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    We all know Isaac Newton was a great mathematician and scientist, but the OR gods are angry you don't worship Pythagoras (his father was Apollo according to the myths). Go pray to Pythagoras next time for better maths results! Nah, the real remedy would potentially be Helen's Beauty. In my dreams, I'm using the Pythagorean theorem to forge an unique item so Helen's Beauty would last longer than Nyx' mind control that already lasts way longer than the blue pill. Not fair for the Cyclopes! How cool! How come you have access to the game source code!?
  2. Server update

    Can you speak piratelike? Methinks that awesome flag is dedicated to our favorite dev, @CaptainMorgan.
  3. Server update

    Sorry @Warriornator, I have to echo what dumpster and CaptainMorgan have said: Canadian is not a language. @CaptainMorgan I'm curious about how do you decide to implement a flag. Is it based on the players' IP addresses or geolocation? I don't think there are many Canadian players (and I hope I'm wrong, LOL), so thanks for the Canadian flag.
  4. New Flag Not Displaying Properly?

    @RyanPlegics did you update OR to v. 3.7.1? I had the same problem as I couldn't see the Canadian flag when still using v. 3.7.0. Once updated I can see the flag.
  5. Login with all platforms.

    You can dual-boot Phoenix OS or Remix OS with Windows. It's a bit techie if you've never dual-booted before.
  6. Congrats @Hellslord. Such a great time-saver!
  7. Craft new items

    I sacrificed a very old Titan item to forge my Great Shield of Ajax and the Potency/Physical Resistance would be improved by 60%-70%.
  8. Craft new items

    Exactly, they're absolute pieces of crap to wear, but great to sacrifice for forging!
  9. Defeat the Defender

    Congrats @Pine. Your idea is implemented. I think I like your suggestion after all... Except when I encounter the Mirror Shielded Perseus.
  10. Craft new items

    I was crossing my fingers for five long months and you did it. I'm also glad I kept all (yes all!) my Titan items since the beginning (I think Titan items and Ajax were introduced in November last year), as I knew I hoped one day Hephaestus would grant my wish. Another suggestion: Can we sort the items by number of stars, by type (boots, capes, trinkets, etc.), by Hero, or another way in the Forging window (precisely when we have to pick the item to sacrifice)? Right now it isn't easy to navigate/scroll through the numerous items. Thanks!
  11. Game on!!

    Months? No, for me it's at least one Ord (Barsoomian year). Braindead: "You can buy your wife a 5 carat diamond (not that red ruby/virtual gem). She will happily be your wingwoman." 15 hours!? Unbelievable! Some players are crazy, others are skillful. Gammal is both. We can send him a bouquet of flowers Asclepius to the hospital. Not only Gammal and Alysea are both elite players but also excellent officers. They're very dedicated to their Alliance. Gammal is managing two Alliances, while Alysea is visiting one Alliance to another to help them and to know the game deeply. I like them both.
  12. Attack history information

    I manually build my own log file since February... It logs the opponent IGN and Heroes and Units I use for each battle. The log file is HUGE!
  13. my game just won't start...

    Hi MJDCOOOOL, Please try this procedure:
  14. Game on!!

    Alysea told me you challenged her first. Haha, you changed the tag from alysea to pouria. You guys are really elite. You have no problem to gain thousands of trophies, while I struggle to gain hundreds. Gammal, you have amazing stamina and endurance. You meant endure not indure, right?
  15. Forum software update

    OK I finished testing all the browsers. @dumpster, you're right, the like button is the worst when using Chrome. It's a lot better in IE, Edge, Firefox and Safari. I think the pics/icons are missing. Examples: etc. @Warriornator, I think you're using Edge and yes, the layout looks bad in Edge. The layout is more sharp with the other browsers though. @flaretara, can you please ask AWS to fix the SSL certificate?