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  1. How to make the war interesting

    Thanks dena , i am on second last lv of bs. But i need to know which perk of towers should be forged and i hope you will help me. Also in case of troops i am forging 1. Speed perk of knight . 2.heal range of monk & his health . 3. Skeleton cooldown of necromancer. 4.damage done by cannons. I have no idea for forging which perk of which defensive troops. So help me out , waiting for your reply.
  2. How to make the war interesting

    Hii Dena4 , i am on 500k and i will buy bs slots in next bs event. I am playing game from about 1 year in which i am inactive for about 4 months. I started playing due to my health issues and i am on bed rest so i have a lot of time and i started growing very fast . I have 8k and i will get 3.5k more gems in quest for getting 10k pearls by using gems . I think i can buy 3 more slot in next event. Thanks for the infos.Enjoy the upcoming event.
  3. How to make the war interesting

    Bro no good allaince want to recruit player with 500k donation. But i will go through your advice . Thanks. Will unlock bs slots when there is an event.
  4. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    Players who got rank under 1k in monthly leaderboard should be provided 1 free ticket . One ticket to every one who got rank between 1-1001
  5. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    A newly joined player can participate in pro league or not.
  6. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    Oh i don't know that everyone have same lv of spells.
  7. How to make the war interesting

    I also have only five workers , i am also upgrading my towers to max. I can't forge every towers because i earn pearls from ninja is 6k . And some from melting and rewards of chest .There are 21 towers to be forged. I also have to forge my spells and troops . I saved gems from start. I resurrect only if i dead in ninja(very rarely) . Scrolls very rare and cof i think just 2-3 times i used gems in it. I have lost about 500 gems mistajely. I am still on saving gems . I have 8k gems and waiting for community week to upgrade AT.About bs i have unlocked only 4 . I first want to upgrade AT atleast 1000k donation then will buy mor bs slot. These stuffs are not that much easy as it is seen by high level player.
  8. How to make the war interesting

    Depends on player lv , mine is just its not genrating 100s of gems. Players resurrect ones or twice and then quits. I am a free player so i have less gems or perls .
  9. How to make the war interesting

    okay so will you get 4k gems in next month again. I dont think u have 5k more vouchers to get again 1k gems and , its not necessary that u win 1k gems again in contest .so number reduces to 2k. If you win contest its luck. Defence can't earn thousands gems in a month. For player lv near about 100.
  10. How to make the war interesting

    I haven't played first war season. But most of the war chest contains gems. We have many way to earn free gems but this doesn't mean that there will be no new idea in future to earn free gems . In this way i can also say that we have many way to earn golds then why flare will provide free gold . I think no one(free player) is that much lucky as much you are to collect about 4k gems in one month but every one fills there treasure chamber at least one time in a week.
  11. How to make the war interesting

    When i said that flare should give gems depending on skulls player score during war then you said flare is not a charity company then why flare will give that much more chests , after all flare is not a charity trust.
  12. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    I also seen that and i didn't understand how lv 57 guy is on rank 1. I think his spells are not maxed at such low lv then how he/she can get 1st position. And lv 115 player doesn't depend on score of others he/she can be on rank 1 devoid of any condition its so easy for them.
  13. Wednesday and the question arises again

    there should be a discount on pro ticket in community week.
  14. Pro League Rewards NEED to Improve

    In the current pro league system changing reward will not be that much effective so i have a new idea. Pro league should be organised as other platform. Same level players can participate in league like every lv 90-95 player should be in one league and other players in other league . It makes pro league equally and more competitive. Also reward system gets changed automatically by this idea.
  15. Wednesday and the question arises again

    When will be community week , i am just waiting for that.