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  1. Nicely done! I like how use burst more and then sniper/hellfire for cooldown. Do you ever run into time difficulties on other missions? I personally am not of a fan of the hellfire / AGM as they don't suit my play style since they take awhile to launch and strike. For now I guess I will stick to ACx2 + rockets and see how it goes. Thanks for posting @JimmyJazz! Also too bad the door opening and closing sound effect didn't sync up with your troops entering the building... that would've been hilarious
  2. It is just a standardized icon
  3. Ugh, since when did we become logistics and supply chain managers in this game...
  4. Yes great feedback. (I can't friggin like because I am max today apparently...) Anyways as @mabaeyens troop speed never varies but it may seem that way because range of scouts is so much less that they ignore zombies longer and keep moving. I'm glad to see that there is some proof behind the loot bonus. The bonus is very small but can make a difference over the course of 3 building raids in missions where you have only 1-3 secs to play with to complete it.
  5. The faster you can kill the zombies, the faster they will spawn. Higher end players can hit 3,000 kills per Scorched Earth run. Hold troops around the 2:40 mark, that will make them stop just in front of the door. Resume their trip with about 30-35 secs left depending on your troop bonus loadout. Total run time is 3.5 minutes
  6. fuse

    I'd give this a like but I'm maxed for "likes" today... I didn't realize there was a max Anyways awesome post. @Nikko please pin this up!! Only small thing I would add is that weapons with a loot bonus actually lose a bit of loot bonus when fused to the next star level, however the loot bonus will increase when you level the weapon. The min/max for loot bonus is based on star level. Min/Max doesn't change past star level 4 I believe
  7. That you have weapons that you can fuse I believe
  8. I've tried to grind a bit since my inventory is full and I don't have much max level fodder, but the generation is just too slow. I can't bear to keep grinding at the rate I am getting metal. I may have to sac some 3 star stuff soon...
  9. @mabaeyens Ahhh there it is! Awesome thanks for finding it!! Also thanks @TurboTIB for posting previously. I wasn't sure it had been resolved. Apparently not.
  10. So I play another game that has a cool World Event that everyone on the server can participate in. I think this could be awesome for this game as well. You could have a map of the planet with all the zombie infections by country. Our goal could be to cleanse/irradiate the zombie horde by country. Each player tries to wipe as many zombies in the target country say three per day for a certain time period. Eventually with everyone, and I mean everyone, killing zombies we cleanse the country. Everyone gets paid out in loot for each attack according to the amount of zombies they kill. When the country is declared zombie free we all get a bonus loot payout as well based on overall zombie kills. This is just a few options that we could look at. I am sure there are many more suggestions here that people could make for this type of event!!!
  11. Yeah they have been hidden in the objectives for awhile. I was hoping some of it will drop from past updates but I am sure they are making their way in the future. This is also the reason why I am really hesitant to fuse any weapon now to 6* given more powerful weapons may be on the way
  12. You did far better than me. One rare. I will say this, I don't mind that it was easy to finish. Given how they made a lot of things harder in this game it is nice to have a freebie now and then.
  13. Geeeeezzusss man.... that's nuking futs! I have the RKT120s maxed at 6*. They are so good at levelling everything except titans. They even waste hard level impalers with one salvoe! If you are wondering I maxed levelled mine before the loot nerf. Beat it out by one day...
  14. Not sure if anyone else is seeing this. I could've sworn someone had posted something like this in the past but I can't find it. Anyways it seems like my troops can damage themselves. If you stop them or they come out of a building sometimes they overlap. When they start to fire on incoming zombies they damage the other troops they are with sometimes... Not sure if this was the intent of the game since we can hit our own troops with GS weapons. Anyways it isn't a lot of damage, just weird to see your own troops shooting eachother in the back even though they are trying to hold formations
  15. LOL. Oh man!! Save you money dude!!!! But seriously good to see you are having fun and congrats on the Bachelors!