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  1. Yeah. It looks like your level 20 heroes have a 3h 55m fury recharge instead of the Skirmish's 2h 55m. I think 3h 55m is correct for Campaign? Seems like a Skirmish bug.
  2. I thought I had seen this as well but I assumed I was mistaken at the time
  3. Maybe an option for alliances to enroll or choose not to enroll when war time comes around? Some want to play in every war possible while others don't want to watch their torch count dwindle
  4. Some people (not myself, but others in my alliance) only have weekends available to play due to work schedules. A weekend skirmish gives them a chance to play in war. You can never please everyone!
  5. Those represent the heroes/gods that you will obtain as you progress
  6. I was hoping not to be bullied into not being able to receive any invites. Such is life. Thanks
  7. Whoever is spamming me with invites from Gods of Alliance, please stop. Is there any way to prevent this abuse?
  8. I had this problem today, but it was not with a Titan War Chest. It was with an Epic Chest. I had in inventory 1 Epic Chest and 1 Bonus Chest. I opened the Epic Chest and received an item. I then equipped the item. I tried to go back in and open the Bonus Chest, but when I went back to the screen, it kept showing me the item that I had already just equipped (same exact stats of new item) and it looked exactly like the screen shot in this thread. I had the item on and had room for gold, so it wasn't a case of either being full. But it wouldn't let me get to the Bonus Chest. I went back and looked at the hero and he did have the item still equipped. This happened about 5-10 minutes before the war started today. As soon as the war started, everything went back to normal. I am guessing the Spoils of War returning for the current war kicked it back into operation. Everything is okay now. I just wanted to mention that this problem is still lingering and is not related strictly to a specific type of chest. Thanks!
  9. Look at the enemies on your map. They're probably all around the same level as you (by design). Find one that looks interesting and take a screen capture. Then try it. If it was difficult, figure out what made it difficult. I'm not saying to directly copy it. Just take a closer look after playing through it and you'll start to learn what works.
  10. As others have mentioned, all allies are affected by these times, so it's not an advantage/disadvantage to any unless there's a magical timezone where they're sitting in the sweet spot. With the short strike length, I doubt it. It's probably the same for everyone, so it's an even playing field. I also do want to say that I do like the skirmishes. I have a busy life. Nice to see the war come and go in a short time frame.
  11. It counted the last war and the one about to start so you still have time. Go get it!
  12. greek flag

    I hadn't noticed, but it is bizarre that Olympus Rising is based on Greek culture and mythology and doesn't have a Greek nationality option! A flag shouldn't be that hard to add. I'm sure it was (somehow!) just overlooked.
  13. Alliance: Olympian Remmerians General: Da Iceman
  14. I really like the imgur photo packs. Nice tip, guys. I'll use that going forward
  15. Ally name: Olympian Remmerians General: Da Iceman