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  1. Twilight
  2. That makes no sence
  3. Let me say itlike Dominicans "you no hearin wwhat i have to say are you hearing yourself take your ears from under you and listen to dis words"
  4. you didnt understand me i asked what levell where i can press upgrade instead of the dungeons
  5. Hey how or what level can i upgrade the werewolf and mummy
  6. darn it i was so busy with movinng i forgot about that
  7. Plus the previous festival i didnt participate
  8. im still having a hard time with my defense
  9. i have to upgrade the castle guard to reduce the time each wave comes cause players their troops come one after the other
  10. Im gonna sit this weeks ninja event out 

  11. one question what kind of festivall is this
  12. What kind of festival is this

  13. no no no no no no no see these chains is far different the lightning tower has a base underneath but the sun tower is just a sun disk and chains
  14. Okay the design for the Tower oof Ra renamed Sun Tower is a sun disk susppended by chains
  15. anyway im almost done with the sketches