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  1. Towers completed as well as the other commissions

  2. im a cross dresser so if your asking or about to ask nah i act like a girl and dress like one too
  3. nah i act like a girl and dress like one too
  4. Do you
  5. Yeaah im a lesbian got a problem with that
  6. Time to do some wiccan
  7. FYI Im a girl
  8. whould you go find a man
  9. If only you all knew
  10. Wow its amazing how fools can argue and have no ears as my grandmother says "if they wont listen to your point of view and act as if they know more  then they are missing key components in their life"  R.I.P Grandmother

  11. Lang boda mamow zoweh
  12. أنت جميعا لا أستمع
  13. beacause you people no understand bloodclat man
  14. Sweet goddess of isis you people are not understanding you know what fine ill use some algorithms to find it myself
  15. Twilight