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  1. My opinion is that flare introduce stronger pals. If not, nobody will buy or level them up with palfood. And that is what flare wants, buying with gems palfood and pals. But i guess most players like 1 or 2 pal and upgraded it to lev 8 or 9.
  2. Why hope on event? At this moment bases are strong enough. When they becomes stronger we will come at a point we need scrolls to beat almost all bases. With this event you will be able to buy irmgard. If you will buy an item you will need use gems. Flare's policy lately. Spending gems
  3. War raids and gems

    See your inbox, no use everyone know the name😉
  4. War raids and gems

    I understand your point, but i didn't understand some of your members spent tons of gems against unboosted bases. I had 3 attacks from same player of your team who used 17 scrolls against a full unboosted tower/obstacles base.
  5. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Think top alliances work together in war. We had VL, HK, and les francais in same warmap. HK was 4 days 1st, and in last day they didn't even fight against VL and let VL wins the war. Topalliances works together to get the main boosts. Beast level only depends how much money your members spent in game. That is the only difference between the topalliances as far. Towers, troops and spells can becomes the same, for one fast, for others slower.
  6. Flare in Trouble

    You are right, good things will be sold. But the question is that a game that last allready 4 years and lost so many players is interested to but. Flare could do great things with this game, but in my opinion, took sometimes the wrong decission. But who am I?
  7. Flare in Trouble

    I write it in english, but sometimes my tablet translate it automaticly in Dutch.
  8. Flare in Trouble

    If i can read well, it isn't flaregames that is in trouble, but the holding which flaregames is part off is in trouble. But in fact it doesn't make much difference. It is a part off flare holding.
  9. Flare in Trouble

    I only would say that thanks to those who spent lot off money, lot can play for free or almost for free.
  10. Flare in Trouble

    I mean when a game pretending be free, becomes in short time an almost pay to play game . You get daily discountpackages for achievements you achieved months ago. It all are not good signs I hope i'm wrong coz some spent here tons off money in the game zo others could play in the way they prefered
  11. Flare in Trouble

    Laten we hopen, maar de laatste ontwikkelingen geven helaas de tegengestelde signalen.
  12. Melting

    Maybe they are allready rich enough😉
  13. RR2 is a good game, but lately since the new update lot things becomes worse. 1st : almost no gold to find in bases. Sometimes you need ours to do an upgrade. Dena told how to manage it, but if i attack players 1000 or more trophies higher i still get max 200k 2nd : lot of towergate bases. Perfect possible, but you can't win much xp and trophies and gold in it. 3rd : now during war i got attacked by lot of +5000 trophie players and i lost trophies. It is something off the game, get attacked and loose/win trophies, no problem. But the worst is, when i attack them back i can't win trophies from them. Can someone tell me why i loose trophies from them and can't win back. RR2 was fun before, but of flare don't manage to give good solution. They can nerf spells, adjust values without warnings, so it is easy for them to fix this. I can expert an answer in the style from : don't cry like a baby, or leave when you don't like it. Not my style, but of RR2 becomes only a pay to play game i will know alternatives so i can choose what game i spent money on