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  1. he need to be rewarded with gems
  2. is there any way to record on phone(windows 10)
  3. haha another cheator
  4. guys may be it will be a guess I think flare is going to introduce a new pal.that have ability to slowdown.thats why they had reduced tc cool down.wait for it
  5. Be careful in banning account was banned for no need to stop this.if you have exact proof then only you can ban players.
  6. no I have don't download because I dont have a wifi will download only through wifi.i had heard complaints about windows phone.but for downloading windows 10 you need to give your devise to any shop and tell them to upgrade they surely know to upgrade and about camera there Is no zoom available.
  7. for forging i need pearls.the pearls from gems.
  8. there is lots of uses with gems.
  9. I need more than that
  10. just download game on devise and login to face book and choose desired option
  11. is this correct.then rr2 will finish
  12. I need
  13. check this one this guy is using *** cheats for royal revolt
  14. how they are able to win only with hammerstrike.....they are better than flotha...haha. if anyone know the site they are hacking my friend will ban that site by hacking.he is a software engineer I think the attack was from any banned alliance members as they take it as a revenge.any one know the. Site sent me that site