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  1. Greetings Queens & Kings! The next Pro-League will start on Friday 8th, December at 9:00 CET and will end on Thursday 14th, December at 9:00 CET. You can register to this Pro-League until 12:00 CET on Wednesday 13th, December. This week's Pro-League is called "Blessed Cup" with Monk, Blessing Wolf and Holy Paladin: The Pro-Shop will remain the same as last week. Each player participating in the weekly Pro-League will receive rewards based on their final rank. Below is a breakdown of the various rewards you can get from the Weekly Pro-League Leaderboard based on your rank: With the Monthly Pro-League Leaderboard now live, you can earn even better rewards depending on your final rank. Below is a breakdown of the various rewards you can get, rank 1 rewarding you with 50000 Gems and 10 Chests! Have fun and good luck! Your Royal Revolt 2 team.
  2. Hello Everyone, The update 2.4 is out and here is what you can find in it: New PET Popper the Penguin New Items The Kringle 100% attack speed and summons an elf The Bobbler 50% dodge bonus and summons an elf The Noel -30% skill cooldown and summons an elf Jade’s Christmas Outfit New Events and Boss Hunts (including two new, additional Boss Hunt Rulesets) Some bug fixing and polishing. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Your Nonstop Knight Team
  3. Celestial Boost not awarded & Game Crash

    Hello, @MoonlightWolf, very sorry to hear that! In case you didn't do it yet, could you please submit a ticket to Customer Support: https://fgurl.net/help_me/ They'll have a deeper look into this issue and contact you as soon as they can! Have a nice day, oisia
  4. Show your Acropolis! - Pictures and Videos

    Hello Olympians, Thank you very much for sharing your Acropolis with us! We picked 3 random winners: MrCouPer MoonlightWolf🐺 Dungeon Master Ek No All players who added a video will receive 100 Gems. Also all participants will receive 50 Gems for taking part in the contest. The Gems should be added to your accounts tomorrow latest. Congratulations to all participants! Your Olympus Rising Team
  5. Hello Olympians, The new hero - Artemis will be added to the Odyssey rotation starting next week . Thanks, Your Olympus Rising Team
  6. Hello Olympians! Version 3.8.1 has been released. It includes some changes and fixes. You can now turn off Screen Shake via the Options Menu The Tributes Screen can now be accessed from the War Map In addition we fixed several issues: Thunder Charge cooldown now triggers correctly We added a new VFX to the Power icons when Artemis is charged with thunder Artemis Powers will no longer appear in Tasks for other Heroes' Cursed Items Aiming controls when using Artemis' Powers have been improved Added the Health stat to the Call Stag Power Info screens Important Note: This version may take some time to release in all countries. If it is not yet available in your store, please try again later. Your Olympus Rising Team
  7. Hello Olympians, Today we had a Live Server Update with the following changes: General Reduced the amount of Prestige required to reach higher levels; it is now possible to get to Prestige level 30 by building all Decorations Ajax the Great Slightly increased health bonus Increased Whirlwind damage Artemis Increased maximum Morale and initial Morale at lower Hero levels Now has a fixed health bonus of 30% Fixed a bug which caused incorrect upgrade costs for Artemis' Powers Call Stag: Reduced cooldown by 5 seconds No longer dies automatically after 30 seconds Significantly increased health Significantly increased damage Now deals additional damage to all towers and barricades Slightly reduced knockback caused by attacks Is now immune to petrification and stun effects Reduced Invocation cost by 5 Gems Thunder Charge: Now also deals some damage and briefly stuns enemies even when it's not charged. Damage and stun duration are noticably higher when using the charged version The charge buff does not expire anymore, until activated by using a Power Now has a fixed cooldown of 12 seconds when Artemis is charged Piercing Venom: Reduced cooldown by 5 seconds Slightly increased the area in which enemies are hit, making it a bit easier to aim Significantly increased damage Hail Storm: Reduced cooldown by 2 seconds Slightly increased damage Blazing Slash: Reduced cooldown by 15 seconds Slightly reduced damage Thank you, Your Olympus Rising Team
  8. Black Weekend Raffle!

    Hello Olympians, Here are the Winners: MrCouPer Negan♠️ Gilrael Vasudeva1 💥Pan⚡cMind💥 Areisp Drugarot KK Star Qwerty.baruc Dheth The Winners will receive 300 Gems. We also have a little something for all other participants. Each of you will receive 50 Gems. Note: Gems should be added to your account tomorrow latest. Thanks and congratulations, Your Olympus Rising Team
  9. Game Crash

    Hello @NAPC, sorry to hear that. Could you please contact Customer Support: https://fgurl.net/help_me/ They'll investigate the issue and contact you as soon as possible. Thanks, oisia
  10. Black Weekend Raffle!

    Hello Olympians, Black Weekend is coming! Out of this occasion we will be giving away some Gems! How to get them? Just reply to this thread with your in-game name! Rules Write your in-game name One entry per person/player Deadline is Monday 27 November 2017 at 7:00 AM CET Rewards 10 players who reply to this thread will be randomly chosen to receive 300 gems We wish you good luck! Your Olympus Rising Team
  11. Game Still Active/Updating? | Backups

    Hello @Yippers, we recommend to contact customer support: https://flaregames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new They'll assist you with this issue as good as possible. Thanks, oisia
  12. Show your Acropolis! - Pictures and Videos

    Short guide how to use video recording on iOS 11: Enter the Settings app and select the Control Centre. Once inside the Control Centre select Customise Controls and add "Screen Recording" to the included list by tapping on the +. When in-game swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the app bar. Swipe up again to bring up the Control Panel and press the record button. After the countdown return to the game to record your video. To stop recording return to the Control Panel and press the Record button again.
  13. Show your Acropolis!

    Hello Olympians, To celebrate the release of the Augmented Reality we want you to show us your beautifully decorated Acropolis! Three of them randomly chosen will win 1000 Gems each! Add your in-game name and post a screenshot of your Acropolis in this thread: Are you interested in gaining an extra 100 Gems? Share a video with us, using Augmented Reality for this extra reward! Remember if you want to show us a video, upload the video on YouTube, Vimeo or other available video upload platforms. Deadline: 1st December 2017 00:00 CET We can't wait to see all of them! Thank you, Your Olympus Rising Team
  14. Post screenshots and/or videos of your Acropolis in this thread For the full set of rules, please see: Don't forget to add your in-game names to the posts. Have fun! Your Olympus Rising Team
  15. Hello everyone, The store issue has been fixed and you should now be able to access the store and buy products again. A compensation with the appropriate number of gems has been sent out to all users who were not able to collect their Daily Gems for the Monthly Gem Package due to the shop outage. The gems were/will be automatically added to your account on restart of the game. In case you still haven't received the uncollected gems or have further questions about this, please feel free to contact our Customer Support. We apologize for the frustration. Your Nonstop Knight team