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  1. Can't watch adds for nearly two weeks...they have really dropped the ball on this game. Worst customer support I have ever experienced.
  2. No ads working all weekend! Anyone there???
  3. OK, I'll admit...I may have been a little hard on you in the past. I'm willing to make you a deal. I will stop moaning if your boffins fix just 2 things. That's all, just 2. 1 FIX THE TTT BUG FINALLY! 2 ADD MORE NIGHT UPGRADE SO PEOPLE THAT HAVE ALL THE UPGRADES CAN ACTUALLY USE THERE TOKENS FOR SOMETHING. Not too much to ask is it? Call me a mind reader but I'm picking up your reply already...' We very much appreciate your feedback and will pass on your suggestions to the development team' How did I do?
  4. I have nearly 5 T tokens and can't use them for anything as I have all the knight upgrades...ask the people running this show if there is anyway I can give you some of mine???
  5. I really don't think you have any idea what you are talking about but I am glad the game still appeals to someone. Have fun pal.
  6. Saddest thing is they really don't care
  7. Yep...I genuinely think they are trying to lose players. Who ever runs this mess should be congratulated. Never seen such fine customer support and they always pay attention to the feedback!!! Genius.
  8. I wonder if we could make them buy them back from us? Or maybe eBay? Who knows...they may even reply with a sensible answer one day. Who am I kidding ! All I will say, if there are any relatively new players reading this...DO NOT SPEND MONEY on this game. You will get to a certain level where the coins max out and you have tokens you can't use. They continue to do nothing. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME
  9. I now have 4 trillion tokens that I can't use for anything!!! I really don't think they are listening at all.
  10. Great I thought...They have removed the pointless gold boost and fixed the last update, they may have even added some new knight upgrades...NOPE More useless s*@t. Great work as always Bye bye.
  11. I am being very serious with this post. Now that this game is totally different to the one I started playing and so many things like pets, tokens and bounties are a total waste of time, I would like you to refund all the money that has been spent on this game up until the last update. Please respond.
  12. I think they should just undo the gold boost thingy altogether. Come on know it was a mistake. Right your wrongs.
  13. How hard can it be to just undo the last update for starters?
  14. Very well put and some excellent points...but like I said in a previous post, I have a feeling they don't really care that much.
  15. Not sure if it will do much good. Can't really seeing them admitting they messed up and changing it back.