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  1. Top alliances😎

    On one ring?
  2. New what's app group

    We already have the biggest group on fb with over 13k members
  3. (past) pro players

    You can watch flotha's video to know about jester boxes 🙄 And tbh multi accounts donot help much. The scores are almost similar most of the time.
  4. Unholy Paladin (Pro Boost)

    How did he get all pro boosts?
  5. So Pro-League is F#cked?

    Those boosts doesn't work inside pro league they work outside them on player's bases
  6. Can you help me? uber pet next day

    He is referring to his pal chest which we gwt on 28th day of daily rewards
  7. Account Deletion

    There is no way to delete account but you can create a new account on other device and overwrite his info on your main account, in that way you will loose access to your main account and to get it back you need to contact flaregames support
  8. Multiaccing and bann

    If that is the case then i am afraid your account is hacked. You should contact flare support to remove access of your account from all other devices other than that of yours ,good luck .
  9. Multiaccing and bann

    I have proof that you play odin989, slow poison, tilly77, jyoAsh, pasha warrior india, black cobra etc etc. 😂
  10. underpowered units nd spells

    Adding to this @FTB i think eris beast and pal should be buffed. We have phoebe beast which have dual ability (blessing and armagedon) while eris have only lightning damage and phoebe beast dont have much weaknesses while eris is weak to almost all type of damages . Phoebe as beast is really good while eris is really weak and they cost equal amount of crystals to unlock them. And eris pal is also really weak as it does not hit towers and they dont do any damage to necros and beast which makes it really useless for raiding normal bases as most of the bases are full of necros mainly . Considering it is a pro pal i think you should do something about it (don't ask me how , coz i dont have any ideas atm )
  11. They will not expire . You can save them for next event
  12. Kaiser Pal Gameplay

    Your heal ring would not have saved you if it was some boosted base 🤔
  13. I don't know about others but in my opinion they should definitely compensate those guys who were actually affected by the bug and missed that 12 minute extra time oppportunity . And from next time they should introduce new changes in pro league during 24h timeframe between two pro leagues , rather then in middle of ongoing pl .
  14. Then they will also have to give gold crown to all players lol