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  1. Why can't we legalize multiple account? What will be its bad consequences...? I'm restricting only to multiple account and account sharing is nothing to do with it and I personally feel account sharing is wrong and it must be treated as unfair means.
  2. So long.... Is it the longest unofficial post on forum.
  3. Update 3.6.1

    Lol.. It will be more better if they will give us first rank pearls irrespective of our rank in league... I'll appreciate more if they can give pearls without playing.
  4. Leader rank

    Use Google Translator to communicate with him and convince him to promote u back or you can form a new alliance if ur alliance isn't much higher...
  5. New subscriptions

    Can anyone merge this all topic related to subscription. Everyone can discuss there and we won't have to jump here n there to read individuals... @flaretara @KKStar
  6. Subscription pricing

    They are not good at maths...
  7. No more pals- maybe one last

    Idea noted Already!
  8. There is a new update again... 3.6.1 What's new in it? Before I download it I want to know if there will be new update again.. Tomorrow 😸
  9. Firstly I would like to thank for this update...some changes are outstanding but again u have done things half heartedly...what the hell will u get by taking our 99 gems ? What did u stop from making the confirmation button universal ? We will still have to be cautious. 100 gems won't force anyone to buy gems but wasting 100 gems will frustate them... Misclicks in battles n cof is still possible with ur changes. Obviously not happy with this. I think u should do a server maintenance to make it universal. Leave it on our will to spend gems. Believe us we r wise enough...
  10. Open bases?

    Ign - lord_pk Semi open Warning : Don't Rush
  11. Update

    Only one more wardrobe is being added?? Is it confirmed or just prediction?
  12. Update

    Why it should be fixed? Its not a bug its a feature. Everything(friendly) coming in his healing range should get healed. It is his spell and spell does not limit itself in path....Think about ur firestorm... Ten morale point will not be of its worth if its power is limited. It should not be nerfed.
  13. Update

    This possibility can't be ignored but they shouldn't do this because it will shut a good door... Players will scream.
  14. Update

    I think they may charge some gems for additional slots. Ninja Coins in cof don't compel anyone to buy gems. If u have 100 odd gems then its clear. So removing it won't affect their treasury much. There is already a number of gem sucking pits available in game so filling one of them should not affect them. However its a big relief for players. But as @Warriornator pointed out, there must be some hidden new 'pit' waiting for us...