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  1. Offers

    They just keep doing anything they can to make the game worse...been going on for months now. And don't expect a reply from admin on here...I think they jumped ship long ago and forgot to turn the lights out!
  2. New update...

    Like a fool I got all excited when my phone told me it was installing new nonstop knight update. I bet they are finally adding new knight upgrades so that I can actually use my tokens again.... How naive I was. I HAVE BUCKET LOADS OF TOKENS...STILL NOTHING TO USE THEM ON. Any suggestions??? How about the TTT bug???
  3. Multiplayer Koop

    Great idea...but it would be like pouring more water in a leaking bucket. They can't fix the game as it is...Hey...lets add another pet! 😴😠💩💤
  4. Boss Hunt Season Feedback

    Trust me...whatever we think they should do you can bet they will do the exact opposite! All they care about now is trying to get people to spend money!
  5. Let's add boots, rings,etc...

    All great but...let them fix what they have first!
  6. Reporting a cheater

    Oh my good are alive! Hello...are you still there? Come in please...
  7. Reporting a cheater

    No one is paying any attention to ours posts on here I am afraid. Can the last person out please switch off the lights...
  8. MAX GOLD...again!

    I should have guessed! Is there anyone from admin even reading any of this? Hello... How hard can it be to fix?
  9. MAX GOLD...again!

    I am getting very close to TTT GOLD again. Anyone know if the bugs are fixed or will it just MAX out again? Don't think it's worth asking anyone from admin as they seem to have given up answering on this forum!
  10. Random game crashes iPhone 6

    Can't watch adds for nearly two weeks...they have really dropped the ball on this game. Worst customer support I have ever experienced.
  11. Crashing ~50% of the time viewing ads

    No ads working all weekend! Anyone there???

    OK, I'll admit...I may have been a little hard on you in the past. I'm willing to make you a deal. I will stop moaning if your boffins fix just 2 things. That's all, just 2. 1 FIX THE TTT BUG FINALLY! 2 ADD MORE NIGHT UPGRADE SO PEOPLE THAT HAVE ALL THE UPGRADES CAN ACTUALLY USE THERE TOKENS FOR SOMETHING. Not too much to ask is it? Call me a mind reader but I'm picking up your reply already...' We very much appreciate your feedback and will pass on your suggestions to the development team' How did I do?
  13. Vendor price for tokens has doubled?

    I have nearly 5 T tokens and can't use them for anything as I have all the knight upgrades...ask the people running this show if there is anyway I can give you some of mine???
  14. REFUND

    I really don't think you have any idea what you are talking about but I am glad the game still appeals to someone. Have fun pal.
  15. Was the cost of tokens raised lately?

    Saddest thing is they really don't care