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  1. Heal towers stats are changed go and check in game. They don't have weakness to fire anymore
  2. Event is not over yet wait may be you get it later and players were complaining about shortage of pal treats now this event can speed up levelling up of pets. For me it is a good event for free players
  3. @vedant164 may i know what is reason behind bumping two year old posts? And another thing you are giving wrong info to players only top 1000 players according to rank gets medal bonus noone below 900 trophies gets medal bonus. And No. Of medals offered by a base is determined by strength of the base it has nothing to do with trophies.
  4. If i you don't want to start from zero i can give you my level 2 account 🤔 If that's ok for you
  5. You are to low on trophies according to your level that's why matchmaking is not giving you good loot. Try searching players manually from leaderboard and attack those players who have higher trophies then yours, you will get good loot from them
  6. Its good actually now we can (hopefully) see some new base designs with increased path length . I am bored of raiding same type of bases. And more hp for castle gate means more time for players to destroy gate towers which indeed is in favor of players.
  7. Ign:hulk_vivek My favorite troop is knights 1) they take only one morale point they are easier to use and also this is first unit which everyone unlocks and that also means that they are the one who stayed longest by our side . 2) they are most versatile troops and there pearl upgrade cost is also low. They can fit in with along with any troops whether it is dragon units or melee units. 3) my favorite war boost is insta knights Ofcourse. Why? There is no explanation needed they are just awesome.
  8. They have not introduced more no. Of towers so increase in path length doesn't matter much. Only changes in necromancers stats is key point of this server maintenance
  9. Nothing has changed necromancer's still have same health.
  10. Really? 5 seconds are nothing imo if you can beat that level without scrolls you can beat it even without those 5s
  11. He has 7200 damage now
  12. How can 5s make you spend??
  13. Complaining peoples aka cry babies))
  14. I also don't have maxed castle gate