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  1. Hi! Who's upset? I'm not upset. You raided me, Yes I know. It's part of the game mechanics, so I'll keep raiding you for as long as I can. it's part of the game. Be my guest and keep raiding me, It's part of the game and I'm a sport to it
  2. Yes you have a point, but not all has a mindset like yours. Besides, we speak fluent english and have zero problems using the english dialect. It's just that we are all filipinos in the alliance so we prefer to use our own mother lands language. Which makes other nationality can't understand anything we are talking about. anyways thanks for your insight bro.
  3. That is my intention. Majority of my players are Filipinos and are my friends in real life. So I assumed a member (not a filipino) would find it uncomfortable or out of place to join my alliance. But nevertheless, if one is willing to join, no matter the nationality. I don't mind.
  4. Looking for ACTIVE pinoy members for our clan. All of my members are Pinoy and are active. Most of my alliance members are my friends in real life. search for full name of our alliance : Philippines Finest! or add me via ign : KingArt