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  1. Griffin And Phoenix AI problem

    I have also seen blue dots incorrectly appear between my hero in the front and the final gate and appear to move towards me (and then not be real) and I've seen red dots appear at the beginning, but never seem to do damage to my gate. That progress bar has dot bugs sometimes. Even if they're real heroes, a stopped dot wouldn't surprise me
  2. Inactive founder

    General is transferred after deemed inactive. Founder is never transferred (the reason that Founder was introduced).
  3. New Power Available sign

    I've seen Pheme do that also when you first cross a trophy threshold
  4. The Griffin Warrior

    Olympian Remmerians has an open spot if you want to join us. I could free up a couple more if needed.
  5. Black Weekend Raffle!

  6. Never let facts get in the way of a good story.
  7. Olympus time zone

    It used to be 11am. Now (since daylight savings time change) it's 10am Eastern.
  8. Hero sent back to Mt Olympus

    Basically, you fight a tough opponent to claim a high resource island. Then you go away from the game and come back to find your hero back home with another tough opponent on the island. He's just trying to force a sacrificial hero to choose which island he fights for to reclaim, and therefore, which islands stay safe. I have a hero sent back about once per day. It used to be much worse. Scary looking defenses seem to protect your islands too! Hahaha
  9. Hero sent back to Mt Olympus

    Unless you remain undefeated, you'll eventually get a loss and they stand a chance of returning with the loss.
  10. New invocation cooldown

    Damn! Thanks for that warning.
  11. Hero sent back to Mt Olympus

    By keeping least traveling heroes on highest gold, as an example. So he holds it safe and the one that gets sent back sits on a less valuable island.
  12. Hero sent back to Mt Olympus

    Mine aren't all maxed out yet, but... does it favor the same hero when they are? Or is it completely random when all maxed? If it's like you say, by stats, then you should already be seeing the same hero being favored as the traveller. Unless your stats are really that close, which I know mine aren't! If you have a frequent traveler, just put him on what you care least about.
  13. Zeus

    I can't remember the last time I actually won a fight with Zeus.
  14. Alliance Wars - Q&A

    Normal behavior. Save up some bonus chests towards the end of war so you’re ready to get them back where you need them when it ends
  15. Special object: forge or not forge?

    I had a Unique item that I received a while ago. Its stats were starting to not look so good compared to Godlike or Titan items that I've received more recently. I forged the Unique and it almost doubled in stats. Now it dominates the others. I think I saw it say that we can forge a Unique once per Ascension Level? I would think that would be worth it to continuously improve stats? But it may not look worth it. I can confirm it definitely is worth it if you have waited a while.