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  1. We are going to re-post a thread that shows the requirements soon and the team is looking at a more permanent way to explain what fusing is directly in-game. Boosting weapons is explained however fusing isnt' and that's something the team wants to change. In the meantime, we will redirect players to the guides we have on the in-game hub and here. I also appreciate the explanations and help provided by other experienced players in such threads. - Nikko
  2. On that screen it appears that you currently have the Hangar selected (grey borders around the building in the top right corner of the screenshot). So you need to select the shed that is currently highlighted in green. Once done, it will show you another location where you need to move that shed to. - Nikko
  3. Hey all, Sorry to hear you have experienced those issues with the ad videos and rewards. We have confirmed this problem and we are working on a fix. - Nikko
  4. Hey Chunky, Sorry to hear about this. Although there is no scrolling bar displayed on the Inbox interface, you should still be able to scroll up and down. If your items actually disappeared although the countdown had not reached 0, you should contact our Support team so they can investigate this issue further. You can contact them from our official support website: - Nikko
  5. Hey @Aburned Thanks for your suggestion and we have forwarded this to the team. - Nikko
  6. Hey all, Thanks for your feedback and it is really interesting for us to read your opinions. Several of you have already been quite detailed when sharing your thoughts on those potential balancing changes and we appreciate this. As we move forward, we will update this list to keep you posted on what the team is monitoring. As @KKStar mentioned, this Watch List is mainly about balancing. For requesting features that you would love to see added to Royal Revolt 2, best is to keep using this thread that we also monitor.
  7. Hey @Carefour Thanks for those suggestions. The team constantly keeps working on the game to add more content such as new campaigns, scenarios, game modes and features.
  8. Morning all, The health of a squad member increases with the weapon level and star level. Such in-game stats aren’t indicated in the game yet but the team will be looking at options to better surface such information in the future. - Nikko
  9. Hello airmen, Thank you for having taken part in this Zombie Slaughter event and we appreciate your feedback. We understand that you liked the format but had different expectations regarding the event rewards. We have forwarded your feedback to the team who will take them into consideration when discussing potential improvements for the Live Events with future releases. Thanks again for your support and for sharing your feedback with us. - Nikko
  10. Hello airmen! Our first in-game Live Event “Zombie Slaughter” is now live and will run until Monday 19th, June! Complete the different objectives (Tiers) by killing specific amounts of zombies – which varies depending on your current progress – during battles. There are five different tiers, each rewarding your with weapon crates that will open instantly: - Bronze: one Common crate - Silver: two Common crates - Gold: one Common crate and one Elite crate - Platinum: Two Elite crate and one Common crate - Diamond: Two Common crates, two Elite crates and one Premium crate Once a tier has been completed, your rewards will be delivered to your Inbox. Tap on the star icon above the Community icon to check the event requirements and your progress. Have fun & good luck! - Nikko
  11. Greetings Queens & Kings! We are celebrating our One Million Facebook likes with a special in-game festival that will run until July 3rd, 2017! Collect the festival bundles and use them to unlock new special items as well as two Pals: Bucky the Bunny Pal that was introduced with our Easter Festival and Aki, our brand new Fox Pal! Have a great weekend and fun in Royal Revolt 2! Your Royal Revolt 2 team
  12. Hello everyone, It is time for the next Challenge! It will kick off on Saturday (17th of June 2017 at 12:00 pm CEST) Have fun and good luck! Your Nonstop Chuck Norris Team
  13. Hello everyone, The upcoming Boss Hunt will start typically on Saturday (17th of June 2017 at 01:00 pm CEST) There are no changes in the rules in comparison to the last Boss Hunt Have fun and Good luck! Your Nonstop Knight Team
  14. Hello everyone! Nonstop Knight is celebrating first Birthday! We want to thank you all for the amazing support! To celebrate the anniversary, we prepared little something for you. Just visit the game between today and Sunday (16-18th of June 2017), join the Boss Hunt and receive special gifts! Happy celebration! Your Nonstop Knight Team
  15. Hello @ABurned Thank you for your report regarding this bug. We are aware of issues causing some objectives to stay locked even after having completed the requirements and the teams is working on fixes for future releases. We will let you as soon as we have fixed those issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. - Nikko