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  1. This 👆 is the most creative idea regarding this matter. Make it like daily chest. No matter when u recieve the chest, the next will be ready to collect when clock hits 12'O clock. Similarly no matter when u donated,u can donate next after the midnight. I like to add one more thing with this. Make it like this :~ U can only collect the daily chest if u have donated ur today's quota. Either donate or be deprived of daily chest.
  2. First thing u can't report a player on this basis. He is just doing what the game is about, though its a bit excess. Community has seen this problem before too. As Pulimurugan advised, u should make ur defense strong but this will take much time. The best thing u can do currently is ,keep ur treasure chamber empty, collect gold only when u have something to upgrade. If he is attacking for gold he will stop instantly.
  3. How many gems do we get after 750 for 3750 vouchers?
  4. I was wrong . .. Thanks for the offense event.
  5. ' Boost your Defense ' I'm pretty much sure ✌
  6. I got 7 items in winter festival in which three item were repeated. No luck in the second festival but have gotten one item in the current ongoing festival ,its a crap one though.
  7. It doesn't depend on gems, I have more than 2600 and i got this offer yesterday. Nothing to do with gems.
  8. It doesn't depend on gems, I have more than 2600 and i got this offer yesterday. Nothing to do with gems.
  9. I m also facing this prob. But thank god my connection didn't lose. After saying, 'please wait reconnecting' , the game reconnected and thus saved my gems which I have used in cof. This problem arose two time ,1st on 10th island amd second on 15th island. My 20th island will be unlocked in 4 hr and then will see if it occurs again. I don't want to lose my gems.
  10. I got this offer today morning but I'm not going tp buy
  11. I don't mean to say that they don't get the chest. I mean to say that since the video doesn't play so its equal to getting none.
  12. I'm 100% sure. I also asked this from ally members. Though u can wait fro some confirmation from others. ... I'll take this chance to show my gratitude. Thanks @oPelle for all the information. It is something which helps me every other day
  13. Win leagues. There is too way, either u give ur time to something which earns u money and then buy gems n stuffs in RR2 from those money or give ur time to RR2 to win leagues and earn gems. First one is easier but that needs skill and job, also ur age should allow that( I'm lacking in this).
  14. See 👇 I have already checked wikia