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  1. Ya, absolutely right - as I said in the past, that kind of buffs are so crazy often that it makes doing them not fun, but frustrating. Often now you face itaca not as a "great, it's up again!" but with a "damnit, gotta do it again". And you must do it again, because with those uncapped bonuses you'll never gonna recover over the others if you start skipping 'em.
  2. Well Capitan Morgan said they are working on more ways to defeat or contrast Nyx, without going into details yet. So it's clear they do acknoledge the issue.. It puzzles me a bit that while saying they are working on this, contextually they raised the melee defense of the towers - and to be honest I did not understand yet how effective is this supposedly worse targetting of nyxes while helios buffs them .. (but maybe it's just me being slow to learn). I thought that after the Zeus context and all those 0% made with just 2 Nyx (and not even buffed!) they would have both raised Zeus power and nerf Nyx to hell, as it clearly demonstrated how strong they could be without needing any external further help. Anyway let's wait to see what are those Nyx countermeasures they are preparing and if this will give all heroes a chance and not just the rambo ones. Because as it is now with certain heroes only chance is spam gems powers, and this is fine the one time you face a great opponent, but is less fine when you gotta do it 9 fights on 10. And the maxed Nyx with perhaps some Itaca's hp buffs on nowaday .. hell, it takes my Ajax 2 spells at least to take one down, if not 3 when whirlwind ai takes him to the toilette and not to the target- At least let's be partially happy that they do realize it's a big issue and cross fingers about the solution. Btw I'd really love to know a global statistics from the devs on how many are actually doing 8-9-10 skull itacas with 100% and how many gems used on fight on average.
  3. Also, of the last 10 itaca's islands I just did, 8 of them had the same nyx helios pattern. I mean ... even there you get the same layouts!
  4. Just personal opinion - Nyx were fine as they were. Strong but not overpowered. I wish Helios had just no effect on Nyx towers at all.
  5. Well the only case where you might have doubts is if you are trading a + damage and + speed with another + damage and + speed that has one value higher and one lower than the current one .. otherwise trading one that has + damage and + speed for another is pretty much guaranteed to lower your total attack power (unless the + damage is a hell lot higher than the previous). But as Dumpster said, just equip it and look at the value. And anyway, it's up to you to value if the decrease of damage is worth or not .. in some situations it might be better to have stun or petrify or resistance or power recovery reduction over or health on it etc at expense of some attack speed .. so it's not automatic that lower total damage is worse than higher one.
  6. Flare just BROKE THE GAME

    And so ? I'm just saying that it's not true that it takes the same time to convert a phoenix or a spearman. Spearman is converted with 1 hit from a nyx, phoenix, as you said, takes much more.
  7. Flare just BROKE THE GAME

    Uh the rate of conversion is not the same .. it takes considerably longer to convert a phoenix than a spearman! Try it on your own base to test ..
  8. Question on cursed items ..

    pooh crap, thanks! gotta waste a full adventure then :/ Suggestion for the devs then eh please make those curse quests like "adventure at level XX or above" rather than just at level XX
  9. Just got a cursed titan for Perseus, to unlock it I'm supposed to complete an Itaca adventure at level 1. Besides this being very annoying .. anyone knows if it's enough to do one last island fight at level 1 with him, or does it require to do all 5 islands with him (and item equipped ofc) ? thanks!
  10. I got 6 levels from the nerf (108 to 114) and I start getting usable titan items again. Not much better but, say, at similar level of 108 pre-nerf.
  11. Trophies

    The system doesn't look at the levels of who attack you, only at the thropies they have ..
  12. Worker

    You can have up to 4 workers, and the cost for them is going to double every time .. so 500, 1000, 2000 gems. But even if it is expensive, keep in mind that it's not a must at lower levels where buildings and upgrades complete fairly quickly .. should you get 4 workers right now at low level you would lack the resources to keep 'em working full time most probably. At a point most of us have all 4 of them anyway tho
  13. Inequality trophies

    Well i don't play since the beginning, as I started late january this year. But i remember this video (in the Strategies, Guides & Hints>Game Guides>Everything about the trophy system) where Tzogos explains the changes been made to it. Several changes, and the video is dated back at december 2016, so go figure. And since I play, several times they changed what you get on your map (with or without saying in the update notes, but was pretty evident), and an overhaul a few months ago (when they said some players were never been attacked at all). So several big changes at beginning, and adjustments on who gets who on maps after.
  14. Cursed items ..

    Eh well maybe I was just unlucky so far then, as very few of them had something unique/useful bonuses. But good to know they can be different, and useful
  15. Cursed items ..

    Is it just my ad luck or the % of items that are cursed is really high ? And I should add, they don't seem (once uncursed) to be any different from the others .. I'd wish that considering how annoying is to remove curses from them, that they were definetely better than normal! Or, a lower amount of them around, because it's starting getting annoying more than exciting!