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  1. Hi Tomaxo, in fact Athena is one of the strongest and powerful gods of all Greek mythology, also Ares the god of war is like a child compared to Athena's power. For example you can read Iliad book xxi (21), lines 390 to 435
  2. That's why I spent real money and want to go back to doing it, my gratitude shows it with the facts not with words. There is a saying that says "speaking clearly is done for friends" I think you know that when a contract starts if after you change the conditions worse it is not a positive thing. I add that I have no staff against you, indeed, if I offended you I apologize but you have intervened hard using terms like "cry" and I answered you with the same tone, but I repeat that I have nothing to do Personal against you and I did not want to offend you
  3. In Greek myths there is a lot of difference between gods and heroes, and here Athena takes 25 seconds to break down a blessed barricade
  4. i tell what i think, This means speaking clearly, does not mean crying I work in business and if you agree a price for a product and then you change the product the customer (which is what pays you) think you are cheating and lose it i understand you who play for free and hoping for a little gift (item, gems, ect.) and you come here to defend flargame but flargame need money not free player who hoping gift......good luck
  5. A tornado is different from the casino and is different from wanting to support a game as a gratitude to the developers' work but when you see that greed moves them to make the game frustrating to compel you to spend more money you are free to say what you think It is clear that what I say does not like those who want to play for free and on the forum have nice words for developers but remember that developers do not pay the rent and do not buy to eat with the beautiful words
  6. I read and it is an inconsistent answer, I can only understand that I spent money and time to have and improve Athena and Ajax and now I find myself with two donkeys However since Athena and Ajax worsen those who are happier are the players who boast of not having spent real money I think this should make it reflect flargames
  7. They do not even have the education to participate in the discussion .... maybe they are ashamed
  8. We continue to lose trophies for the flargames greed that to force us to use the invocations made Athena a very weak hero
  9. do you propose an other reduction ?
  10. thanks for the advice doomlord
  11. whit phoenix lvl 4, griffin lvl 6 , cyclops lvl 12, trebuchet lvl 19, medisa lvl18, minotaur lvl 13 I missed 3 attacks against a level 109 playerI who was present on my map and I lost 48 trophies now Athena is playable for those who do not want to be attacked, not for active players
  12. Tomaxo you are right, fargame will not report the attack as it was before because it has to please passive players who do not want to be attacked and to force us to use invocations flargames has also reduced Atena's morale if it now also reduces the command will be useless to play with Athena who is a goddess flargames know what the gods are?
  13. iin the mythology Athena is very the game if flargames reduce her leadership will be impossible play whit Athena and most remember that Athena is a goddes and to unlock a plyer need 200,000 dominance, but now she is weaker hero and an other reduction will kill Athena.....flargames wake up
  14. thanks Tomaxo