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  1. Warrior, just keep the gems and go for ninja event. Uber granny days come more often and by winning the ninja event you get chests which probably give back the gems. Later you can get the inventory slots.
  2. What I also don't get is that the cannoms prioritize targeting frost traps and obstacles, before they even consider targting a tower. Let us players determine the order of picking a target. I would always put the following order Towers Troops Obstacles Within the category I would also like to determine the order and enable or disable the targets. That's called strategy. I would also like to have the option to shoot on towers near the gate first, then players would have no reason any longer to put towers there.
  3. This is caused by zombies. Next Friday this is automatically resolved by the new ninja event.
  4. If they plan new spell, tower, obstacle plus troop I sincerely hope that we don't get an additional level to everything. Balancing doesn't mean more additional levels. We have seen it before, first upgrade throneroom, then wizard tower, troop academy, inventory tower (including plan for higher level) and only then we can get the new stuff. To make it even more extreme, everything must be upgraded once again, except silo, farms, taverns, blacksmith plus treasure room. I hope the troop is somehwere in range of 7-10 morale, that kind of troop we don't have. Please no more additional levels, it's been more than enough. For newcomers it's already a mission impossible to reach the top, the ones who play this game a long time get a déjà vu feeling. I sincerely hope that a new troop not can only be boosted by top teams, who need to upgrade their alliance (plus alliance tower) to unlock boost possibility. New stuff is fine, additional levels is not. Hero should be strongest, lately I have the feeling he gets less important. Fii is right, they should work on RR3. What they should do, is reset dungeons and give us a chance to play them on different levels, easy, normal, difficult plus extreme. We can only play dungeon levels we won 100%. We don't need the vouchers, gems, monsters plus goods, just give gold in there. Also make changes to the war season map, the current one is boring. We declared war first and due to that we locked in a team on day 2, making the season boring for them. That should not be possible, replace it by a competition. You can use the war map for a new player mode, conquer the entire map to get better rewards. But why am I typing this, flare won't read it anyway.
  5. Had same couple of times. It's not a problem for me.
  6. I notice a strange phenomena also. Gold rewarded has a huge delay, blacksmith only giving already collected pearls after adding new items and so on. So there definitely is something not correct.
  7. It's that way, so that you upgrade that first as fast as possible. Say it's the last wave and opponent arrives at gate, would you like one troop or a lot? That's why. Due to new wave, time between next waves decreases, so your troops follow up each other faster. We all faced this problem and we did pay attention to that new wave by prioritizing it, you should do the same right now.
  8. When you upgrade castle guard the new wave will become wave 1, the others move one up. So the previous wave one is then wave two. Maybe you aren't aware of that fact. Picklepete tells you something very important. Keep waves upgrading at all cost. Even better, make sure you already have the gold needed to upgrade, so that you don't lose time and can directly start a new wave upgrade. It takes years to max all waves, don't ever forget them. Only moment that you don't upgrade it, is when castle guard is going up. So whatever you do, there is no doubt, wave upgrade comes first. Towers don't follow you, troops do, that's the reason why. A strong defense comes with defensive troops.
  9. Tell me something. Ok, I hide extremely low, that's a fact. But when players raid and score 10%- I don't understand why I lose trophies. Even 110+ hero level players who lose miserably get trophies very often. I mentioned it before, but a raider not breaking the gate should never gain trophies. It's his misjudgement to raid, the defender has no alternatives to stop the raider. A misjudgement resulting in a failure should never be rewarded. As an alternative, when you break the gate, you never should lose trophies.
  10. The daily chests require you to logon every day. With 28 presents on the map you should max miss three days. So that's the problem. I do it this way. Before I go to work, I make sure I connect with intention to get daily reward plus collect the upgrades that are ready. As leader I also check the boosts. In the weekend same, stand up, start the game and collect the rewards. With such a fixed pattern I don't miss a single reward. Now it's up to everyone which pattern he uses, it can be connecting after diner or whatever, just make it a fixed pattern.
  11. I would be happy already with an extra place where I can add non meltable gear. That prevents us at least to melt down gear we want to keep.
  12. Nope, you must first make sure you pick plus raid the opponent the right way. Open war map Pick an ongoing war for your team Press the button to see players of other teams (a sword on upper right if I remember well). Select a player from team in war with you. Screen is red and showing skulls plus stats. if you don't like that player his base or can't handle it, press > for next opponent. Also skip the ones shielded (skulls red and low), When ou find a descent opponent in terms of skulls, then raid. You gain skulls Most common mistake made is watching opponent stats and raiding from there (no red screen and no skulls displayed). So to summarize, raid only in war season when player base screen is red and skulls are displayed. First successful chest contains additional skulls. They are added to your scored skulls.
  13. For me a triple gold event would be fine. Upgrading defensive obstacles is going pretty fast with this lower cooldown time. So upgrades extract more gold than usual out of the game. Besides that we need to buy a lot of items at grannies plus pay a lot of gold to melt all items down at blacksmith, there is a huge amount of gold required to keep things going, so it's literally flying out of the game. I won't be the only one experiencing this. Gold is depleting at a very fast rate. The speed of gold extraction out of the game is higher than it should be. So triple gold event would be great. Third event I miss the reduced time between pal chests.
  14. That's a little bit late now, but a good tip. Scream I still need to improve, but who doesn't?
  15. There is nothing to be jealous on, it's just a matter of progress. Remember I play the game since May 2014 and when I see how easy it is for new players to progress the old persons can be jealous. A lot of things now are there to help players to progress faster. Just relax and stay focused. Eventually you will reach throne room level 10