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  1. some times the ad doesnt load and other times it does and every 1 out of 5 the chest gets delayed by 5 to ten min it is a weird glitch
  2. recruiting

    oh and if you are lower but are still interested then msg me about the feeder team we have called OURS were the minimum is lvl56 and up and uranus hall is min 6 and war requirement is only 5k+
  3. Join our Alliance, stay for the friendship, and grow into our extended family! Our alliance, the MisfitKings is recruiting members to fill our openings due to our recent growth. We are in need of soldiers, that play regularely, communicate, and work consistantly to achieve & maintain our goal of world top 10 ranking. Our extended alliance family includes: BLUE LINE & MISFITKINGS! Our requierments: Minimum lvl:95 , trophy count: not so important, we will get you around 4-5k+ and to stay on team get 15k minimum in wars You must be active. You must use chat, and join us on line app. Daily donation is essential, minimum donation amount is $250k/Day (Alliance Uranus Hall 10). You MUST be active during war. 🌎What we offer: A friendly atmosphere that enjoys actually getting to know each other! We joke around while building a rapport, and enjoying a game that gives us a common bond. Our members are from all around the world, therefore somebody is always online to provide help if needed. We maintain our War and standard Gifts 24/7- You will always have a strong defense to keep what you have worked hard to achieve, and the offense strength to take it from others, who have not. We share strategies, defensive layouts, personal experince about attacks, hero setups and how to improve your progress at a higher level. This includes our sister teams, that have some of the best players in the game. Daily chatting with our allied teams. Our generals are in each others group chats, so everyone is represented and therefore, we all have a voice! One of our goals at the moment is to climb the ranks to join our fellow alliance teams in the top 10! Positions in our sister teams and vice versa. We are truly invested in eachs other success, and that means working together as a bigger pool of talent, to help maintain, grow, and achieve goals. You are welcome to write some info about yourself here. Copy this link into Safari (or chrome) It will download LineApp from your app store Takes five minutes to set up an account Copy this link again and paste into Safari once more, will automatically join our team chat. Alternatively you can friend me on line (onyourknees7) or (snakegod666) See you In-game and/or Line app. snakegod666,officer, Misfitkings
  4. ty for all the great things you do flaregames
  5. part 2 for misfitkings
  6. alliance:misfitkings general:ADDYRALL
  7. my in game name is snakegod666 and my guess is that a new tower or unit will be made this year and if we are lucky a minatory buff