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  1. My granddaughter has the other account as i dont want her losing all my hard earned trophies. I log in to her account thru the day to watch the bonus chest video. We are now in the same clan so i can see when the first account logs off. Sometimes this takes 4 or 5 minutes after switching accounts. If i wait for the first account to log off i get the chest in the correct account. If i watch the video before the first account logs out, the first logged into account gets both. Not sure if it still does it since i figured out the flaw.
  2. Same device
  3. I dont think its an issue with internet. Im not having any problems with my other account
  4. Ign validus1 Alliance souless destruction Lvl 107 Trophy count around 6600
  5. I take that back. Im getting 1 bonus chest for every 4 or 5 videos. Seems like they're going to my other account. I opened 1 there with 5 minutes left and the next 1 was set to expire in 7 minutes. I know i didnt watch 2 videos in a row. Usually there is 2 hours apart from the next. Can someone look into this for me. Thank you
  6. Its fixed now. Thanks
  7. Ive been watching the videos with no problem but im not receiving any bonus chests. Been going on for well over a week now. Please fix since this really limits the amount i can play. Ign- validus1
  8. So all we need to do to increse them is gain fame or is it when you have the option to replace one, the new ones are stronger? Seems to me when i replaced 1 it was about the same % range as the one i replaced.
  9. Is there a way to keep the mastery that was chosen but increase its effectiveness? 1 to 3% boost doesnt seem like much.
  10. I watch the videos for bonus chests several times a day but havent been getting any bonus chests in over a week. Ign: validus1
  11. I used to be super active thru the week and would get attacked as much as i was attacking. I have a new job that doesnt allow me to be no where near as active as i once was. After maybe 3 days the endless attacks stopped and i was able to keep what trophies i had left. About 6k. For the past 2 months ive only been using zues and hades to attack 15+ trophy islands and have since been able to get to 6500 trophies. Slow progress yes but at least im maintaining what i have and not losing massive amounts anymore. I feel like i shouldnt comment on how i do it cuz now the devs will have an update to change my strategy.
  12. It seems to still work that way dumpster. I only play thru the week with zues and hades when i have islands worth 15 or trophies. My war hero's are at max lvl so i dont need to worry about leveling them up. Not sure if playing the odyssey affects the rate at which i appear on others map but i only get attacked maybe once a day. Sometimes i go 3 or 4 days without being attacked. The more active you are the more you get attacked for sure. Ive been able to maintain 6500 in trophies for awhile now. Slow progress yes but im busy thru the week anyway. Ive become a war whore. Still addicted after a year of playing.
  13. Build a strong defense so others dont take your trophies.
  14. Can someone explain what area damage does? Is it caused by an equiped item?
  15. Has anyone broke the curse on an item yet? I got a godlike one this morning but 50 gems is a bit much. I think ill wait the 6 days of wearing it to find out what happens when i break the curse.