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  1. Hey @anas76 Thank you for your feedback. Could you please post a screenshot of the interface so I can better understand the issue? Thanks - Nikko
  2. Hi all! We have updated ZGS to version 0.7 on iOS and Android. The full list of improvements and changes can be checked here. Use this thread to share your feedback and suggestions with us Thank you! - Nikko
  3. Hello airmen! The beta version of Zombie Gunship Survival has been updated to version 0.7 on iOS & Android. We have received a lot of feedback related to weapons in general but more specifically about the process of boosting and fusing weapons. Your feedback and suggestions have been very helpful and we worked on a new version of the Workshop, implemented a brand-new weapon system rarity and more improvements. New Workshop Scraping weapons for Weapon Parts The most important changes are the implementation of the option to scrap weapons to collect a new currency called “Weapon Parts” and the option to make selection and scrap multiple weapons quickly. This will help you to clear your inventory from unwanted weapons and make room for weapons that are more relevant to you. You can also drop weapon parts from missions, in which case it will be displayed at the “Rewards” screen. Boosting weapons with weapon parts and metal The process of boosting weapons has changed: you will need to select the weapon you wish to boost and consume the weapon parts you got from scraping weapons in conjunction with the metal you gathered during missions to increase the level of the select weapon. This is all done via a slider that will indicate how much weapon parts and metal you will consume to improve the selected weapon. See better with filters We have also changed filters to allow players to see weapons by archetype (MG, Canon, Assault, Scout, etc…) instead of types only (Gunship or Troop). Players can still apply filters to the star-level but being able to filter by archetypes should make it easier to find the weapons you are looking for in your inventory. Weapon Rarity Weapons now have a rarity level ranging from common to legendary. Each rarity level will have a color code and will give bonuses to increase specific weapon stats such as its damage, velocity, cooldown time, spread, heat, etc… Common = grey Uncommon = green Rare = blue Epic = Purple Legendary = Orange Each star rating has a chance of dropping any of the above tier (i.e. a Legendary 1-star MG 5.56 or a Rare 5-star AC20) and the bonuses will be relevant to the weapon type (i.e. you won’t get faster reload bonuses on an MG). Improvements General: Swapped the weapon model of the RPG-7 RU and RPG-7 US The read / claim / dismiss button in the Inbox is now more responsive Tutorial missions have been balanced to make them less intimidating for new players Several audio effects and soundtrack have been added or improved Several issues causing the game to crash have been fixed The visuals of several interfaces and menus have been improved Several icons have been updated Express and Common crates can now drop Supplies, Metal and/or Gold Battle / Campaign mode: The enemy card in the pre-battle screen now display the actual name of the zombies The names of zombies have been changed to the following: Normal zombies are now called “Shamblers” “Runners” are now called “Hellfounds” “Tanks” are now called “Titans” Ranged zombies are now called “Impalers” The health of all zombies has been balanced The health of buildings has been increased The building types of side missions have been changed to add more variety Four new side missions have added to the main campaign, one for each state All objectives now grant both Supplies and Metal resources Resources gathered from the same scenario are now diminished if it is played more than once within the same day A red marker will now appear under defensive building during missions to indicate where the player must aim to deal damage The stats of several gunship and troop weapons have been balanced 6-star level has been unlocked and can now be reached with all weapons The rewards received for completing a mission for the first time have been balanced Base Management mode: The Player Progress screen will appear once the player has leveled up to display the new weapons and/or facilities that have been unlocked with an exclamation mark. The exclamation mark will disappear once the Player Progress screen has been closed and will no longer be displayed Player can now move building by taping & dragging on the screen Buildings that cannot be moved such as the HQ and Hangar now have red borders Enjoy the new update! We have also created a new thread in the General Discussions section where you can share your feedback and suggestions with us. - Nikko
  4. Hello @Jaggernaut Thank you for your report. We are aware of those issues with some achievements and objectives not unlocking properly. We have been able to confirm this is a bug and we are currently working on a solution. We will let you know once we have found a fix to this problem. Our apologies for the inconvenience and frustration. - Nikko
  5. Greetings Queens & Kings, The next War Season “Veni, Vidi, Vici” will start today and will run until Wednesday 3rd, May with the conditions & boosts displayed in the image below and in-game. We also have some additional changes that will be introduced with today's War Season: War battles now grant more Gold (the higher the Hero Level, the higher the Gold Bonus; scaling from +25% to +200%) War Battles with 0% progress now count as valid battles Have a good Friday and weekend! Your Royal Revolt 2 team
  6. Morning Queens & Kings, Thank you for all those suggestions on the daily donations and on the notification systems. We’ll forward your feedback and ideas to the team. - Nikko
  7. Greetings Queens & Kings, We have performed a server maintenance earlier today. Sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding. Your Royal Revolt 2 Team
  8. Hello @Choice I am sorry to hear that you lost your progress after the server maintenance. If you were logged on the Game Centre or Google Play (depending on the device you use), you should be able to recover your account once you have finished the two first mission (the intro cargo ship mission and the one after that). Alternatively, you can sync your saved progress by tapping on the setting menu button (the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen) and you should receive a notification. If this doesn't work, you should contact our support team to receive more assistance in the matter. You can contact them from the following link: Thank you - Nikko
  9. Hello Queens & Kings, We have performed a server maintenance to implement the following change earlier today: Improvements made to the server connectivity Our apologies for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience in this matter. Have a good day! Your Royal Revolt 2 team
  10. Hello @Tim99 I am really sorry to hear you have experienced this issue with the last Live Event. Could you please contact our support team to have this problem investigated further? You can contact them from this link:
  11. Hello airmen, Thanks for your reports. Could you please tell me if you were playing on iOS or Android when you experienced this problem? We are aware of issues causing latency with the Inbox and cases where players aren't receiving the mail with the reward on Android. We are currently investigating those issues to find a solution. Thank you!
  12. Greetigns Queens & Kings, The next Boost your Offense event will start on Tuesday 25th, April and will run until Friday 28th, April! The following perks will be available: Spells and troops are -40% Gold Spells and troops have a -40% production time Have a good day! Your Royal Revolt 2 team
  13. Hello @force15 We are sorry to hear that you were facing those problems during the last War Season. This was caused by the recent connection issues that we experienced with our servers and we performed a maintenance yesterday which should have resolved this problem. Should you still experience this problem in the next War Season, please let us know and we will investigate further. Our apologies for the inconvenience and frustration caused by this issue and we appreciate your understanding. Your Royal Revolt 2 team
  14. Hello airmen! We are going to run another Live Event for testing purposes (mainly in Canada & Sweden) from Friday 21st, April until Monday 24th, April. This time some players will get different ways to complete the event. To be more precise, some will have to complete three tiers, four tiers or five tiers but the amount of rewards will be the same once all tiers have been completed. Once again we are running those Live Event for testing purposes (i.e. find the best way to balance them) and we are interested in your feedback. Post them after this post and don’t forget to let us know which of the three events you got (the one with three tiers, four tiers or five tiers). Thank you! - Nikko
  15. Hello Queens & Kings, Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions regarding this game feature. We wanted to let you know that we are currently working on some improvements and changes to remove the Beast cutscene and have a different notification system instead. We do not have much details to share about this change yet but we will let you know as soon as we are ready to add this improvement to the game. Thanks for your support and patience. Your Royal Revolt 2 team