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  1. Read this only if you like technical details.
  2. @Hellslord I think you prefer tankers to the other Heroes who require a bit more tactics? Not always, but most of the time, compared to the other Heroes, Ajax is probably the only one who allows you to make a few mistakes/wrong moves/decisions but still get a victory.
  3. Yes your Alliance looks good, as long as I don't have to put an alarm to wake up in the middle of the night to fight.
  4. Hi @Hellslord, You can find answers in the freshly updated FAQ here:
  5. I tried various types of mice; wired, wireless, USB, Bluetooth, optical, laser, even old PS/2, and they all working fine. Can you try another mouse just for test purpose?
  6. There's also another better deal for new players early in the game:
  7. @HolyWrath If you're lucky you can find this new promo:
  8. Hi @Papadiouf @vasudeva1, You can find answers in the freshly updated FAQ here:
  9. Hey @Hellslord, I invite you, and also players who didn't max out all their Heroes yet, to show their Heroes' progress in this topic: Thanks
  10. I like Athena and Artemis, and both are virgin goddesses... I received lots of invites, but you were one of the very first to PM me (that was long ago), so probably yes. I will have to upgrade my Alliance Hall of Uranus which is still at lvl 1 (never upgraded) since the beginning... I will have to start with a lower lvl Alliance, as I will seemingly make mistakes when learning.
  11. To avoid exploits... Here was the official announcement a while ago:
  12. Hahaha, no, I think the devs changed their mind through balancing/testing Helios and Pheme. She's either a demigoddess, mortal or maybe Titaness. Hey, you make us get more impatient!
  13. I'm a solo player and, as a personal challenge, my goal is to train all my Heroes (except maybe the new unknown Goddess) to lvl 20 without Blessings. I'm a War virgin and I will finally taste the joy of Wars once all my Heroes are maxed out. IGN Tomaxolympus
  14. Is she a true goddess or just demigoddess? Hercules demigod Prometheus Titan Perseus demigod Ariadne demigoddess Odysseus mortal Helen demigoddess Cadmus mortal Achilles demigod Jason mortal Athena goddess Ajax mortal Zeus god Hades god "New unknown highly anticipated Heroine expected to be unleashed in version 4.0 at the very latest" goddess or demigoddess?
  15. Near future means before or after you introduce the new Heroine, who will likely be in version 3.7?