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  1. I can confirm this, beast disappears instantly when zombies touch him.
  2. Offensive necros lighting strike don't hit towers and obstacles they only hit units
  3. Then you should elaborate your problem in a better way. people here are not used to so much accuracy and precision.
  4. Spawn mummy before frost tower and go close to them when mummy have stunned them, also good use of scream is very important in pro leagues.
  5. Pro shop will refresh every month
  6. But still you don't offer LED fidget spinners.... Stingy
  7. You don't need gems to win DL.
  8. Invite me
  9. Ah... then idk
  10. If it was 18k for whole duration then sonicblast wouldn't be able to oneshot many towers.
  11. I think first one is correct
  12. You need to mention like this : @PaSte
  13. Your sonicblast spell stats shows damage per second of the spell, so for 3s your sonicblast is with 18k damage is doing 54k damage/3 seconds. While, your sonic blast aura is doing 16k damage in 4 seconds. And one more thing touch and go tactic don't work with auras. They will deal damage only when obstacles and troops are in there range. Maybe this can be the reason that's why you are not observing much difference in your gameplay.
  14. It doesn't works in ninjas too
  15. @Flothaboss can help you