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  1. ... I'm frustrating too but it's the game. I believe that I could have more luck in other events ^^
  2. You are Lucky compared to me : I have found 0 pals in the event with 2 chests pals, just treats.
  3. Any answer at my question
  4. I have open 5 chests since the pals event, and no pals for me, only treats. The chance to find a pal is just the in the day chest or we can find in all chest that we can open in the game ?
  5. IGN : buttinette His armor is a shield, And this anvil in the rock is forged. Always in touch, Paladin plays! And a blue wave breaks the way... His strength and speed are essential, When the melee becomes fatal, Shots after blows, you overwhelm your enemy, The portal is not far, it must be achieved absolutely. The fight will soon be over, The Holy Paladin makes it even stronger, Healing stays him stand up longer, Will this army of Paladin win the victory faster?
  6. With 50% food cost, you can make more fights, btw win much gold ^^
  7. I agree with Dena ! The food cost is 50% (Yesterday 200 / Today 100). The medals are too higher, yes Go to the blacksmith Dena. You can arrange that to transformed at your hero hand ^^ Official sources (by Nikko) : The Treasure Hunter event of the Community Week will start today with the following bonuses: -50% food costs for battles -50% Gem Costs in CoF for blanks +50% XP Unfortunately we are experiencing some issues that are preventing the event from working properly. We are currently investigating and working on a fix. Our apologies for the inconvenience and we will let you know as soon as this problem has been resolved.
  8. Hi @PaSte Before the 3.0 update, the gameplay was very fluid and stable. The graphics have not changed much since the last one. Or at least, I do not see any real change. In short, we will do with these graphics, but it is a shame that not all users have access to this, when we had known better before this "big" update ... Thank you for your answer ! butti'
  9. Up... Always the same problem. Still no solutions proposed?
  10. ... ... Next : When you are near the gate and the game said "lost connexion"
  11. Next : when a good player (3000+) leave your alliance during the war season
  12. If I try to translate the problem (Google is my friend ^^), he bought a package and it was never activate...
  13. Hello Zanndakar, If you are an active player, you can join us. See the description alliance below. If you are interested, send us an invitation See you soon, butti'
  14. Hi glenn31, You have the solution below : It happens when the server didn't resync the information yet.
  15. I have send a report with the problem and my phone configuration since Wednesday....no reply about FG dev team. I have Windows 10 Mobile, with 1Go RAM. My phone will be 2 years in December...Have a more powerful phone ? It's quite utopian ^^ Edit 28 March : No answer about Flare Team on our problem... Would anyone have a windows phone with crazy performance (RAM > 1Go) with blurry problem ??