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  1. Add confirmation button in cof

    Hi Indian, They usually return the gems the first time this happens to you and you complain. So you should file a ticket. Good luck!
  2. Add confirmation button in cof

    I mean the “add inventory slot” button in cof. I do not know if it’s the same when we buy it from inventory and I’m not going to try. In fact I think we should have the confirmation button whenever we try to spend more than 100 gems like it was announced.
  3. In September we got the long awaited confirmation button if we try to spend more than 100 gems. Unfortunately this does not apply in the cof when we are offered a new item slot. I think this should be changed ASAP as it happens fast that we hit this button, especially when game is a bit laggy. You think everything is fine, want to open next chest and in that moment the window pops up and 500 gems are gone. Not cool flare! I complained to support and they told me, the confirmation button does not occur in cof and suggested to post this “idea” in forum. But when this function was implemented there was no word of an exception in cof. So this is either a bug or flare is trying to fool us.
  4. Spending gems without warning

    This happened to me twice in the last two weeks. Game was a bit laggy, I thought all was fine and wanted to open the next chest. In that Moment the „buy new item slot“-window popped up and gone were my gems. I think we don’t get a warning there because flare wants this to happen and that annoys me. Support says, they can’t help me because this is not the first time it happened So Flare, fyi, I will not buy a single gem till this is fixed.
  5. Shortcomings in the War System

    I like that idea a lot. It's simple and it would at least solve the problem of alliances kicking members in the last minutes of war to lose a fief. Still I do not like the fact that you have to lose fiefs in order to be able to win something in the next war. Must be possible to find a better matchmaking.
  6. Oh yes please fix this! It's so annoying and unnecessary!
  7. Watching video ads for boosts not working.

    Same here. I watched a ton of video ads and didn't get any reward during last days. Today I got 2 rewarded but that was it. Please get this fixed!! I don't like spending my time watching ads and not getting anything for it! Destroys the fun of this game.
  8. Cut Screens Another Greed tactic

    I absolutely agree. Having theses cut scenes has no advantages at all and it really annoys! Please please stop this immediately!!
  9. Trivia n°9: All About Aviation

    1 Air New Zealand 2 Chhatrapati Shivaji, international airport Mumbai 3 800 km/h 4 wrong 5 B 6 D 7 A 8 D 9 inertial Navigation System 10 on the right Game: royal revolt 2 IGN: othokar
  10. Update is live

    But why does it say I need AT lvl 15 to get necromancer as insta troop?
  11. Trivia n°7: Mathematics Returns

    1. Wednesday 2. Selling price is 49% lower than original price 3. X = 36 4. True 5. 99.64$ 6. 0.00058 7. Yes 8. 5950 9. Sometimes 10. 75% I'm playing royal revolt 2 IGN is othokar
  12. New Year Raffle

    Happy new year! IGN: othokar