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  1. Hello everyone, There will be no Boss Hunt today. Sorry for letting you know on such a short notice! Thank you for your understanding and stay tuned for the next announcement. Have a nice day! Your Nonstop Knight Team
  2. Hello Vheod, sorry to hear that! Could you please contact our customer support team https://fgurl.net/help_me They will look into this issue and assist you as good as possible. Thanks for your patience, oisia
  3. Dear Olympians, Thank you all for taking part in the event "Odysseus Defends His Honor". The main prize (1500 Gems) was given to players who reached 0%. Players who didn’t destroy the gate were rewarded with 500 Gems. Players who destroyed the gate weren’t rewarded. The Gems have been given away to every player that suppose to get them. However if someone is still missing something please don’t hesitate to contact us. Congratulations! Have a nice day, Your Olympus Rising Team
  4. Hello Tyamat, sorry for the frustration. The Challenge started as usual this time. Could you give us more details about the issues that you had. Would be also great if you could tell us the platform and device you are using. Have a nice day, oisia
  5. Hi Jetedry, sorry for the frustration. We forwarded the issues to the development team. Could you maybe tell us more about the frequency of the issues? We're trying to gather as much information as possible that could help us to solve the issue. Have a nice day, oisia
  6. Thank you for the fast respond! The Gems has been transferred to your accounts. Congratulations once again! oisia
  7. Dear Olympians, thank you for taking part in the event! Most of the participants already received their rewards. Congratulations! Some of the participants haven’t been rewarded yet, because we are missing their in-game names. The list of the players can be found below. @KingRAWANA @Sonny8 @Seelview @Abdelghafar @Harsha1612 @Artemus @Sina @Prometheus Please post below your in-game name and the name of the Alliance you are in. It will help us to identify your account. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks a lot for your help! Have a nice day, oisia
  8. Hello everyone, the Midweek Boss Hunt is on its way. It will start on Wednesday (14th of June 2017 01:00 PM CEST). For the upcoming Boss Hunt: 12 players in a group 35 Bosses per player to accommodate Good luck and happy hunting! Your Nonstop Knight Team
  9. Hello everyone, as many of you know the Weekend Challenge didn’t take place due to technical issues. We want to apologize you for inconvenience! As a small compensation, an additional Midweek Challenge will start tomorrow (Wednesday 14th of June 2017 at 12:00 pm CEST). We wish you lots of fun and looking forward to your feedback! Your Nonstop Chuck Norris Team
  10. @R3N3G4D0 unfortunately due to a technical issue the Challenge didn't start at all. Sorry once again! We are planning an additional Challenge as a small compensation for all the players that was looking forward to the weekend event. As soon as we know all the details we'll announce it in the Official Announcements section. Thanks for your patience, oisia
  11. Hello, first of all sorry for the confusion. We had some technical issues and the Challenge didn't start as it suppose to. We are really sorry for that. Stay tuned for the next Challenge announcement! Your Nonstop Chuck Norris Team
  12. Hello Brave Olympians, You have finally reached the end of your Community Odyssey which began over a month ago with hard-fought Trojan War. We hope that your Odysseus' Homecoming was packed with new, powerful items to strengthen your Heroes... because they'll need it! The Community Odyssey may be over, but your personal Odysseys have just begun! The Odyssey When Odysseus returned from his fantastical voyage with tales of courage and mystery, your other Heroes were filled with the inspiration to set out on their own adventures. Every week your chance will arrive to set out from the Ithacan Harbor to strange new islands. But take note: in order to truly master the Odyssey you will need to master the use of each and every one of your Heroes. Challenge Yourself in New Ways Experience endless variety by sailing to as many as 25 new and different islands every week. Push your limits by tackling higher and higher difficulty levels to earn permanent Enhancements and new unique items! Beware! The Odyssey difficulty will scale with the strength of your account. The highest difficulties (only unlocked with the maximum Harbor level) have specifically been designed with the best Olympus Rising players in mind; unless you are sure of your god-like skill in battle you will need to be prepared for a crushing challenge at these difficulties! The Choice is Yours Tailor the game to your own personal style by selecting which Enhancements you want to fight for. Select higher difficulties for even more powerful Enhancements. Remember: any Enhancements you win will be permanently added to your account! Will you concentrate on increasing the health of your defensive structures, or go for an all out attack by only taking Enhancements which increase the power of your units? Honored Heroes Every Adventure will feature an Honored Hero, fighting with this Honored Hero allows you to gain more Fame, which means stronger Enhancements and better rewards, time to pull your less-used Heroes out of retirement and throw them into the heat of battle. New Unique Items The Odyssey is a great way to win new Unique Items, reaching the highest rewards in an Odyssey give you a high chance of uncovering this special loot. The Odyssey: Video Overview If you haven't already done so, check out the early look video that Sam & Chris put together for a quick look at how The Odyssey works and what you can expect to see! Note: This video was made prior to the build was finalized, so there may be some minor differences between what you see here and the final version. Additional Updates in version 3.4 Daily Gifts - Daily gifts will no longer reset until you collect the final Chest, even if you miss a day! No more missing that final Titan Chest because you forgot to collect your chest for a couple of days. Greek Flag! (Image Source: Wikipedia) A game based in Greek mythology should clearly have the Greek flag represented! You can now select the Greek flag on the Alliance Language selection screen. A big thank you to everyone who let us know we left this one out. Bug Fixes & Improvements Griffins - Fixed an issue in which Griffins were sometimes missing Barricades when attempting to attack them War Spoils - Fixed an issue in which incorrect War Spoils were shown when after a Skirmish had ended Sorting - Fixed an issue in which the sorting in the Alliance Hall of Gods could be broken when pressing the up arrow Jason - Time to wreak havoc with the new option to buy a third Power slot for Jason There are also tons of other bug fixes and improvements, so keep an eye out for them! So prepare to set sail on your Odyssey, and thank you for all of the continued support and great feedback! Note: This version may take some time to release in all countries. If it is not yet available in your store, please try again later. Your Olympus Rising Team
  13. Hello everyone, the upcoming Challenge will start as usual on Saturday (10th June 2017 at 12:00 PM CEST). Please keep in mind that this time instead of 10 players 12 will participate in a group. Looking forward to your feedback! Have fun and Good Luck! Your Nonstop Chuck Norris Team
  14. Hello everyone, the next Boss Hunt will start as usual on Saturday (10th of June 01:00 PM CEST.) The team size as well as the milestone interval stay the same: 12 players 35 Milestone intervals Good luck and happy hunting! Your Nonstop Knight Team
  15. Hi, thank you for your honest feedback. We are sorry for any frustration caused by the recent game changes. From our side we can assure that we are going through all your comments and forwarding community’s feedback directly to the game team. Bug fixing is something the development team is working on at the moment, though unfortunately we don’t have anything to share on when those fixes may be in place. We are very thankful for having players like you that are willing to share your feedback with us! Please continue to do so, and thank you for your patience!” Thanks! oisia