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  1. No Free chests & offers

    You can check this link if you have Windows. @RoyaleDing2 faced similar problem and with bundled strength she found a solution and got the videos up an running. Special thanks to @thomas239 for his outstanding work.
  2. Skull Tower update

    In parallel path they still destroy troops plus spells. You are correct, there are so many ring auras. heal, poison, sonic, you name it. It's becoming too much, similar like the pals. We only need a few extra to complete the zoo. Better focus on a selective part.
  3. Skull Tower update

    When did they fix the egg rings and what did they do? I still wear it during ninja event raids, at my level it works still great. For relative lower players it matters a lot, our troops aren't forged to max and won't survive one or even two exploding bombs and incoming skull projectiles, when hero isn't able to deflect them. It's a difference from guaranteed loss of raid, till standing a good chance to win the raid.
  4. Skull Tower update

    It's a pro item that we will get in next set I expect. So it's time to participate in more pro leagues I guess to collect enough crystals.
  5. Skull Tower update

    Any test would be unaccurate, since there is no perfect test to prove OP or not of something. My test would only proof that this aura neutralizes bomb and skull towers, that's my point. When raiding with triple speed, the odds that any bomb hurts troops nearby hero are seriously lower due to the speed. There are all kind of influences, lower speed, wrong choice of spells, troops. Those are all to blame ourselves if we fail due to that. But we would also have lost without that ring in that case. Well... Those bomb plus skull towers won't do what they should do any longer to troops nearby hero plus hero itself, damage. Not even in any trap form. Without the ring hero plus troops would be gone without the correct spell and skills, now it's a different story, at least the video proves that. So that ring influences the outcome completely. Why did they fail during their own tests and what were the tests? Can be due to bad picked troops, spells, who knows. Would any other ring lead to a success when rest stays the same? I doubt it. So it's likely the failures had more to do with bad picked spells, troops plus pal than with aura ring. Let me reverse it by a counter question. Can Flothaboss give us an example where the kickback aura miserably fails and any other aura ring succeeds with same setup and... Bomb and skull towers are serious part of the test? That would prove the ring isn't overpowered. I am very curious, surprise us. If you give us such an example, I will admit I am wrong and that the ring isn't OP. Like I said including bomb plus skull towers included in the test. Sure... When bases with almost no bomb and skull tower are picked, the kickback ring is incorrect choice, but when skull or bomb tower is number one in defense, it's not. I agree that most tests would not be correct, but say for yourself. The spells used in that kickback video are absurd, without kickback aura the used setups have zero percent of success without that kickback aura. Also the frenzies, cannons would stand nihil chance, while with that aura makes him win the raid. There are two mass destruction towers in the game that can't be destroyed with just one single shot of a spell from a distance, the boosted bomb tower and the skull tower. And those are neutralized. That's absurd.
  6. Skull Tower update

    May we ask how you tested it? I would like a test with similar troops pkus spells and gear, where only the kickback ring is used in test A and in test B without tht ring. Of course you got defeated sometimes, it also depends on spells amd pet you use. Heroesflorian gave you the spell combos plus pal that would help the ring tests to proof that it's overpowered. Like I explained, take out all other factors like defending troops plus other towers and objects that could hurt hero and troops. That is a fair test. Mainly using those towers implies that you also had other towers in there. Plus I expect troops plus beast being part of that test. That is no pure test. That you put in obstacles like blockade and barricade, fine, but don't put in things that hurt the hero plus also no troops. Just bomb towers plus skull towers and no blizzard, sonic and so on. Just use the spells you used in your video, bladestorm, shield and stun. Just stay with your troops (ogre, wolf, knight) and test both scearios against bases with only boosted bomb pus skull tower traps, plus put in some none hurting obstacles. Then test. A world of difference. I bet you come way further with that ring. Only by stupid mistakes (not staying with your main troops) will cause your troops to be killed. Can you explain how the hero can be hit at all? It's quite impossible with that aura ring that hero get hit by a bomb or skull, so how could you ever be defeated? Only by running away from troops and getting damaged by troops , beast and other troops. I not say for nothing to exclude every other part that can influence the test. Otherwise a test with that ring aso would be valid against bases without skull and bomb towers. Heroesflorian gave you the spells you could use, TC, stun, swordrain. Otherwise bs, firestorm and black magic, together with aska to get fresh troops. Then I bet the outcome would show the ring is OP
  7. Skull Tower update

    I seriously doubt it. Even with triple speed gear some skull traps are pretty tough. It's nearly impossible to kick back every projectile without that ring, so your army will get crippled, even when you stay close to them and your hero will also lose some life points. With that ring, not a single scratch will occur. You are seriously telling me that raid is slowed down by staying near troops? What about boosted wolf, ogre and knight combo? That isn't slowed down, since we need to stay close anyway. Use kaiser as pal to take out towers and obstacles and exchange blizzard by sonic blast or bladestorm, blizzard you don't need since skull towers won't do damage to your army. Wanna test the difference that proves the OP of that ring? You are the one telling us the skull plus bomb towers aren't useless when wearing that ring. Just go for an extreme base with only bomb towers (to make it harder the triple bomb boost) plus skull towers, all towers forged to absolute max and max boost on bomb tower. Make that base like an extreme long dungeon without troops so that they don't influence the outcome. Put a lot of bomb towers out of range close to start of the base and setup a lot of skull plus bomb traps. Also put some obstacles like blockades and barricades in there to keep army on one place for a split second. I know, it's extreme. Now raid without that ring, even when blizzard, sonic blast and for example shield as spells are used, with combo wolf, ogre and knight, most players won't get pretty far. For ring, just pick a normal ring with frost damage, without leadership and scream and any other special power. To show you what I mean, use triple speed gear. As pal use not the panda and no bucky, just another pal of level 1, so that it doesn't influence the outcome. Most players will fail, reason for this is that hero can't deflect all incoming projectiles and when a trap of skulls is there, you can't run forward, since your army is destroyed by triple bombs shot from out of range. Now your option is hope to deflect as many skull projectiles plus incoming bombs, which is quite impossible. so massive damage is done to your army, it will be crippled and for most players end of raid. Now exchange just the ring for kickback aura. I bet that most every player will get much further and some who before failed will now beat the base. Not only the troops get less damage, the hero doesn't get any damage! That trap where many will fail, now is not that dangerous any longer. When a hero is hurt, he must either wait to heal or use something to heal (monk, heal ring, heal spell, panda). So that ring even saves time! The simple reason for that is that now hero can deflect that many projectiles won't any longer do massive damage. An army surviving makes a difference and a hero unharmed can take more risks (he doesn't need to, his troops that didnt die, can take the risk). And this only by one ring. You still say it doesn't make the skull trap useless? I dare to say the opposite. This example just shows how OP this ring in fact is. In your video on previous page you actually showed my point, wolf, ogre knight as troops and spells not even needed to hurt bomb plus skull towers. Hero just needs to stay close to troops and bomb plus skull towers in your video are reduced to worthless towers. Can you do exact same raids without that aura ring while rest is same? The skull trap will definitely damage hero and the raid against a base will end in a quick defeat without that ring for sure. So that's what is called not overpowered? You actually deliver the proof yourself that bomb plus skull towers are degraded to non important towers when someone uses that ring. In my case I have 8 skull towers in my base, I was planning to even create more of them. Now I can simply throw that plan in the recycler, the king of towers is just degraded to a tower no longer able to wreck an army, when players wear that ring.
  8. Sorry boost no started. Return few week.

    That we can also say about this topic, what is this? Please first check if another topic already is created that's discussing this.
  9. Unnanounced Event does not work

    It can happen @flaretara. I think players should not always look for the worst. I think it is solved in a very neat way.
  10. Unnanounced Event does not work

    Indeed, that's a good job. compliments to the persons fixing this mistake so fast.
  11. Unnanounced Event does not work

    We now got an apology event Well... what we know it's not the boost offense event that comes now. When all my troops plus spells are maxed, then that event will definitely arrive . So wait for around three weeks, then the time for that event is there (I need to max three more spells, the ones I never use).
  12. Unnanounced Event does not work

    There will be no boost your offense event, I think it was just a mistake.
  13. If you don't need other games or apps, I would just leave it as it is. Glad the videos work. Just summarize what you did (including fiddler), it might help other Windows users.
  14. Unnanounced Event does not work

    Hopefully soon the blacksmith bug with pearl meltdown 0 seconds.