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  1. I've actually clicked once or twice on invocation while trying to locate the cursor and yeah no problem on windows version for me as well
  2. It gives very small amount of xp and as your level rises you might start to see that xp gained(from this trick) is so low that you can hardly see your xp bar filling, when you use it on difficult players(while fighting for card pieces) and skip them(by losing of course), you will eventually get someone easier(that's how I earned my heroic cards - Wolf Beast, Water Elemental, Wind Elemental, Fire Dragon, Fire Elemental, War Bard, Alchemist, Rock Detonator, Wolf Shaman, Shadow Bear and 2 or 3 more and finished story mode). Then one day in story mode I got a legendary card piece so I used this trick and got 2 or 3 more pieces(legendary card requires a total of 10 pieces) and then used some earned gems to finish the card(that day it was 50% off in cand piece and card completion so it cost me less than 1300 gems and it's how I got my 2nd legendary, the first one I got by luck in archmage pack). Then I played 100 level(in story mode) again and again and again and got legendary card pieces then used this trick and eventually I managed to get Seribia Morning Dew, Dwarf King, Chimera, Griffin, Keeper of the Treasure, Devourer, Giant spider, Imperial Dragon, Brother Artujan(I did not spend gems to finish these cards because I already had enough powerful fused heroic cards). I earned so many cards that I completed many card sets and earned so many gems(I used them on special event cards). But today I uninstalled this game because I was getting attacked so many times that I couldn't keep even 5 pieces together for even 1 hour(I earned at least 15 pieces of Colossus legendary card today but got attacked annoying amount of times). If you don't have impressive cards yet, just reinstall the game and start using this trick from the moment you get your first card piece(it's exactly what I did). Edit: I luckily got my first legendary card from summoner pack (not from archmage)
  3. @Cheshireccat, might help you a lot to progress further
  4. Indian flag is finally here and they are also waiting to see Indian alliances on top, I just hope they don't pass out from waiting.
  5. @KKStar Thanks for the help. I know the reason now (my alliance's captain told me this), it's because I summon only phoenixes so they don't attack opponent's phoenixes and as a result they(enemy phoenixes) reach to my gate and destroy it before I can destroy my opponent's.
  6. @KKStar I have tried restarting the device but haven't tried reinstalling the game. I was playing on my laptop with Windows 10.
  7. When I summon Phoenixes too much in a fight or when I summon only Phoenixes(I'm not sure exactly when), my game automatically finishes even when there is a lot of time remaining, happened to me in this skirmish 2 times with Helen. Please fix it, it's not the first time it's happened to me.
  8. Yeah, I agree with Skorpio, this is actually a great idea that everyone should not be able to afford all the blessings but it's also a fact that every member's choices differ, not everyone wants same blessings, all of us use different towers for our diffence and diffenrent troops. So please, please reduce the cost of the blessings a little bit so that alliances can afford a few more blessings.
  9. I use them on Invocations and upgrading the Alliance hall and sometimes on activating prestige too.
  10. One I attacked someone and lost 30 trophies, 25 is not always the maximum number of trophies you can lose.
  11. Yeah, it was a good use of different layout feature but backfired
  12. May be they are waiting for the first Hydra to die and then take the spotlight?
  13. 1. Today, a while ago, I attacked someone twice and both of the times my fight just got over in the middle even without breaking the gate while the time was still remaining and thus resulting in a loss of trophies(I lost 30 trophies for no reason), so I did not attack him a third time. It's not the first time it has happened to me(it used to happen even in previous updates but rarely). Including the pic of the player I attacked. 2. Once I attacked someone with Helen as the guardian of his gate and when Helen used her power, my hero got charmed by her(it's happened to me only once) and my own troops started attacking me, is this normal that Helen can charm even the hero?
  14. Okay, I will see next time I attack people, and thanks for it.