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  1. When you created the game, at the beginning, what was the initial plan in term of strength/playability across all Heroes? Was there an evolution with the Dominance/unleashed Heroes? I mean, ultimately, should Athena be stronger/easier to play with than Jason who in turn should be stronger/easier to play with than Achilles, and so on? Does it mean, with the new balancing, excluding Ajax and Athena (and also Zeus and Hades), the strength/playability is more even across other Heroes? Also, there's no really a relation between the Hero's status and the Dominance evolution, right? A mortal can be stronger than a god/demigod, right? I'm asking the question because @vasudeva1 has often this argument in his posts, saying you should respect the logic behind the Greek mythology, and I kinda agree with him. Here's the Heroes' status according to the mythology. If anyone sees a mistake, please let me know. Hercules demigod Prometheus Titan Perseus demigod Ariadne demigoddess Odysseus mortal Helen demigoddess Cadmus mortal Achilles demigod Jason mortal Athena goddess Ajax mortal Zeus god Hades god With that being said, I'm pretty sure the next featured Hero will be a god, stronger than Ajax/Athena hopefully.
  2. Thanks very much @CaptainMorgan for the long and detailed explanation. I really appreciate it. It means that prior to the server update I've performed 8985 battles, and I only needed 15 more after the new balancing to max out Ajax, right?
  3. I unlocked it long ago but I'm still learning.
  4. Yes because Medusa's Gaze isn't really effective against structures.
  5. I understand it takes about 300 battles now to go from lvl 19 to 20, but how come it took me only 15 (fifteen) battles to do it? The difference is almost exponential. 15 x 15 = 225
  6. Yes, he's facing in the right direction, because if Shield Slam has no effect, I immediately use Charge or Whirlwind or even normal attack with his Spear, and the tower in question is destroyed. I know, it's weird.
  7. No, I'm pretty sure the system would suggest you to buy additional item slots in that case.
  8. "Considerably" isn't the proper word but "exponentially" is.
  9. My Ascension lvl is only 95, and I only needed 15 battles in total to max out Ajax! So weird.
  10. I would have a headache not a chest pain. I like your pun! You've fallen maybe because it was only a normal cape and not a winged cape à la Athena's Victory or Helen's Nemesis.
  11. I know what you feel. Once I've reached lvl 19 yesterday, I made about 5 attacks prior to the server update. Then, after the update, I successfully raided 10 more to max out Ajax. So it took me only 15 (yes fifteen) attacks (including few xp gained in chests) in total to go from lvl 19 to 20. Total time spent: 90 minutes. It took me 12 days to level from 18 to 19, but only 90 minutes to level from 19 to 20 (max out). Can anyone please confirm my numbers? Because it's quite unfair for players like Dheth!
  12. Poseidon has promised that the opponent generation in the Odyssey has now been improved Ares has granted Ajax the power to train even harder, reducing the amount of Experience he needs to level up Does it mean Poseidon and/or Ares will be the next featured Heroes, in version 3.5 maybe?
  13. I see. I think the system is encouraging us to play with the other Heroes now that many have their Ajax maxed out.
  14. I understand, but my Ajax was near the beginning of lvl 19 (not the end of lvl 18) prior to the update and suddenly he's catapulted to the end of lvl 19. What a boost!
  15. Thanks for the info. I'll be more precise. Prior to the server update, the blue XP bar was filled up around 2% only. Ten hours later, it is filled up around 98%. If it was filled up somewhere between 40% and 60% after the server update I would understand, but 98% is way too much and exaggerated! Does it mean players who had Ajax near lvl 20 have him maxed out suddenly after the server update? Does it mean Ajax will have less chance to find better gear, as there's no many attacks left to reach lvl 20?