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  1. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Cmon read it you can max vl in three days, i am sure you can handle flo too lol
  2. Flare hurting alliances

    They will still win even if its pro league like war
  3. I attacked and defeated Flothaboss

    That doesn't makes sense lol.
  4. Weekly Trivia Contest!

    He is busy these days
  5. I attacked and defeated Flothaboss

    Bad timing of spells 😅
  6. There is not gold crisis in 4k layer. If we are low on trophies then we face problem in collecting gold.
  7. Improve your raiding or change your combo or whatever lol. Aki was already nerfed and now its easy to kill him.
  8. Free Pro-Ticket Collection Bug

    It went away on its own. And archimedes always say to submit a ticket lol. I doubt if he understand anything lol. Even if you ask about any game related info he will ask you to submit ticket lol
  9. Free Pro-Ticket Collection Bug

    I faced this bug for about a week, but today i was able to collect my ticket
  10. Nope, i have never seen matchmaking according to 2nd and 3rd point its always based on no. Of fifedomes.
  11. Or matchmaking should be done by considering alliance rank and level along with fifes.
  12. Problem

    I recently got all my 5 sp items at level 103. I bought sword from recent festival and gloves from necro festival. And i have spent about 500 gems and about 5k pearls to get sp on cape ring and belt. So keep trying you will get them someday. And btw to get higher starting value on sp you should wait to reach level 100 atleast imo.
  13. Match making Wars

    And btw war matchmaking is decided by number of fifedomes mainly so even if you are a top 30 alliance if you have low fifedomes you will have easy war and vice versa
  14. Match making Wars

    I think its majapahit empire 🤔
  15. Problem

    Btw don't worry about sp until you reach level 100 atleast. At your current level the base value and stats of your skull perks will be very low. And its not worth spending so much pearls and gems. And you can get sp on cape, ring and belt from forging legendary items thrice or reforging uber items. So you will have to find sp on these three items on your own(and its not easy to get all 5 sp items) and just hope they introduce sp on sword and gloves in future festivals.