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  1. Awesome!!! Really amazing.... I'll love to see u drawing howling wolf( in howling state).
  2. Atleast u used to get a chance to open your beak because of his posts.. I think u must be making joke even on someone's bad times in real life.
  3. Good luck @Warriornator...u will be missed.
  4. Path length will make us its presence feel in close combat. Without giving any further upgrade to spell, only defense is being focused. I know most of the times we defeat opponent with plenty of time in hand but there r some close battles as well where this will make difference. Also see the timing of changes. They did it just before war so that higher level players must upgrade it using gems (first skipping cool down of current worker if there is no worker free and then skipping cool down of castle upgrade). Well played flare.. šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘
  5. What's ur views guys?? I support most of the changes but increased path length is something which will make defense more OP.
  6. We will love to have u in our team, 'The Indian Squad'. U will enjoy with us.
  7. I'm also waiting for the announcement. Time is passing
  8. Can u plz throw some more light on one time off on pearls. Did they give pearls free to everyone or under one time offer which requires money.
  9. Up Show some dare flare. Answer before its too late...
  10. To open the base fully.. On/off for defense ninja will also be helpful.
  11. I checked the gold value of both items. @Dena4 is right. The legendary item has less gold value than epic item. I think I got the epic item in uber chest while legendary item in daily legendary chest. The unusual difference in price is weird.
  12. Oh sorry If I was impatient but I couldn't control myself after seeing that u wasted 1000 gems. I hope u will not waste ur gems in resurrecting and scrolling. Good luck
  13. I encountered this problem just now. I'm curious what is this, a bug or just another examole of flare maths calculation. Same item, one is legendary other is epic. Legendary has one level up stats still less pearls on melting.
  14. R u crazy @IrishLady911, wasting 1000 gems in festival šŸ˜±šŸ˜± who the hell do this. If u r having difficulty then upgrade ur spells and troops. and as @hulk suggested drop ur trophy to get easier bases. Wasting gems in battles is something which I'll never suggest. The whole game is all about gems... Do u know na??
  15. Anyone plz start the trivia event. I need gems. Its more than a month since last one. @Heroesflorian @Archimedes@KKStar