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  1. Unique Items

    Same situation
  2. new chick heroes

    it is not important who the new hero is, for me it may also be the Egyptian god Amon. I'm afraid that after getting 1000 gems for a power slot and 1000 gems for units slot paid whit a real money , the new hero undergoes a heavy nerf with the usual and pathetic excuse to balance the game because the hero was ultra-refined. flargames always amke this shit.
  3. new chick heroes

    the new hero will be the same shit like Athena, strong at the beginning to make money run out and then with a good nerf will become junk
  4. speaking seriously my alliance is small and would not benefit much, but I understand you and I think it is useful to high alliances with the high cost of blessings or a better thing or could be to reduce the cost of the blessings
  5. relax yourself, i just said my opinion
  6. Version 3.7 is AWESOME👏👏👏

    I often complained, even hard, but after a few days of testing I confirm my first opinion ...... this version is awesome, the developers have been great ..... just i hope in no nerf
  7. it's strange, I have not seen new blessings with the latest update, moreover, your alliance is strong, I often meet members of your alliance on my map and are always full of all the blessings
  8. Can we?

    that's right. before I answered you that you said the heroes are no longer weak. As for the forge we wait because it is too good to be true and for sure the developers will intervene to resize it
  9. Can we?

    if the damage to the tower against the heroes increases it means that the heroes are automatically weaker
  10. Can we?

    I agree with you that the game must be balanced, the problem is that developers do not have the sense of measure and when they target a hero destroy it, see what they did with Athena, minimized health, insignificant damage, morale reduced by two levels (TWO LEVELS) And just because the last hero is presumed to be the best, almost unbeatable what they did in Athens is disgusting, if they now target Hercules, they will slowly reduce it to junk. If you put the object nerf too, the work is complete There have been complaints on Perseo with the mirror shield as ancient defender, you will see that they will destroy it ....
  11. Can we?

    i don't think is a conspiracy by high-level players, but only trying to defend their trophies at any cost, which is far from a conspiracy. you say the dev realized Hercules win with high % and they nerf his power ? what is their goal? to bring heroes to lose attacks with a high percentage? according to the logic you've just used and that's frankly ridiculous
  12. Warning

    the big problem is the gate of chaos+strong defender......this combo is a robber of trophies
  13. Warning

    i've not mirror shield but I fear that the flargame response will be a heavy NERF for Perseus
  14. Can we?

    yesterday you quoted my post were i complain about Scylla one i me and whit @Neptune we are 2
  15. Version 3.7 is AWESOME👏👏👏

    @Hellslord you're an active player like me and if those changes you like then maybe I'm wrong about my criticisms.