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  1. The thing is -

    @CaptainMorgan, this problem still persists. I've lost items twice or thrice in version 3.7.
  2. What do you expect from version 3.7?

    Then the only thing left is if autoplay can adapt to our manual playing, this way it would be totally fair autoplay for everyone, everyone got different playing style and set of powers.
  3. What do you expect from version 3.7?

    I hope they make autoplay clever, it's a bit stupid at the moment like whenever I put Helen on autoplay and she encounters a wave, most of the time she uses all powers at once and after using them she uses her beauty, what the hell? First she should use her beauty and then use other powers, ....if needed. And if it's possible, autoplay should adapt to our manual playing, like where we use our powers most of the time(like the corner of the barricades where powers can reach the nearby tower too) and if there are multiple towers at one place, which power to use on which tower, when on autoplay, it's completely upto the troops to destroy Nyx while hero runs off, they should clearly treat Nyx with powers, whenever I play, destroying Nyx is my priority as soon as it gets in range(I always use Damocles, it's a great and very beautiful power) while on autoplay, Helen uses Damocles not so wisely, she thinks as long as Damocles or any other power can reach at least one tower/barricade or troops, it's fine, is she blind? You can clearly target much more than that, don't you know there's a cooldown too, so why don't you use it wisely then? And Hydra tower, why do you waste powers on this sneaky tower when there's almost no damage? instead use powers on the ones beside it. As I've only used Helen on autoplay so it's all about Helen....and I use Okeanos, Damocles and Pandora's Box, almost all of the time.
  4. The thing is -

    Okay, no problem, I'll be careful until this bug is fixed, I've already contacted support few days ago too.
  5. The thing is -

    That's good to hear @CaptainMorgan, I'm not getting them back, right?
  6. Alliance Wars - Discussion and Feedback

    World's end and seal didn't attack each other. Seal and Blue line. Now Seal and DemonicMasters are doing the exact same thing. Why such a biased view about russian alliances?
  7. The thing is -

    Okay, I'll do it too
  8. The thing is -

    Lost a cursed item(weapon for Ajax) and another titan item, a ring with stun chance and cooldown, from another titan sea chest
  9. The thing is -

    I just lost a titan item from a titan sea chest, it was a dress for Helen with better health and fire resistance, same thing happened as mentioned above that it did not ask me to buy an item slot and just gave me options to either take it or sell it(even though my inventory was full), so I took it and then moments later my game disconnects and when reconnects, that titan item is lost. So can I please have it back @CaptainMorgan?
  10. Overpowered kit

  11. The thing is -

    When I open a chest and my item inventory is full, it asks me to buy a slot, so I do and then get that item but sometimes it doesn't ask to buy a slot even when your inventory is full and just gives 2 options - get it or sell it, so I click on get it and then game disconnects and then reconnects and then item is lost. It's happened to me enough times that it seems like intentional and feels like a part of the game. It really SHOULD ask to buy a slot each time there's not enough storage, how come you convert the item to gold without even asking and if you are doing this why not give an option to retrieve that item with same amount of gold?
  12. My Helen of Troy. How is yours?

    Editing is a pain
  13. My Helen of Troy. How is yours?

    She's my best at the moment For me, petrify or anything doesn't matter, regeneration is required though. If you have Gemini(boots), resistance might be a problem (as it is a bit for me) and for troops, everyone have their own favorites, I use spearmen, archers and phoenix. Okeanos and Damocles are my favorite, as for 3rd slot I either use Pandora's box or Bia.
  14. Which hero is the worst? 🤔

    Do same with Helen and she will rock n roll too, she is most powerful of all my heroes at the moment
  15. The 3rd time loss titan item!

    well, I just lost a titan item and a godlike, titan was a cape for Cadmus, better than my previous one(the stats were green so I know it was better but how much I don't know) and godlike was boots for Perseus, they were probably converted to gold.... but we won't know again.