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  1. New what's app group

    Guys why don't we have a what's app group for will help to share raiding vedeos and other what's app 256 members can be added.
  2. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    Ign-...youth... Missing 5 ninjas
  3. I complete all Quests :)

    I think we Need a private server
  4. Tapjoy

    No bro every time I fails in 5th level. Please any one share how to win it and gain large amount of gems.please reply
  5. Pal Flute - Forum Contest!

    Tammy smash One day tammy went on strike. He was using only as a pet. But need to transfer him to a giant. He tell his master to build up a spell for him. He found it hard to make it. Finaly he made it. Then tammy was happy Ign...youth...
  6. Tapjoy

    I want to ask you guys did any one had win the game on tapjoy names turbo-jet. It is very hard to play. But it will reward 1243 gems. If anyone wins can you share your vedio on winning that one pleass
  7. Unwanted benefits from Flothaboss.

    In his vedio I have seen 24k gems and around 30k pearls. Flare is giving money and resources for his vedios. This is not fare. Even my account is banned for no reason. Flare need to stop there play.
  8. What do you think of this drawing?

    he need to be rewarded with gems
  9. Guide for video on Windows 10

    is there any way to record on phone(windows 10)
  10. banned acount

    haha another cheator
  11. Watch List Feedback

    guys may be it will be a guess I think flare is going to introduce a new pal.that have ability to slowdown.thats why they had reduced tc cool down.wait for it
  12. Watch List Feedback

    Be careful in banning account was banned for no need to stop this.if you have exact proof then only you can ban players.
  13. windows users

    no I have don't download because I dont have a wifi will download only through wifi.i had heard complaints about windows phone.but for downloading windows 10 you need to give your devise to any shop and tell them to upgrade they surely know to upgrade and about camera there Is no zoom available.