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  1. I had a cursed item that required me to kill archers to unlock it. I killed all the archers, and at the end of the battle the cursed item popped up and I was prompted to break the curse. When I hit that button, the game froze and disconnected. When I reconnected, I checked on the item and now I need 2 more archers to break it. Weird behavior.
  2. I think that's why so many people are upset that the solution to the problem (that the devs created - players didn't hack the game to get the items we were given) is so short sighted and punitive. It's impossible to refund time, so changes have to be very carefully implemented. This did not happen.
  3. The perpetual war cycle is getting stale. Teams in the top ten face the same alliances every week, and the top 20 isn't much better. Alliances at lower levels filled with high end players get matched with weak teams based on nothing but torches and can bully smaller teams for months. The new war modes with fewer torches on the line makes the leaderboard less fluid and less dynamic. I don't think there's many people who would say that war is perfect and can't be improved, so here's a place for players to throw out ideas for how to improve war. I've put a couple of suggestions in the poll: 1- Use some different metric to match teams besides just torches. When war first came out, teams were placed on the leaderboard based on team trophy count. At the time there was some talk about using a combination of torches and trophies to match teams every week, but it was obvious that trophies, unlike torches, could be manipulated. Since then, however, there have been a number of changes made to prevent players from "gaming" trophies, so that would be a better metric to determine team strength than it used to be. Total team Fame is also an excellent metric of team strength. Some combination of metrics could help make matchmaking more interesting. 2 - Make war a tournament this is my favorite solution. Make war a 3 month tournament with a winner at the end and it restarts after that. It would make the early matches very fun and the finale very intense. There could be an award for alliances that place high as well, maybe custom shield decorations or something. 3 - Change the war map A lot of people are bored with the war map. Some alternatives that have been tossed around include having the ability to attack all 4 teams, whether that's by being able to attack across the whirlpool or just having all the islands mixed up. Vote in the poll and post your own ideas!
  4. He said so in my thread
  5. It's not a mistake, it's intentional.
  6. They said they made a mistake and the solution was to punish players. That's bad. How much time should I wait?
  7. You're saying players aren't allowed to disagree with bad decisions the devs make, and I disagree.
  8. You're right that the scale is different, but good game design is fundamentally good game design and bad game design is bad game design. A well designed game keeps a player engaged by constantly rewarding them for progressing, or at least letting them think that they have a chance to get a reward. Bad game design takes away the illusion that you have a chance. That never changes, and it doesn't matter what the scale of the game is.
  9. You probably did hit the trophy cap for your level. Level up!
  10. If you hit the item shop button it shows you.
  11. I love you guys but you're doubling down on bad game design. You're making your most dedicated and invested revenue base pay for your bad decision.
  12. I think there are 2 things going on. First and foremost, the game was originally designed with a level cap of 115, no titan chests (or war chests of any kind), no unique items, no odyssey bonuses, and no hero masteries. There have been players at level 115 for months, and now there is a large portion of the player base that is between level 113 and 115+. As you level up you have a chance to get better and better gear, which is balanced out by key stats getting weaker with level up (and other stats improving). Players who have been at these high levels for a while have had the opportunity to open up to 7, 8, 9 titan chests per week between war, odyssey and titan points. Over time that means that the most active (and most lucky) players have some incredible gear. Captain Morgan hinted above that the team probably waited too long to raise the level cap/improve defensive options, and the game got broken at high levels. I disagree with the solution to just gimp items for high level players. It's like getting served this amazing meal and watching someone spit in it right in front of you. Yeah, you can eat around the spit, and it will still probably taste ok, but someone just spit in your food. If cooldown was a problem, lower the cap on cooldown. It's impossible to hit the cooldown cap (75%) without a unique item or several cursed items and great standard cooldown gear, and even then it's hard to hit it unless you're using one of the heroes with innate cooldown. But if you can hit the cap it breaks certain parts of the game. So lower the cap. Then instead of going max-cooldown with every available slot to try to get 75%, use the gear that gets you to 60% (or 55% or 50%) and use some other gear that doesn't have a cooldown modifier. You know, the stuff that sits and collects dust because max cooldown is OP on basically every hero except hercules (who only needs 30% cooldown to be a steamroller). But at least you can still find gear in chests and enjoy that aspect of the game for the next few months until we're levelled up. Captain Morgan, I somehow missed your big post yesterday, so I apologize for that, but thanks for letting us know that crafting is planned for an update in the near future. I still think there was a better solution here, but at least I don't have to just sell everything wholesale. Now to buy more item slots...
  13. I do that anyways, but without the extra cake
  14. Theres a new patch coming out soon. I'm not a dev but I'd expect that it includes another re-balance of pheme to make it more powerful. That being said, you're going to be one of the high level players pretty soon, so you have to decide when you're going to make the switch about what to complain about.