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  1. Reformating / reinstalling

    Hi @UberBiff, You can try to open a support ticket : https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/207575675-I-lost-my-account Submit a request following steps in the weblink. Enjoy! butti'
  2. Update

    Me too
  3. Update

    Neighbour near to me, exactly I try to restart my game this afternoon.
  4. Update

    Perhaps, the update is depending on geographical situation...I'am in France. Where do come from your friend ?
  5. Update

    It is believed that the windows players are always set aside. And yet, we are not in majority, certainly, but we want to play too.
  6. Update

    But not on Windows phone
  7. Difficulties to call my army

    Hi @Dena4 Thank you for your answer and Sorry for this misunderstanding. I think that you play (with @Edward the 7th) in WPhone. So, I understand that I can wait a seasonal boost. In fact, I took advantage now with wolf boost for win this Dungeon. But, since few days, I want to win it again (to make medals for the league) and when I press the button to call my army (boosted or not, here is not the problem) the troops was not delivered every time , it's a real problem for me
  8. Difficulties to call my army

    Hello everyone, It's been a few days since I had a hard time calling my army during a fight in a dungeon (it's less of a fight against an average player). I am currently at Dungeon Cave of Great good No. 18, with knight / wolf / canon troops. At the beginning of the path, I have to call a lot of knights, but although I press many times, the game (or my phone?) doesn't take into account all my impulses. By pressing about 10 times, I get only 6 or 7 knights (although the morale bar is OK), and of course I never get 100% due to lack of timing and insufficient army (not to mention that I can press a little beside the troop icon and my hero turns back (!!! but that is another problem)). Has there been a change in the game play that can slow down the game? Is it the fact that my phone (lumia 830 WP10) does not meet the requested characteristics? Is calling much slowed down the phone and therefore the ability to call my army? I admit that it has been going badly for 3-4 days (often on dungeons), when I had never experienced this before. @Nikko@Flothaboss@PaSte@flaretara Thank you for your comeback to clear my problem (if it's possible of course). If the players under WP want to share their experience, thank you also @Dena4@Edward the 7th and others. butti ' My English is very bad, but Google is my friend in translation This topic can be moved on "Help & Questions" if you want
  9. Display bug boosted buildings

    Thanks for your help ! I know an other thing about this game ^^ MERCI
  10. Display bug boosted buildings

    Hello @Flothaboss, I take this post for the same problem in the general view to up the buildings. Indeed, the progress bar is not compliant (one is less full than the other, whereas it should be the opposite).
  11. Option to remove facebook friends from friends list

    Hello @Paste, @Nikko, @Flarerata and FG Team, Sorry to up this topic, but I want to know if this problem was resolved ? The solution of @oPelle is very useful Try to fix it without we must delete our friend list just for the beautiful eyes of RR2
  12. Update 3.6 for Windows phone?

    You'r welcome I hope that the upgrade works !
  13. Update 3.6 for Windows phone?

    You can not make the update now to transfer to Windows 10 (with the app "Upgrade Advisor") ?
  14. Update 3.6 for Windows phone?

    @ildolcesuono10, why your phone is not on Windows 10 ?
  15. Update 3.6 for Windows phone?

    Currently on my Lumia 830, the game is really fluid. Sometimes, when the army is quite consistent, there may be a bit of lag, but the game is still nice enough to play. I think that with your 920, the gameplay can be very funny ^^