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  1. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Very well summarized. Great memory. The story tells how social this game is... Politics at top.
  2. Level Madness / The Gap to VL

    Not a good idea. Why will anyone invest in defense ?
  3. Update

    So 3.7 is here with new spell, troop and tower... Well new units are added in yearly update which are big updates like 2.0 , 3.0. Why this new units in 3.7, will we have new units again in 4.0 ? More grinding ? Anyway I like this idea of pal transformation into beast. Rest are also cool. And.. Here is new units and their states.. Note: upgrade button of required towers to unlock these are still not active so may be we need a maintenance.
  4. daily reward collection problem

    Coz u must have forgotten to collect 'a chest' before. Means if u miss to collect any daily chest then in return u will get one less chest and this 'one less' starts from the end. I have also suffered from this...and I think there will be many more sufferer..
  5. IMHO about Phoebe

    I would also love to know that path as I use Aki.
  6. IMHO about Phoebe

    Play hard to get it and unlock ur beast and then see it getting nerfed...
  7. Open bases?

    lord_pk Semi open. Always open except war duration.
  8. Why can't we legalize multiple account? What will be its bad consequences...? I'm restricting only to multiple account and account sharing is nothing to do with it and I personally feel account sharing is wrong and it must be treated as unfair means.
  9. So long.... Is it the longest unofficial post on forum.
  10. Update 3.6.1

    Lol.. It will be more better if they will give us first rank pearls irrespective of our rank in league... I'll appreciate more if they can give pearls without playing.
  11. Leader rank

    Use Google Translator to communicate with him and convince him to promote u back or you can form a new alliance if ur alliance isn't much higher...
  12. New subscriptions

    Can anyone merge this all topic related to subscription. Everyone can discuss there and we won't have to jump here n there to read individuals... @flaretara @KKStar
  13. Subscription pricing

    They are not good at maths...
  14. No more pals- maybe one last

    Idea noted Already!