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  1. discouraging

    There are plenty of allies active in war still.
  2. I think I replaced one with a lower percentage because I didn't know what I was doing. I will be paying closer attention next time
  3. Google Translate says: Dear General Motors As shown, I have been in this state. But my ally is only attacked twice a day. Is it normal? This is not an occasion, but a day many times, for a week. The last photo shows my latest status. I have just been online I can not enjoy this game under this condition. Please check your data and give me an explanation. Thank you. ID: Fire Yan Loulan
  4. I had a similar issue happen with the current Daily Gift. I opened the Godlike Item Chest that was the Daily Gift. The first few items did not improve my stats, so I sold them immediately. The next item was a stat improvement for Helen. But before I had the chance to click "Get It", the game reloaded back to the opening screen. When I was connected again, both the item and chest were gone.
  5. Looking for members to join our growing war clan. Accepting level 70+ players.
  6. Same with "power" and "*power"
  7. I've got another one for you: If I type "gator" it finds one player: gator4264. If I type "*gator" it shows the spinning busy icon and never finds anything. I spend too much time typing random things into searches! Hahaha
  8. I got a cursed item and it gave me a quest of opening 75 chests in the vault. It looks like it has a progress bar, but it's not advancing. Do I need to equip the cursed item while I complete the task? In other words, does Ajax need to be wearing his new cursed item while he opens chests to unlock the curse?
  9. Based on my incorrect guess at the new Power in @CaptainMorgan's quiz, a new suggestion for one that may work well: Arachne. In Greek mythology, she was a weaver who challenged Athena and was turned into a spider. I think it would be easy to make a Power or even Tower in Arachne's honor, which would spew some sort of sticky spider web to slow down opponents. Possibly with poison attribute as well.
  10. Interesting. I hadn't noticed that inactive button. Good eye
  11. "If the Founder leaves the Alliance, the rank is lost forever"
  12. I just completed my Odyssey and was opening my chests. I fully opened one and received all contents and then another closed one appeared on the screen to open (normal behavior when you have more than one of the same kind). When I clicked the next one to start unloading the contents, the game went back to the home screen and reloaded. When I was back in, I no longer had any more chests. I'm not sure if this is the same visual bug and I was trying to open one that was not really there. If this is the case, it seems the game realized what was happening when it tried to open my ghost chest.
  13. @CaptainMorgan Another strange behavior that I've noticed in the past with this search: If I type "dem" I get: Demetrius Y with 2479 trophies deman04 with 1665 trophies Dementrix with 1579 trophies It's not alphabetical because "dema" is coming between 2 x "Deme". It looks like it's all players that applied to the search, sorted by trophies. However, if I type "demo" I get: Demon24 with 3180 trophies demon4ik8891 with 2519 trophies Demon_Gr with 2455 trophies By my trophy assumption, I would have expected these to be in the first set of results
  14. @CaptainMorgan I have also found some problems with not typing the whole name in the past. I'll try to recreate an example and post again