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    U can edit the current post. There will be option there.

    Plz write which boosts you are providing to members. Also your alliance level, etc. It will be helpful for those who wants to join your team. Visit here to get a guide
  3. Never before thought of idea for pro league!

    But here it is mentioned as Shield boost. So I thought boost to shield or shield boost is same. Any way I don't even know what is this. Can u plz...
  4. Never before thought of idea for pro league!

    Sorry but did I miss something? Where is the 'shield boost'.
  5. instead of deciding LB on the basis of fief and defeat difference (during war). They should better decide on the basis of how much SP the other team has. If the opponent has 10% more sp than there should be an increase of 0.2% in Lb (its there duty to calculate how to keep balance. Mine is just example). At the same time the LB should not allow the loser team to take over the winner at any cost(winner is winner because they r better). If winner has 100% sp, the loser should not have more than 85% sp even after LB. It may bring the strategy factor in the war. Also LB should be given only against that team against which they have lost. A system is also possible where there is no lb. Instead certain amount of sbp(skull bonus percentage) should be added at the start of war.( different against different team). No increase in bonus even if u lose continuously , u were given parallel opportunity at the start. Note: There is some flaw in every system. Like teams will forge sp after war. So its their duty how to fix such problem. May be freeze forging of sp once war starts.
  6. U forgot to add '1' in William's ign. 😂
  7. my ninjas is miss from my kingdom..

    Write your ign and alliance name here.
  8. They should better make a system where all boosts (except war and events) are available to all alliance irrespective of their rank and its price and power increases with the increase in rank. This way atleast everyone will have some basic boosts. It will help to attract players. They can set the no. of 'lions' needed to unlock pro boost as per alliance level too. It will surely help them.
  9. I agree with you. But in the beginning everyone is weak.
  10. I agree with you but equality(ideal) is also nature. No one. Most have them gonna die today or tomorrow. You know it, I know it but new players don't know it. They make new alliances because they want to enjoy the power which is again the NATURE( I'm sure u want everything to be natural). Better make a system where there is a eligibility to become leader (like after certain level). For u :: Make a new Id and go in a mid level active alliance. I'm 100% sure you will enjoy the game more and we play the game for enjoyment (natural). A leader have far better perspective and sees everyone with equal eye(atleast try to see or try to act). (Natural) I fear an alliance led by you will die soon. 😊
  11. This is what ULTRON wanted in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Will a Community or society survive like this?? Your definition of WEAK will keep on changing as the last layers of WEAKS disappears. Even at the end there will be some WEAK. An ideal society of only STRONGS is possible?
  12. Rewards pro league

    I also got a ring but thanks got it didn't disappear. My heart was beating.
  13. (past) pro players

    May I know what is this 'DC' bug and what it stands for ? Also how the players using it weren't caught.
  14. 2 weapons at once????

    It will be great if the king can use two sword at once and thus double perks.