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  1. Do you get voucher friends? How many quit after a few weeks max and what is the reason? Game has become too complex and it takes a very long time before a person even is a medium player. In my situation I got a lot of voucher friends, only one of them is still active, highest hero level was just over 50. And getting new ones is hard. That tells the story. That other games have many more units could be logical for that gameplay, for RR2 it's actually not. By introducing a lot more troops, they also need a lot more spells plus defensive structures, making the game impossible to play. Now tell me who is going to upgrade 47 units when you can only upgrade one unit at a time when most units have 10+ levels and a single upgrade costs 3+ days? When I would be a newcomer, that would mean my morale to play that game is below zero. Players want to make progress and actually that's very hard. And even when someone makes it to max stuff, then they figure out that's just the start, since everything needs to be forged 90+ times, taking more than 1.5 years parallel forging to make everything much stromger, while hoping that Flare didn't add a lot of extra levels in the name of balancing. And that's already happening with this game. The absurd amount of levels is demoralising newcomers, how can they ever progress with these ridiculous long upgrade times and many levels per individual thing inside the game? The answer is 'not', unless to pay thousands of cash. And then I would wonder if that game still will exist after that investment.
  2. I like that option, but will lead to complaints of players suddenly not able to do an upgrade.
  3. You don't get extra coins for doing an island twice, you only get the remaining coins you missed previous time. So it could be the case. You only get the missing coins. Based on the displayed coins, you can't tell if she did an island multiple times. Strange thing is that there is standing 22/24 raids. So this must be a bug, you are correct. But... at after island 21 you should get 2 extra raids making that up to 26. The display should be 22/26 while now it's showing 22/24. Very strange. So did or didn't she do extra raids?
  4. How about answering this in time You could gain 500 gems plus 100 for fun answers.
  5. If you were high enough in trophies, I would like to dump them on you. Now I would lose 1-10 trophies, not worth the dump. Remember that trophies are for show, they actually aren't helping you that much. Say you rise your trophies up a lot this way. Then you need to face opponents whose defense are relative strong for getting any gold. Players around your trophy range just don't give any gold. That's a problem, since you won't be able to beat fully max boosted bases, those raids become suicidal. And the raids you can manage give you just give 150-200k max. Now with upgrades needing 6M+ gold, that's a catastrophe. A well meant advice. Stay on purpose way lower in trophies, then you get gold like water in an ocean. When you ignore it, it's like an oasis in a desert. You might find some good loot, but it's very rare. I mean this. When your trophies are low, matchmaker will give you tons of gold and your gold is more protected from raids of higher trophy amount players. When your trophies are high, those same players give you extreme low gold, but can take a lot away from you. So it's smart to stay low, until you don't need any gold. And gold you always need, for donation, for buying items to feed blackie, plus to built a complete set of all structures to max.
  6. A daily donation should be exactly like it's called. A daily donation. Why we can't donate once per day. Say they pick GMT as timezone, when I donate today, I should be able to donate when it's tomorrow again. Now we donate, must wait 24 hours and by this strange donation schedule, we eventually lose donations (we need to sleep, go to work or other reasons like we just forget). When it's once per day and not related to last donation, it would be more easy for all.
  7. Don't you think we now have enough troops, spells plus defensive structures? Constant asking for new stuff is making this game one step closer to the edge of no return. We are already standing close for the ravine. Newcomers quit very soon after they tried, since the game has become way too complex and it takes a very long time, before anything is maxed due to ridiculous much levels we need to upgrade and even then we aren't even close, since we need to forge everything 30+ times on every stat (1.5 years if we forge everything parallel, which is quite impossible without a tremendous amount of cash). I like the idea, but being realistic I say we have enough stuff right now and no need for more.
  8. New is good, but honestly I have more than enough from these 'new' features, spells, troops and towers. Please stop asking new stuff all the time, the game is already too complex for beginners, that's why most stop before they even come close to level 50. The many levels required to max something takes newcomers more than a year to come even close to the top, unless it's a heavy payer (and even then I doubt anyone can do it in a year, it needs a fortune to get there fast)
  9. Every island you have exactly one attempt. When you try several islands multiple times, this can be the result. That's no bug, it's a feature. You have exactly one attempt per island, by doing one island twice, you can't do island 30 for example.
  10. A few years ago it was possible by contacting support and request a name change for the team. However... nowadays it's no longer allowed as far as I know.
  11. We should get clowns, spongebob or teletubbies next ninja event.
  12. I never understood why a defender is losing trophies when a raider fails to knock down the gate. To make it worse, I never understood why a raider gains trophies, while failing miserably. Defender should not lose any trophies after a failure and definitely not after a very bad attempt. For the raider there is a lot to win, gold, medals plus trophies. Plus last but not least, Chamber of fortune reward.For the defender only trophies and gems (only when the raider scrolls or resurrects). Last couple of weeks I have been raided by a lot of players scoring 30%- time after time. Some even don't make 10%. As a "reward" I even lose trophies, while those players have level 95-100+, some even have max boosts (my team has medium boosts) and still fail miserably. I don't get it why players who put time plus energy in improving defense get punished for players failing. A raider decides whose base he attacks, the defender has no influence on that. He can check the base overview picture before raiding and decide not to raid. The base should already be a red flag, this base is too strong for you. Nevertheless the raider ignores it and is the one who presses that raid button and when he fails miserably the raider is the one to blame, nobody else. Defender should never be punished for a mistake made by the raider, he loses some gold and that should be it. When not breaking the castle gate, the defender should never lose trophies, even not when a player with hero level 1 raids a top 100 player hero level 130. It's the raider his mistake to start the raid. When breaking the castle gate I can live with losing trophies, then I should have put more time and energy in designing my base and making it more strong, although there are raiders who beat any base. What I don't understand also, is why flare doesn't hold reckon with strength of boosts. When my team has medium boosts and I get raided by a player who uses maximum boosts, failing should be punished harder. Nevertheless those players also get trophies 😠 by scoring 30%-. This is not done and completely incorrect. On the other hand, when a player raids with less strong boosts than the defender, he should indeed be less punished, but still not get any trophies for a failed attempt. Now I don't care for trophies, so it's fine with me that I lose trophies, while I actually should gain them, but it's still annoying to see a harasser keep failing time after time 20+ times a day and stripping your trophies while he even can't make 30% during a raid. Maybe a better solution is to block a raider (non war season) for a while (an hour or so) after a failed attempt (not breaking the gate), so that he can't keep raiding that base over and over again. A reward for failing I wouldn't give to defenders, that's too easy to abuse with multiple accounts. Just raid your other account (I know, it's not allowed, but still), lose and get that reward.
  13. We missed your humor, welcome back.
  14. Of course we have room. We need to keep that space in reserve for funny people like you . We would feel embarrassed and deeply ashamed if we need to decline when we see that you want to join Mickyoao just due to lack of space. It's not the only reason, some players are on a visit.
  15. Ok, in my overview I have skull perks added till 35% and know exactly how many skulls I get with the percentage I have. Those 3 skull perks indeed depend on hero level plus luck. I must say that the Cape I got when I didn't expect it and the belt was my final missing one. I had to forge just two legendary belts up to uber to get it, lucky me. The skull perk was low, but fine with me, I will forge it to higher values, I have all the time in the world, no need to have the skull perks all maxed. At the moment pearls are more needed elsewhere.