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  1. I definitely can defeat this layout with 5-6 hero. The problem is more than half good players using similar layout/combine today, that was the 2nd time i fell boring of war. last time only one top aliance were all using same defense layout, you need attack same map 60+ times in 3 days. Every time,with new defence update,we have try weeks for better one. But this time,only take me just one day, the only choice.
  2. I agree, it very close to over power.but more than half hero can not deal with this layout. Nyx is +50% against Damocles, it's need 3 times to destroy it, 2*Nyx need more than 1 minutes. Even it' not un-defeatable,but nyx got too much more enhancement from Helios than other tower. that make everyone use similar layout.
  3. pls add some weekly free random blessing,like birthday celebrate time. like increase all fire/ice damege 15%. every can modify defense base on that,and every week will be new. or make it on some island.
  4. pls add some weekly free random blessing,like birthday celebrate time. like increase all fire/ice damege 15%. every can modify defense base on that,and every week will be new. or make it on some island.
  5. or make it not work on nyx. Sofar,after nerfed of pheme power,all defense became same, Helios+Nyx*2. we have remember FG have banlance nyx for weeks, it was sucssed. but now, it gone, every enemy looks like be same make war boring.
  6. Hi,@CaptainMorgan, But,my friends Edinburrgh from 盛唐天下,even have correct chests numbers still suffer this bug, him have lossed nice titan item each time this two weeks.
  7. Dear Olympus RiSing developers, Hello! I account name is Edinburgh degrees (a) of the game player. The world cup is now the Zhanmeng number ranked first game player. As the game's fans began to play this game, I think is very good, also let me fall in love with it, and that I can spend little time in the best achievement game mentality, to become one of the top grade game player, the game is constantly updated so that I can continue to play better, and pay attention to your the development of the game. However, the constant updating of the game also caused me a very difficult problem, and it also caused serious losses to me. First, probably for a long time, there is a period of time, I kept playing Island, but the number reaches a certain number of cup, there is always a lot of game player to visit my array, cause my cup has been, it makes me stop playing crazy island idea! Second: since the Odyssey update, as Virgo I, of course, want to do the most perfect reputation. But, rather than playing with the island and working on the island brush resource, I tend to follow my own inclinations because the resources are too expensive at that time, but I have to work on it. Because I love the game. Later, you have to update, and the cost of resources is also less, which makes me feel very happy! Here, thank you very much for your hard work and give me more time and not indulge in it! Third: This is also the reason that I decided to send you an e-mail, all of the above can be deployed by myself. But it cost me too much! Why? As I also mentioned the Odyssey, is this Odyssey after the three Titan sea chest, for four consecutive weeks, when you open the treasure box must be dropped once (for a variety of network as well), again after landing a few boxes, no equipment, and my great loss very sad, I spent more time playing the Odyssey but let me sad, I hope you can improve this situation, I hope you can make up for my loss, this is I have to send you email, I hope you can forgive me, also hope you can have a better play to the game I. Fourth: the new function that was updated yesterday, proficiency and the use of gold coins depend on the quality of the play, which makes me feel the spring! But again, I was disappointed that the same attribute, my quality minimization and maximization, was no better than my less famous player (he was 500 less famous than me). I also used more than 5 thousand diamonds to buy gold coins to try the situation, it was the same, very sad ah, really! Well, that's all. I hope you can continue to improve. Thank you and have worked hard for you! Sorry to bother you.
  8. another one,i'm 10level higher than defenser. only aJax can break gate alone.
  9. yes,I always use defend before should really check this item.
  10. this shield is real over's should some un-expected damage. I will never attack that island even 10 level lower.
  11. it's seems for titan item only.
  12. One big secret is this big discount always for whom do not buy monthly gem, or just end of it.
  13. only one thing,if you want more dominance from chest,you need keep other resource full.and high level player can got much more resource than lower from take and keep island.
  14. no,I do not change any thing of phone or game setting. But just collect titan point before collect resource.
  15. gameid is donoo