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  1. Blacksmith meltdown time

    Ok, so that's what's altered, thank you MrSchmouck. Will adapt valies in this topic tomorrow.
  2. Blacksmith meltdown time

    I guess that slot 8 takes off no longer 100 seconds but 80. Like I said, I think the final upgrade took 25 seconds of pearl conversion time, only for slot 8 only 5 seconds go down in comparison with old blacksmith level. Then indeed wikia isn't up to date any longer. 33 seconds are 33.333 seconds, in case of 100 seconds unboosted. I only need confirmation that unboosted version now is 100 seconds with 7 slots. I can adapt the information in that case and correct the table I displayed earlier in this topic.
  3. Blacksmith meltdown time

    There must be some strange phenomena, since my formula is correct, but seems to have different input value. It should be 40 seconds, instead of 33 seconds when we use the values from wikia. Previous level was indeed 42 seconds per pearl for 7 slots, but this means that everywhere 25 seconds go off by that last upgrade, but I bet they lowered it by 25 seconds for every slot, only... they added 20 seconds then only to releasing final slot and took away 25. Is it 100 seconds unboosted? Then it means that the table on wikia is not correct any longer, I based my formula on that. And that leads to 120 seconds instead of 100 seconds per pearl. That would mean that last upgrade changed complete table.
  4. Blacksmith meltdown time

    I expect that the info displayed is incorrect. At my boosted blacksmith it says 6 seconds per pearl while it's actually 6.67 seconds. I have a sheet with old plus new values. Even from before previous increment and 25 seconds off for upgrading to level 14. New meltdown time for maxed blacksmith shop is 5 seconds lower per pearl. Let me explain with that link I gave. When you maxed blacksmith you still need 470 seconds per pearl for having just one slot. This number of seconds is reduced by adding more slots. Slot 470 seconds 440 seconds (-30) 410 seconds (-30) 350 seconds (-60) 290 seconds (-60) 220 seconds (-70) 120 seconds (-100) 20 seconds (-100) You have 7 slots, after upgrading blacksmith it's 120 seconds per pearl. Read text at blacksmith boost. boost increases pearls by factor 3. So 120 / 3 = 40 seconds per pearls. That text in the picture is simply incorrect, it needs to be 40 seconds. It can be checked if meltdown speed really is 33 seconds per pearl, add a low valued item to first slot and check how long it exactly takes to be converted into pearls. In my case instead of 33 seconds 6 seconds is displayed. In reality I added an item yesterday worth 10 pearls. Was it ready within a minute? Nope, in reality it was ready within 1 minute and 7 seconds. Misleading? Yes, since actual time per pearl in my case = 20/3 (=6.67 seconds). Old value can be explained by boost during blacksmith. This 33 seconds surprise me, I used correct formula and time per pearl should be 40 seconds. @Nikko or @Archimedes, Can you tell us if this is a display bug?
  5. Blacksmith meltdown time

    You mean the boosted version? Let's compare them without blacksmith event. This is new info. In fact old level needs 5 seconds more per pearl. With 7 slots unlocked before the update it took 125 seconds per pearl unboosted. Now it takes 120 seconds per pearl unboosted with 7 slots. No matter what you want to do with it afterwards, boost it or just blacksmith or even boosted blacksmith, after new max, you get more pearls, not much when not all slots are unlocked but still. I will summarize it here for for 7 slots Old situation Unboosted ->125 seconds per pearl (28.8 pearls per hour) Boosted -> 125/3 (=41.67) seconds per pearl (87.8 pearls per hour) Unboosted blacksmith -> 125 - 30% (=87.5) seconds per pearl (41.67 pearls per hour) Boosted blacksmith -> (125 -30%) / 3 (=29.1) seconds per pearl (123.4 pearls per hour) New situation Unboosted -> 120 seconds per pearl (30 pearls) Boosted -> 120/3 (=40) seconds per pearl (90 pearls per hour) Unboosted blacksmith -> 120 - 30% (=84) seconds per pearl (42.86 pearls per hour) Boosted blacksmith -> (120 -30%) / 3 (=28) seconds per pearl (128.6 pearls per hour) So whatever I do, there is a slight improvement in new situation, since new situation decreases unboosted time per pearl by 5 seconds (boosted 1.67 seconds per pearl).
  6. I would take a different approach. In what kind of raids against your base you might be interested? I am interested only in raids leading to breaking the gate. Would it be a problem storing the first video that my castle gate is destroyed since I logged off? They could give us selective options, so that players who aren't interested, can disable those videos. And... that we could turn on a video from a raid from a specific player (for example an harasser) It could be, since a lot of gates are broken, so also the upload of the video could be costing a lot of data traffic. It depends on the amount of data that is required to store a raid. but let's keep out the technical aspects. When it would be possible to show the last video, I realize that players start complaining that they want more videos, but at least it's a start. We could see the video, watch our weak spots in defenses or see how players manage to break the gate. It also has another purpose, catching cheaters. When I see that unusual things happen, I could report it. Like a player having spells constantly available, or having troops that one shot towers. Most important is the learning effect, to see where defense should become stronger. So yes, playback of a video during a defeat could be handy.
  7. Blacksmith meltdown time

    I know the feeling MrSchmouck. And when you finally start, you are surprised how fast it melts those items. I got excited and got more than 1k pearls within 2 hours, but was reminded that I could better wait, since we never know the event which is coming. So I only melted down every item below 80 pearls. But even by doing that, raided with luck gear this morning and before I knew it, I needed to fill the slots (Don't have a lot of item slots) I save most war chests, so I hope that a good event will appear.
  8. We will change back after next season Warrior. Here in main we will get a very tough season, we have 57 fiefdoms. We will be crushed probably, but main goal is to have fun and lose those fiefdoms. So within two seasons we are in dot. There we go to follow a new strategy. Winning with minimal fiefdoms is one, but we only go for specific boosts. If price three is it, we go for number three. This time we go for alliance growth. Our first goal is to reach level 51, after that our next target is level 56. With members we have now, we should be able to reach level 51 in reasonable period of time. It could mean using less boosts and not prolonging war boosts, but with the gold we save, we can upgrade the team. Our purpose is to strengthen our boosts, with them lower members can win dungeons and also benefit. Since we have a lot of fiefdoms in main team, we must really take it easy in dot and not go for 7+ fiefdoms, we only do that as absolute must. We could even relax during a season. Main goal next is gold for upgrading the team. See you soon.
  9. Blacksmith meltdown time

    I have the shop maxed right now. First thing to say it's 6.67 seconds per pearl when boosted (20/3 = 6.6.7), so 540 pearls per hour is possible. I thought I had kept enough high valued items behind, man was I wrong. Blacksmith melts down at abnormal speed, I am almost through my items. It's a good experiment, but I wait till event tomorrow is known. If it's blacksmith, I am in pearl heaven.
  10. Friend request has been sent. We can invite you as soon as war season is over. Today a crucial war will start, deciding the winner on the map.
  11. I think I need to forge my ogres more, I just have speed at 2.01 and a couple of forges for health, that's it. Will work on that and start to learn how to use them. My main problem is that ogres are way too slow and can't follow the wolfs plus knights. So at the moment I use Wolf, mummy knights. No ideal combination, since hero needs to take care of LT plus firebolts, but that's fine. Outside season I raid with kaiser, problem there is to stay alive without panda. It's all practice of course, I need to learn to get rid of shield and use another spell. After season that will be my target, training with other combinations than the ones I am used to.
  12. For me that's fine. I will ask our leader to invite you if that's fine with you.
  13. There is where my problem is with winning diamond leagues. The assumption you make, is based entirely on your personal situation. Let's suggest I have time for those 2-3 hours per day (Actually I don't, full time job plus teenagers who have sports and need to be brought towards and picked up from trainings), you reason from the point of view being inside a team with high to max boosts, which isn't the case for 95% for the players. With high boosts it's indeed possible to raid 500 medal giving bases average, but be my guest and visit a team like mine once. Then try to win the diamond league, I think your eyes will be opened and you see what I mean. With boosts 30%+ lower than you are used to, you should try to get 500 medal average, that's not very realistic. there is no way to beat even 1000+ bases, because the boosts are just not good enough to keep your troops alive. Let me explain my situation. We have (a level 45 alliance is my team), I compare with max boosts. raging wolf level 3 versus level 6. Howl range is 90% versus 110% plus our wolf has 70% health boost versus 110% of a max one. stunning ogre level 3 versus level 6. Ours has 84% stun power, yours 100%, ours has 50% health boost versus 85% yours. Monks, we don't have mad monks, so we can't raid with three offensive spells. Knights won't make a lot of difference So for us it's a completely different story, when your ogres and wolf still have a little bit health left after being a little bit careless and are healed by mad monks, my versions died a couple of times already, since my monks have been slaughtered already a while ago. Also my offensive troops don't deal the damage like yours, so they consume more time and troops have to absorb a lot more damage, so the odds to win a raid decrease a lot. As an extra, since we don't have mad monks that constantly heals hero plus troops, we need a protective spell and most times panda for that purpose, while players of high alliance can use a third offensive spell (toxic cloud for example) plus a pet like aska or kaiser to clean up defense. Raiding players giving 500 medals might work sometimes for players with similar boosts like me, but a lot of fights will be no certainty any longer. We can clap in our hands to win raids 250 medals average. That makes a different story and no duh, players in lower alliances need to raid 240 times for the same amount of 60k+ medals. That makes 4-6 hours on a daily basis. That is not very realistic for players with a fulltime job and a private life. To make it even worse, say we invest 4-6 hours for 60k, then we face a person scoring 100k, do we need 8-10 hours to win? 60k is no guarantee to win. It is no matter of choice to get gems for free or pay real money for it. And it has nothing to do with being lazy or not, it's just not realistic. I must say that filling treasure room trick I already knew for getting bread. Still it's appreciated to tell us.
  14. Good suggestion of GemIsKing. As soon as a team drops below 8 players, I would disable shielding plus champion for that team. Of course correct the raids he already did as champion plus that were against his shielded base. Would a single player then still try this? I don't think so. Another action could be that players can't be kicked when there are 8 players left. I would even prevent that a player goes inactive at that moment, otherwise that could be exploited. If I am correct Flare already said they are willing to prevent this in a way.
  15. Please !! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Lol, I saw an offer for over 100$ for three Phoebes plus some other stuff. for a person who definitely wants it, the cash doesn't matter. For free players there are alternatives with other beasts. We don't face fully forged bases with everything maxed and fully forged, I think more beasts will do just fine. Panda (everyone has it) could already be good. For the record, I didn't unlock the flute yet, so I have no experience with offensive beasts. I think it will be great to see beast versus beast.