link http://support.flaregames.com/ Hope this helps.
  3. I agree with you on the beast video;Almost got killed under snake tower. And the spells just won't work if you happen to click just at the moment video pops up. But now I plan carefully as the video appears on first crown. But I think the max 2 revival is good. It makes the game more challenging. In my opinion, two revival is more than enough for one raid. If you die more than twice it's either because you are in a wrong tier (higher for your level and alliance boost available ) or you need to improve on your raiding skills.
  4. Perhaps your chest had expired. Most chest expires after 2 days collecting them. War and ninja award chest last for 14 days.
  5. I think when the game crashes, you'll loose an attempt. A lot of players have reported this. Forcibly crashing the game should also lead to same result. @khataronkikhiladi Are you trying to troll us?? Not cool ! Safest options are to scroll. If scroll in cool down ,suicide and then scroll.
  6. I agree with you. Let's hope he will turn over a new leaf. @khataronkikhiladi sorry if any of my comments offended you. I'm sure by now you would have realised your 'faults'. Try not to repeat them. Most importantly, Cheer up and enjoy the game!
  7. Sorry to disappoint you , but heal towers don't heal themselves or each other. They heal other towers and friendly troops. Not sure about healing the gate though....🤔
  8. OMG !!! This is totally a new level of begging 😂😂😂 @khataronkikhiladi Perhaps you should first make your base worth scrolling
  9. I don't know why, but the phrase 'Boost whore' tickles my funny bone... Was drinking coffee ... Almost chocked laughing.😂
  10. It is not a bug. I believe you are checking at the wizard tower. You can check the spell at the attack screen. The screen where you can change troops and spell before attacking a base. Click on the spell to view the menu with choices of spells. The spell's damage after addition of the perk will be shown there.
  11. Well, a wise man once said " If you can't beat them, join them "
  12. LOL 😂!! Was he in your alliance before?
  13. Maybe you are an easy target for gold, medals or trophy .
  14. Looks like the player is farming for medals. Open up your base and he/she will stop. But permanent solution is to upgrade your defence.
  15. Good to hear that . Enjoy!!