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  1. @Archimedes Support told me " We have credited the missing items to your account. "... but I didn't get anything! I finished 85th this event... but last Ninja event I was 1st.
  2. My game crashed Twice more, so 4 times in total... therefore I was only able to play up to 24th mission of the event. I also submitted a support request... but no response so far UPDATE: Support replied back and said: " We have credited the missing items to your account. "... whatever that means! but I am happy
  3. Never give your facebook id to such a person ! I suggest you submit a Support Ticket here: Do mention about the "very bad language nd sexually abusive words" part.
  4. My game also crashed... TWICE... this Ninja Event Help! ign: Syeef
  5. Why is there no Confirm button or page in "Current Upgrades" when clicking "Finish Upgrade" ??? This is the second time I accidentally clicked "Finish Upgrade" on my touchscreen device and lost few hundreds Gems. Please fix this!!!
  6. @Heroesflorian I have identified and solved the issue. The game was crashing on my Windows 10 Mobile because of "lack of available device memory". And the game was crashing on my Android Lollipop device with 2GB memory because of built-in Power Saving App put in place by Asus. I figured out, game was only crashing when I was on battery, but it never crashed while connected to the charger. So I uninstalled the Power Saving App, and everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks
  7. Actual crash. Window freezes then closes. I am currently playing only on Android, crashes less often on it, and has 2GB RAM. Crashes are more common on Windows 10 Mobile so I will not be playing on it from now on even though that is my main phone. Okay, it it crashes again during the current ninja event, i will submit a support ticket.
  8. Game is crashing more often in general after the update, on both Windows Mobile and Android OS, like atleast 3-4 times a day. Never had this problem before, started right after the update. I couldn't even get 30/30 in the Ninja event, the game crashed in the middle. Help! Could there be any problem from my end also? like my internet connection? Help!
  9. Hello. I am getting constant crashes in 'Shapeshifter Hollow III' level of Dungeon during attack, happened atleast 3-4 times now. I lost all the foods and alliance troops that I used. I play on Lumia 630 mainly [Window Mobile 10], but after getting multiple crashes in that level, I tried on Asus Zenfone 5 [Android Lollipop], but same result... it crashes mid attack. Different OS and Device, but the same problem. All the other levels and attacks are working fine, only problem with this. As far as I can tell, there was no issue with this level before the update. I always failed to beat it before, but the game never crashed on me. What should I do? Thanks.