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  1. Granny VS Blacksmith event coming soon

    Good idea. The items bought from granny can melt into pro crystal
  2. Restrict attacks !

    I used to have someone attack me again and again. It's fine to take some gold and trophies away, just a little bit boring to see the same history again and again and again...
  3. Melting

    So luck beyond 80% is working as well?
  4. Just a Heads up for Genie and Master

    Log a call https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and give them all details you have. them can put your old account back to a newly installed game. a little bit slow but it works. Last time they asked for my most recent purchase receipt as part of proof .
  5. New Pupil ?

    Oh my goodness. I thought that's a pig on the first glance.
  6. New subscriptions

    I am a casual player, buying daily gem chest and one time offer, occasionally buy the 20K. I like the game, so the more the company earn, the longer I can play. But hundreds dollars per month!! That's far beyond my imagination. Anyway, it must have plenty of people to subscript to make them declare that price.
  7. New items in pro shop

    I saw the sonic blast ring. What a lovely and painful item for me as I recently forged my fire ring to 55%. I want the speed cape as well, hopefully it will come out next time.
  8. Why phoeve can't not heal

    Thank you oPelle for the information. Sounds like a big heal option with 2% luck and will spill itself.
  9. Give My 750 Gems Back

    These battles are not interesting nor funny, I am not willing to enter it again. Unfortunately, I was greed to purchased 5 tickets so I got a bigger punishment for my greed.
  10. At the moment, the only way I can find to spent my extra tickets is do not collect free ones and a couple weeks later, emmm all tickets gone. This can save me seconds time to collect the free one, I feel my gems well spent.
  11. Not likely Aki, they already shipped with uber pal box. I guess it's the black one.
  12. Can't agree more. Just spend money which makes you happy. It's an entertainment not a career.
  13. Sometimes, a restart can fix the ad issue. Works on my windows phone and pc.
  14. Range of towers improved?

    It is increased, or maybe a bug fixed. The number did not change but the blue circle area increased. It covers area it can shoot in reality now. It used to cover the area the tower start to shoot. When you run away, the tower can extend it's range a little bit to follow you.
  15. gem house

    Occasionally, I can get extra pearl(s) with the one gem.