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  1. at your low level is easy
  2. @shahnawaz put the problem of the combination Helios+nyx and you said that it was easy to beat them not knowing what you were talking about and it is not the first time you do it, you did it even when you were talking about Athens without even having it unlocked you made the same. You missed the answer because you had to say "at my level, at my low level, this combination does not have a problem" instead of speaking absolutely
  3. When you say this you prove to be honest.I understand your problem with all the attacks that fall and all trophies lost but suggest weakening the powers is the heroes (now Athena is just ridiculus), it is a wrong and selfish solution, a game is balanced when it gives everyone the chance to move forward and not when it protects a few players. I have proposed many times that the fair solution is to review the matchmaking and put a limit on the attacks that you may have Some players use the word strategy, but which strategy is behind all the same defense based on helios + nyx that focus only on converting all units and just enough? There is no strategy!
  4. For this reason do not say that this combination is not a problem, at mid- high levels you do not even have time to approach the nyx towers, your trebuchet is converted in 2 seconds
  5. this is the real problem, the matchmaking, is bad, developers instead of settling this mistake, modify the game to make the attacks impossible by weakening heroes, items,powers and reinforcing defenses, nor do they want to recognize that some blessings for alliances Of high level are a real doping
  6. they just ignore, they obey in silence and with total and absolute submission only to high level players who ask not to be attacked to lose trophies
  7. we waited months and paid gems to have and improve Atena, whit real money......adesso ci ritroviamo con un pisciaturo inutilizzabile
  8. It is interesting to note how developers ignore this discussion and others similar to this and instead run are obeying high level players when they demand nerf power and heroes to not lose trophies
  9. thanks @Hellslord
  10. hi @dumpster, i want a game that give a chance to everyone,i understand top players who lose 25 trophies at every attack in 10-20 or more per day, if i will be top player ( i don't think) i would like a matchmaking equilibrate because , not a game blocked for new players
  11. It is pointless to complain because this nerf is what they want to flargame and fit into a larger picture that is to make unbeatable some players and force us to use gems. In fact, after the complaints of some high-level players, they have weakened Pheme that equilibrated the Helios tower, left the new tower intact, nerf the items and make strong the units in defence according to a logic of absolute total obedience and submission.So that it is impossible to attack some strong players with weaker objects and drivesunits and made the units in strong defense
  12. is a sipmly fix, you can change the trophies lost based on life that remain at the Apollo Gate
  13. apollo gate break at 99% and i lost 16 trophies, @CaptainMorgan fix this fraud of system trophies, here there are not only defenders passive player. And if you want to sell gems make the game fun and people buy gems for items (ok after nerf item are baggars) , and do not expect to force players to spend gems with invocations with this unbalanced trophy system fraud
  14. @Tomaxo now, with my correction is correct. Truth is the truth
  15. good idea @Hellslord my name in the game is the same in the forum