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  1. That was an old post you quoted, but the system was changed to be sorta what I had suggested. Lower level players can earn more vp than higher level players, but they do hit a cap so it's not out of control
  2. Check the spoils of war in your treasure menu
  3. Have you guys explored the idea of rotating the start times from week to week? Right now the start time is good for Europe but inconvenient for Americas and parts of Asia/Australia. And I know the end time for skirmishes in Europe is awful. If the start time cycled by an hour every week it might help balance that out. The obvious downside is that the model now is predictable, but there is a big countdown clock on screen all week. And getting the war blessings timing right is probably a bigger coding issue than I imagine. Just a thought.
  4. Yeah he's stronger for sure. Hydra is a lot better, but it just means you don't have to take pandora's box with him, and I spent a lot of time levelling up Pandoras. He's still the weakest hero in my opinion. He's balanced but doesn't do any one thing well. He'd be much better with the two gem slots purchased, but I imagine that most people who are using him haven't purchased the gem slots, so it pleasantly surprises me that he's the 3rd most successful! I also rarely (never) get attacked by players using Odysseus, which makes me think his 3rd place ranking mostly comes from lower level players.
  5. Jason hit a wall HARD after a certain point. The extra power changes that. Good change! The game changes a lot as you level up. I remember there was a time when a single charon tower stuck in the right place was enough to make your defense awesome, or when you faced a defense that had higher level minotaurs or iapetos towers and you'd just die over and over again. Like free mind said, there was a nice little window where Jason was awesome, and it nicely kinda lasts until you get Athena. But instead of just being not as good as Athena, Jason was unequipped to deal with defenses with max level nyx towers. Should be fixed now!
  6. That's weird that Odysseus is so successful. I would have thought it would be Achilles, Cadmus or Helen (or Jason, now that he has the new gem slot). I wonder if it's because Odysseus is powerful for when you get him, relatively early on, and that there are a lot of players that don't progress past that early-mid game? I do nothing but die when I use Odysseus, even after the last update.
  7. I've been noticing the ads freeze a lot since the Odyssey update was released. It was really good for a while, now it's almost every other video that freezes before it loads. iOS on an iPad air 2, latest updates of everything.
  8. It could have been ambrosia. A special gem would be awesome though. You don't know which one it is, exactly, but when you spend it you get a bonus. You know you've got one in there, though. And then suddenly an invo has a little extra kick because of that godlike gem.
  9. I opened a titan chest today (a titan code chest) and lost connection after having seen about 6 items. It was 1 titan item (weapon speed bracers for helen) and about 5 godlike items, 2 of which were both health on hit capes for Helen. Usually after a disconnect like that, either the chest is still in inventory to finish opening, or the items are already in my hero inventory. This time, the titan chest in the Chest Inventory was gone (I may have seen all the items, and it was finished), but only about half of the items were in my hero inventories. For example, only one of the health on hit capes was there (I kept both to compare stats), and the actual titan item was gone. Not a big deal, there wasn't any gear that was really good, but it was still unusual. Hope it helps!
  10. I love that idea.
  11. If they're deadly at low level and useless at high level, I'd say it's a good indication they need to be rebalanced.
  12. I guess it's splitting hairs. Either the items get worse or the heroes get worse. The end result is the same, and it's frustrating.