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  1. Special object: forge or not forge?

    I had a Unique item that I received a while ago. Its stats were starting to not look so good compared to Godlike or Titan items that I've received more recently. I forged the Unique and it almost doubled in stats. Now it dominates the others. I think I saw it say that we can forge a Unique once per Ascension Level? I would think that would be worth it to continuously improve stats? But it may not look worth it. I can confirm it definitely is worth it if you have waited a while.
  2. Ask the official to answer it!!!!

    Stay strong and remain patient. It takes time 保持坚强,保持耐心。这需要时间
  3. bug

    Also, try collecting through the Defenses screen instead of the Current Upgrades screen?
  4. Server update

    Yarrr! There be nothing wrong with some grog to wet me pipe. I like the cut of your jib.

    Is there a way to simultaneously apply a like to every post in a thread?
  6. High Trophies Holders.

    I have had Hercules and Prometheus before, but I find it usually favors choosing my weaker heroes. But I have no problem with this, as it's a great way to level them up.
  7. New Flag Not Displaying Properly?

    Aha! My mistake. My game updated overnight from v3.7.0 to v3.7.1 and the flags are now visible. Sorry for the confusion!
  8. New Flag Not Displaying Properly?

    The game does not display a flag. iPhone 6
  9. @Samir @CaptainMorgan I'm not sure which flag Islamic Union is supposed to be displaying because Samir mentioned Saudi Arabia and Palestine in this thread: But when I was looking through my recent defense battle log, I noticed I was attacked by a player from Islamic Union. When I look at the Player Profile, it has a blank space where the flag should be. Islamic Union ally info screen also shows no flag next to the name. I'm not sure if there is no flag associated with the ally or if the new flag is not displaying properly in these places.
  10. bug

    I'm not sure what the problem is. What happens when you click "Collect Upgrade"?
  11. Game access in China for Android phones

  12. Craft new items

    I thought I noticed that Cadmus was moving really slow this morning. I didn't have any trouble beating the base, but it seemed like he was groggy from last night. I think I was in fast-forward mode when I noticed it? I will try to pay closer attention now that I'm realizing it may not have been just me who was groggy.
  13. Forging

    If you take the upgrade on the 40.685 now, it will be upgraded to stats appropriate to your current Ascension Level. Then you can wait a few more levels and do the other one, which will have greater stats at that point. Kind of unfortunate to have 2 of the same item now that they can be improved.
  14. Current State of OR

    Gold was definitely scarce when forging first came. After I burned through my first batch of inventory, it became much more manageable. Now I'm forging only when I receive a new item or when an upgrade finishes and I'm sitting on a healthy stock of 15m gold. I'll burn a few million later today when I finish my last Odyssey, but it won't deplete it. I think it was the 10m price of upgrading uniques that made it go fast. But once you get past that, the rest seems to be consuming a fair, non-excessive amount.