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  1. I also faced this problem before 20 days. Opened a ticket but no solution. Just usual formalities, 'we r lokking into this... sorry for inconvenience.. Blah, blah, blah... '
  2. U r late bro... Anyway thanks for the wishes.
  3. Bro they listened u. Though a little less. 200% is still good. Btw I don't like to level up in hurry ...Still a lot of things to upgrade 😇...
  4. I have been super unlucky in getting pals from free chests. Haven't got any new pal from uber pal chests yet. The pal event gave me eldrak recently. I have only tammy, archimedes, howl and eldrak. Tammy is exceptional for me so I don't use any other pal. I would like to have phoebe,nidhogg and aska. Note: phoebe is a far thing if the frequency of free tickets will be like this.
  5. we want community week event. Everyone is desperately waiting for it so when we see 'community' word in official announcement page, only one thing strike our mind i. e., community week event. I hope u guys must be planning for a community week soon. Btw BEST OF LUCK for the community event.
  6. +1 from my side. Strongly Agree with u. That will be much better. I also suffer from this. Have to wait and remove insta troops without even using them so that I can request new troops.
  7. Zombies are good. I think most players will enjoy its power. Everytime ninja is boring. Shuffling these event troops ( ninja, yetis, zombie, etc) will bring out more diversity and fun. I appreciate this.
  8. Here it is... Alliance party event.
  9. Following the pattern of last few events, they will announce the event today most probably. A two day event.
  10. I'm waiting for community week too. I hope we will have one soon.
  11. 😂😂😂 bad observer I'm 😂
  12. I don't think so... But may be.
  13. While raiding in festival battles a while before I noticed something unusual in lightening towers. Some dots are shown below life meter to show the charges left. New feature added, kinda useful. Do any one had info about it?? Is it announced?
  14. What I observed from these two maintenance breaks:- The first maintenance break led to reset of league records (Though I'm not sure if it was the result of maintenance as I connected half an hour later). The second maintenance break brought back the previous records (I was online) . So the first break must be a mistake caused by any bug or something else. ... ... My diamond league was on the finishing line so I was dreaming to see myself as diamond league record holder ( may be for a little time as higher players would have crossed me soon) but the second break broke my dream. The golden opportunity lost..
  15. If free ticket is available every 14 days. I'm ready to spend 100 or 150 gems to buy tickets to play all pro leagues.