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  1. Version 3.8

    Your Artemis was lvl 2 only, yet she's already your best Hero? I only started to appreciate her after she reached lvl 10. She's the second fastest Hero, after Perseus ofc. Her moves are so dynamic and striking. But in autoplay she tends to always cast Piercing Venom first aiming a nonthreatening target far away instead of focusing on closer enemies.
  2. Where is CaptainMorgan?

    Probably he's busy levelling up his Artemis and tweaking her Unique Items and preparing something special for Christmas.
  3. Show your Acropolis! - Pictures and Videos

    Tomaxolympus My Acropolis is not very decorated yet... To keep my buildings clean, I ensure there's a "carpet" at each main entrance.
  4. Version 3.8

    Her name is Cassandra. Do you know her? Here's her profile:
  5. The Griffin Warrior

    You may try the app troubleshooter:
  6. Version 3.8

    @CaptainMorgan and I kinda "accidentally" gave the hint about the Artemis Tower 6 months ago.
  7. Version 3.8

    If you're in Top 1000 you can use her Fire spell.
  8. Artemis Hero Fail

    Because Santa Claus said only Cadmus is equipped to ride that Santa's reindeer. Image courtesy of @DoctorEviI
  9. Version 3.8

    Before Artemis was released, I thought the only remaining god who could be featured via Dominance was Poseidon as he's stronger than Athena who's stronger than Artemis. So Artemis through Dominance seemed illogical unless you put her between Jason and Athena maybe. The other option would be via Titan points, but the devs came with an unexpected challenge to unlock her through the Tower, Trophies and Fame. Kudos to the devs. I like that idea even though I didn't unlock her yet. 👍
  10. Heroes' progress

    @Warriornator not bad indeed. I think you would be about at the same level (Ascension and Trophies) as me if you had received free video chests...
  11. Hero sent back to Mt Olympus

    Thanks @RyanPlegics for answering for me. I would give the exact same answers. It's very economic to sacrifice one or two Heroes so you won't be running out of resources. I tested with one Hero with Green Items. When fully equipped with those items, there's no effect as a random Hero is sent back to Mt Olympus. But keeping them in the Item Slots seems to work as he/she is the chosen one to be sent back!
  12. Black Weekend Raffle!

  13. Hi, When your Heroes aren't maxed out yet, you can intentionally keep one or two of them in lower level so they can be sent back to Mt Olympus to optimize the resources. But when all of them are maxed out, what can you do? Is there a way to trick the system? By purposely unequipping trinkets from the targeted Hero or equipping him/her with Green Items only? Of course Artemis could do that job but it will take some time to unlock her.
  14. Version 3.8

    What is your Ascension lvl? Which Heroes did you unlock?
  15. Heroes' progress

    Joke's on you. Trash... can