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  1. Version 3.8

    Ya guys just one note on the gems for the islands .. besides that I wish there was an option to take that button off and avoid clicking by mistake .. I think that for newer players that reach the monsters unlock islands it can be a nice feature. I mean, we all been there, when you get to gryphs or phoenix or whatever monster islands. you are usually far too weak to do it without crazy gems spam or suicidal pyro/ariadne thread tactics .. if that gem thing works on those islands as well, it could save some frustration to the little ones that get there. Just a thought Then, it would be nice if we could just remove that button with an option click
  2. Bad communication

    Ya but still can't wait for an in game system .. at very least a private mail if nothing else .. There are some people who don't like to use external software to communicate, for the extra spam in messages if they use it for other pourposes at well, or to not have yet another message app, or just simply because they want to keep separate game time and people from real life ..
  3. It surely does .. see what happens to spearmen with a Japeto's wave with and without defense mode!
  4. wtf is this?

    Yep, agree .. as I said on dumpster's thread the other time, it makes little sense. I could understand a timer of 4 minutes or so for last fight perhaps, if for tech reason all fights must be over with the timer, but 1 hour makes no sense.
  5. Feeling some sarcasm here ^^ I'd love to know from the Captain the % of how many are using Ajax still on harsh wars
  6. Forging of items

    As he says, the gain if you do it every level is so small it's hardly worth it, considering you have to burn a 5 star titans, 10 millions gold and takes ages. What probably happened is that when you forge an unique, it memorize the level at which you do it so it won't let you do it 'till next level. But this recording of level is done when the forging is over, not when it starts (albeit probably the stats increase is determined when you start it). So forging was over in 124 and untill your level is > 124 it won't let you do it. And so yes, in effect you lost a tiny little bit in stats for now - as in if you started it when you were already at 124 it would've had slightly better stats. But this "loss" is not permanent, as in you will recover it fully next time you'll upgrade it again. And we are talking of really a little bit ..
  7. Celestial Boost Help

    Also imho level 25 is in the wrong place, time you reach 25 big chances are your heroes are already maxed out, or almost ..
  8. Reflected damage is not of the same kind of the damage done. Try use pyroforus - even if you have 90% fire resistance.
  9. Unique Items

    So, Chris hacked into your development server, robbed the gems bank, from the speed of the fight in video used speed hacks as well, and stole all the uniques - and that's why we are getting so little in our titans now ? That man must be caught and stopped! ^^
  10. Because sometime you just can't get a good higher item of the kind of want (it's months I'm not getting a power timer reduction for Hercules for example, of any color), and taking a green and forging it up can be a good solution. And, never forget the ascension level. A titan you got at level 80 will anyway be way weaker than a green you get at level 90 and forge it up all the way to red. Greens are a way to fight the cruelty of randomness
  11. Alliance Wars - Q&A

    You can, but everytime you attack the same guy on the same island, the points you get decreases. The game will display how many points you get every time you fight (or re-fight) someone, so you can evaluate every time if it's more worth hitting twice or more the same guy or not.
  12. cursor mouse visible

    A temporary fix is to change mouse in windows settings .. make it leaving trail and choose the bigger arrow .. the trail especially makes it easier to find it in the mess of explosion. I understand that's annoying during normal use of pc but still, it can help.
  13. Agree with all .. Time ago I was worried about Odyssey's bonuses being uncapped and what was going to happen in the long run, with newer players never able to catch up .. but I guess now that after all they did put a cap, sort of. The Odyssey enemies bonuses seem to raise their difficulty at a faster rate than players - as in, for every 4% we get they get a 5 or 6% extra bonus for example. So in the long run, even if players bonuses don't have an hard coded cap, it will sort of be there as it'll get impossible to do even a 1-2 skull mission.
  14. Zeus

    I can't remember the last time I actually used Zeus ^^ Oh wait, the Odysseus challenge, right. Before that, no clue.
  15. Helen of Troy Unbalance Issues

    Guys remember those lists are very personal .. it depends so much on playstyle, equipment, kind of defences you face .. Odysseus might be amazing for one and awful for somebody else .. I have friends that use Jason perfectly even if wars, some that win everything with Prometheus and some that can't do squat with him .. my Helen is awful and sucks, but as Dumpster said .. it's my Helen with my equipment and my fight style, not Helen in general. Same values with all other heroes nowaday. With exception of Zeus, I guess