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  1. Helen of Troy Unbalance Issues

    Sad but true about Zeus. Poor Zeus.
  2. Odyssey quest timer issue

    I would think that someone with enough resources could do several complete Adventures in an hour. Maybe there's a reason for this I'm not seeing, though. And even like you were talking about @Dheth, if someone started a battle with only 2 minutes left, and still beat it in time, I would hope it would count. I don't always need the full time to beat a defense.
  3. Helen of Troy Unbalance Issues

    Here's what happens: Every time you get a new hero, they kinda suck for a little while. You don't have any good gear for them, they're level 1, and their power is unleveled. It's not helen, it's every hero from right about the time you get her. You're facing tough enemies now and bringing a level 1 hero to battle. You just have to tough it out for a while. Level her spell up,. It's not broken, it's balanced very well. Helen doesn't suck, YOUR Helen sucks. Buy some item chests to give her some gear. Fight easy enemies for a little while. Give her your most powerful other spells so she has some kind of power.
  4. Odyssey quest timer issue

    Why is there an arbitrary time set to start an odyssey adventure? You can complete 5 quests in much less than 50 minutes, and even if you only completed 1, that's better than nothing. Why does this exist?
  5. Forging System

    if you forge up green gear it will be pretty good to mix with your gold and titan stuff, and it doesn't take long.
  6. Potency should work with all Powers

    Having potency affect Bia wouldn't be overpowered. This is based on a 215 second battle. Potency is already underpowered. It's a nice perk to get on something that can't normally take cooldown, like a sword. Other than that, it's inferior in every way to cooldown. Just to keep adding, this is obviously using a hero who's power is buffed by potency and using only spells that are buffed by potency. With a hero like Helen, using spells like bia, the effect is WAY more dramatic. And on top of that, it's easy to get more cooldown than potency (although it's not easy to get 60% cooldown! But it's also harder to get lots of potency!). A good cooldown cape is a better item for Athena than her unique cape, if you're strictly looking at damage per second.
  7. Bug or Issue with furies

    do you think you started the battle and then accidentally retreated, or had a disconnection?
  8. Forging System

    Upgrading a green item to purple tier doesn’t take very long, really.
  9. Helen of Troy Unbalance Issues

    Helen is already one of the strongest heroes. A change like that would be unfair. Like NAPC said, keep upgrading her power. Also think about the units you bring into battle. Make sure that your “real” army has the ability to quickly surround and kill charmed enemies when the spell ends.
  10. High Trophies Holders.

    How do you get enough gold???
  11. Potency should work with all Powers

    Alright, enough of this please. We've ruined a good topic.
  12. Potency should work with all Powers

    @Warriornator, mon ami, let's be honest for a second. In nearly every thread I've ever seen you post in, you act like you know EVERYTHING about OR and RR and anything else. You're not coming in saying "My opinion is X,Y,Z" You say "I have been playing video games for 25 years and it's SO EASY for anyone to get 60% cooldown, you're stupid if you don't realize this." And then you walk it back. You're arrogant. This is a forum where people go to get FACTUAL information about OR. You boast and tell misinformation.
  13. High Trophies Holders.

    40% is pretty good! But 9 and 10 skull, even 8 sometimes, are extremely difficult for any hero.